The Strategy to Become Good at Magic Chapter 98

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Chapter 98 – Teacher’s qualification.


If one frequently walks on the side of a river, why would they not get their shoes wet……

This sentence might sound familiar, right?! (Reference to the previous chapter)

Usually, such adages would be easily encountered in life.

The people who frequently did bad things would fail sometimes. Sue was somewhere in between wet and not fully submerged.

“Child, there’s no need to be afraid. I’m really not a bad person. I just feel there’s something strange on you, like there’s some kind of special equipment…… If you don’t mind, would you let me take a look at it to analyze?!” The alchemy teacher from the Academy of Light grabbed the hand of Sue’s sixteen-year-old disguise.

He begged: “Really, I’m not a strange person, and I won’t divulge the information about this equipment. This is my thirst for the knowledge towards alchemy…… If you don’t believe me, take a look at my teacher’s license, and my alchemy’s license, my identity card, and the papers of my properties…..”

Sue had black lines on her forehead: “Elder, the thing is, I’m in a rush……”

Bananas, just what did she carry to attract people?! Surely the things in her Dimension Bracelet would not be detected right?!

After checking the things on her body, she finally remembered she was wearing Lafael’s Deceit…… If it was something else, she would have handed it over. However, this was the only exception because taking it out would mean that her identity would be revealed, and it would turn out to be the reason to expel her. Even stupidity had to have its limits……

The alchemy teacher had an extreme passion towards alchemy, and this point could be easily seen when he guarded outside the female dormitory for a week just for a broom.

The same thing would obviously happen again on the streets, especially when she had a tool that was of an extremely high level and even more mysterious than the broom…… This feeling, once released, was like a potent aphrodisiac to him.

The alchemy teacher immediately made his judgment to hold on to this once-in-a-lifetime chance, grabbing the girl who was about to past him by and displayed a shameless spirit in the middle of the streets, insisting to see just what sort of item it was on her.

“I swear, just one look, I won’t even touch it. Can you please let me see it on your hand?!”

[My hand?! If I put the artifact on my hand I’m going to reveal myself in less than a second.]

Sue shook her head resolutely: “I’m sorry, I don’t know what you are talking about, and I really have to go……” (TL: MY PEOPLE NEED ME!)

“I beg you, child, do you really have the heart to refuse a curious old man’s request?”

“I totally do,” Sue sighed: “Come to think of it, are you really not ashamed that you’re holding to a teenager’s arm without the intention of letting her go?!”

The alchemy teacher blinked a few time and glanced at his surroundings. Indeed, part of the people who did not understand what was going on around him was starting to point fingers at him. This was much too alike to the first week of school where he encountered the same situation.

The alchemy teacher did not have the face to shout “I’m not ashamed…..”

While the alchemy teacher was feeling conflicted, Sue’s eyes suddenly gleamed. She discovered someone familiar within the crowd, and she immediately waved her hand: “That someone over there!”


The person who got hailed paused for a while. He did not know that he was being called but the greeting sounded much too familiar, to the point where he had to turn around. A girl immediately grabbed onto him: “Didn’t you say you wanted to date with me today?! Why did you take so long?”

[Who the heck are you?!]

Slane was strangely made into a scapegoat. He was completely clueless, but the girl was pretty and it did not seem right to pull the rug from under her. He thus hesitated for a while: “Erm, you…….”

Could it be that he dated this young lady before?!

[Oh no. It’s a despicable act to forget an adorable young lady’s name.]

Slane secretly spat at himself and tried hard to recall her.

“Never mind, never mind, since you’re here, let’s go.” Sue was afraid that this idiot would reveal her identity and quickly moved on to the next step. She grabbed onto his arm and took large strides, dragging him away.

“Wait!” The alchemy teacher became desperate and wanted to pull her back: “This…..”

“Elder. I have a boyfriend, take a look!” Sue pushed Slane out and pointed at his gigolo-face: “This face.” Patted his chest muscles: “This body!” Jerked his clothes: “This wealth!” And…… she looked at his body everywhere and found nothing else to show, so she sighed: “Therefore I’m sorry, I can’t accept your confession.”

Slane had never seen a female who was so unlady-like. His gigolo-face flushed red and he gritted his teeth to tolerate her. But when he heard the last sentence he could not hold back his spittle: “He wants to court you?!”

This lolicon, really.

The alchemy teacher also spat out blood: “I just want to look at your body’s……” Alchemy tool.

His words were cut off by a shriek. The young lady’s face turned white and there were tears in her eyes, looking at him like he was a pervert: “You! How could you make such a horrible request!”


“You old scoundrel!”

“Such audacity!”

The audience who were clueless became agitated. Which man did not want to see the girl’s XXX?! But which man would be shameless enough to say that out in public?!

Even though everyone admired the old alchemy teacher’s courage, they were more angry at themselves who were unable to voice out the truth in their hearts.

[[[You damned watermelon! If we don’t dare to look, how dare you come out with your wrinkled prune-like face to demand it?!]]]

The alchemy teacher successfully became a bait to lure everyone’s Hatred Bar and got KOed by them without having any more energy to fight. Sue quickly left the scene by ditching the speechless Slane. She slipped out with a dashing sound and flew straight to the Academy of Light’s gate to meet with the Demon General.

“You’re finally back.” The Demon General was opposite the school and was sitting in a small cake shop. Even though it was not as famous as Alfred’s candy shop, it was a good place to take a break.

He left the cup of pudding that he had eaten halfway and walked out from the shop. He shook the authority pass in his hand: “This only has thirty minutes left. I almost thought you’re going to stay overnight in the Assassin guild.”

“I got detained on my way here.” Sue was relieved. It was fortunate that she could run fast: “I know that the time on your pass is about to run out, otherwise I wouldn’t rush.”

A foreign ambassador certainly had their good points. Any random authority pass could be easily applied for.

It was a huge issue if a situation was not handled properly and something ruined the friendship between the two kingdoms. As long as the Demon General did not go overboard, even if he were to do something illegal in the human kingdom, it might still be possible to close one eye…… Of course, with the exception of kidnapping young girls.

“Hmph.” The Demon General scoffed and walked into the school haughtily, and so did the girl next to him. The wooden authority pass was shown, and the swordsmen and magicians on duty did not block them. They turned off the alarms and even pointed out where the various streets led to……

“Special access is really something.” Sue thought pensively, but this method could not be used any time she wanted. It was still better in the beginning where she could settle things with just stealth. It was definitely not as troublesome as this.

Honestly, she was lucky to know so many people, otherwise returning to school would be even more troublesome. She might not be able to go in and out without causing a commotion…… This proved that it was important to have connections.

[With many friends come many roads. Truth.]

“To be honest, you can do the same thing.” The Demon General did not even turn his head back: “If I’m to be frank, you might as well agree to become a teacher in the Academy of Darkness. Since you have your rank, we can negotiate over here in this school to give you an identity of an exchange teacher……”

He still remembered his task to headhunt.

“Go ahead with it.”

“Tsk! You’re not listening and letting me finish again. Having a ranked identity is really useful. Leaving everything aside, you can go in and out of the Academy of Light…… Huh!”

The Demon General was used to being rejected. When he heard her reply he simply continued to drone on, but after a while, he paused and asked with shock:

“You agreed?!”

“Yup. Do it for me when you go back.” Sue waved her hand and nodded decisively.

It was truly a joyous affair. The Demon General anxiously agreed to do it for Sue, and happily sent her back off to her dormitory. After sending her off with his gaze and she disappeared into the building, he left hurriedly and contacted the Demon World immediately and had them apply and approve the papers overnight….. Since Sue’s identity was already prepared a long time ago, and the Demon Race was very enthusiastic, they green-lit everything and within a week someone came to deliver the relevant documents.

It was another weekend’s Rest Day. The students queued up to leave, and once Sue returned to her home, she found the Demon General grinning happily in Lawrence’s living room, waiting for the youngest Count in Demon World’s history.

Sue greeted Lawrence first before turning around to ask:

“You’re done with the application?!”

“Of course!” The Demon General took out a Dark Emblem: “Your identity papers have been copied over, and the next thing you need to do is to infuse your mana into this emblem. If the various races check this emblem, they would be able to recognize your identity and rank in the Demon Race.”

In other words, this was the two-in-one combination of the Demon race’s identification card and passport. Sue expressed her satisfaction, took the emblem, and was even more satisfied when she saw that the Manabound owner of it would receive an additional 40% increase in attack and defense related to Dark Magic. (TL: It’s not Soulbound because she poured in mana?)

The smile on the Demon General became even wider after Sue transferred her mana with a flash of light: “Now, regarding about the research on Stealth…….”

“Huh? What does that have to with me?!” Sue kept the emblem in her Dimensional Bracelet.

“……” The smile on the Demon General’s face froze.

After thinking for a while he explained it gently: “Well, you see, the reason why we gave you the rank is because we hope that you can assist us to restore the ancient assassination techniques. Since you accepted the rank, it naturally means you have to cooperate with us……”

Sue thought seriously for a while to confirm her answers in her memories, and put it even more gently to rectify the mistake from the other party: “But I only accepted to receive the rank, and did not state that I’ll accept to do the research or whatever right?! Did you remember wrongly?”

The Demon General puked out blood.

Indeed, when he thought about it, he had only begun to talk about the good points of being a Count, and when she waved her hand and said ‘go ahead’, he really went out like an idiot and did it without even talking about the conditions that the Demon Race wanted.

You potato head! Was it not a natural thing to get something in return?! Did he really need to say it out loud?!

In theory, if she accepted the position, it would mean that she had accepted their conditions. However, based on the words spoken, and he did not really speak about the conditions that she needed to do when she got her peerage…… Did it mean that he got duped?!

The Demon General’s thoughts spun quickly just like how his expressions did. Sue was moved to tears….. Who said the Demon Race was the most despicable and evil race?! She could still find an innocent young man in front of her! They even paid before getting the goods and even gave out the bottom line…… Yup, she was so moved that she had to show it.

Lawrence was so despondent that he wanted to commit suicide by biting his tongue and bleed to death. This child even dared to scam the Demon Race. Should he think it as her being naive and reckless, or that she had nothing better to do than to court death?!

Putting aside this Demon General who looked like his status was quite high, he was already finding it hard to keep on watching. If the Demon General became berserk due to the fury from being shamed……

[Dad, I think I need to say farewell to you!]

The Demon General who came with high spirits left with his head drooping. The shock he received was definitely not the average level. Even though he knew the little girl was not someone good, he did not expect her to be such a monster, actually managing to make him fall for hook, line, and sinker, and acting like she could do it anytime she wanted to.

(TL: The original raws uses Bai Cai, which is CN lingo for Bai Chi = idiot, and modifies with “Da” to form Big Idiot. There’s another word 涮, which means to play someone or deceive. So she’s deceiving this Big Idiot. I used hook, line, and sinker as the translation.)

The Demon General gnashed his teeth in sad fury. Yet he could not do anything because everything had become fixed. The emblem had been given away, her identity had been set, and even the Guest Teacher Application had been approved…… Everything was done perfectly, and the only thing lacking was that he had failed to get her……

“You’re really bold.” Lawrence wiped away his cold sweat while he sent off this important guest with a jittery heart: “You even deceived that high ranking officer. Are you not afraid the Demon race would get back at you?!”

“Why would they get back at me?” Sue laughed: “They want me to go to their place and help them out, not kidnap me to force me to make a testimony.”

The Demon race adhered to rules clearly; whoever held the bigger trump card would be able to decide things. This was how it worked.

“But if they really get angry……” Lawrence’s smile was twitching.

“I believe in you!” Sue looked at Lawrence earnestly: “Your guild wouldn’t abandon me right!”

Lawrence took a long time to make an answer: “How about going out there to drift outside in the world?”

“……” Sue looked down on him……

After the Rest Day was over, Sue went straight to the teacher’s office to report. This was something that she should not drag. If she took any longer, it was hard to say if the Demon General would suddenly appear to renege on their deal or make things difficult for her.

She decided it was better to get the guest lecturer’s status as soon as possible and solve the issue of her identity. She could then leave the Academy of Light openly and skip classes if she wanted to. She was even able to open a shop on the school grounds, working out the things she could not do from before……

“You’re a Count from the Demon kingdom?!” The principal received Sue’s emblem. He took out something like a microscope, a crystal ball and even a bottle containing something like acid. He inspected everything carefully, from the material to the Magic Seal, and finally confirmed there was no problem with it. Indeed, it had a serial number and was made out of the right materials, and he finally passed it back without any further issues.

“That’s right. Do you also want to try biting it to confirm how hard it is?!” Sue waited and looked till she was finally irked enough to ask this question.

The principal’s face turned slightly red and he coughed awkwardly with a smile: “I’m sorry. When you get older you become a little more cautious than the norm…… Count Lin, right?! I have also received the papers from the Demon race and the Royal Kingdom. Your intention is to attend classes and become a guest lecturer, right?!”

When she showed herself in her real body, she was Sue, when she appeared as a Demon Count, She was Lin. Even until now, she had not used her full name, Sue Lin.

“Just treat whatever they say as my intention. Teaching isn’t really my main goal, and the real thing that I want to experience is the Academy of Light’s advanced teaching system and increase the friendship between two schools. I also want to experience the humans’ methods and educational theories and see the differences between the two schools. I too want to take in more……”

The principal was getting a little confused, so he quickly nodded to acknowledge her words: “Certainly, in fact, our school also has several guest lecturers. May I know how long you intend to stay here?!”

“Erm……” Sue was a feeling a little troubled: “How about six years, is that okay?!”

“……” Six years?! You can even apply for a permanent resident license if she stayed that long…… The principal was speechless: “It’s not that we don’t accept, but is the Academy of Darkness willing to let you stay outside for so long?!”

“No problem, I’m a Count!” Sue’s smile looked like it had a different meaning.

Thus the principal understood. She had a special rank, and it was not something for a commoner like himself to worry about……

Since the superiors had explained things to him, and there were ambassadors who put an urgent notice on it, the approval was unusually quick. The principal, vice-principal, records department, and human resource all signed the documents…… All the necessary things were processed after thirty minutes, and it was even express-delivered by using teleportation magic.

After receiving her teacher’s license, she struck while the iron was hot, and asked about the conditions for creating a shop within the school grounds.

She then found out it was also not a simple process. She had to first pay a deposit for at least three years, and she could not get it back regardless of whether she made a profit or loss. Then she had to apply through the school’s application papers, so that the school would be able to update their map and allow the students to find it.

There was also a need to approve the things she was going to sell. She had to let the school check to ensure there was no danger involved, and while the school would not ask about where the goods come from or how it was made…… If the process was somehow revealed through the inspection, then it would be an issue of who could do it better……

In any case, Sue understood everything.

There was no copyright law in this backward world! (TL: Well……)

She definitely had to open up a store, but based on what she heard, she had to first plan ahead to make sure her recipe could not be broken, or even if it did, she had to do something that no other people could best her.

In the worst case, she would bring tampons to the market and see if anyone was shameless enough to research on this topic……

“What! You’re that girl from yesterday!” Someone called out to her.

Surely it had to be destiny. It was the alchemy teacher who received a mental blow but still looked forward with no regrets. Sue’s smile was almost forced:

“Hello, I’m a new lecturer who has just arrived and we will be colleagues……”

“You’re a lecturer?!” The alchemy teacher’s eyes shone: “What are you going to teach?! Alchemy?!”

“Erm……” Right, what exactly did she teach?! All the processes and documents were completed, but it would be a joke if she did not know what teacher she was. She hurriedly took out the documents from her Dimension Bracelet: “Let me take a look, I remember seeing the subjects amongst these papers.”

“…… You don’t even know what you teach?!” The alchemy teacher had black lines.

“Well, I’m an all-rounder.” Sue perspired a little.

“Stop joking!” The alchemy teacher was first annoyed before his eyes gleamed again: “Of course, surely you’re teaching alchemy right?! Since you carry such an incredible alchemy tool around, I’m sure your skill in alchemy must be incredibly accomplished.”

“About this…… Right!” Sue finally found the basic details on her schedule, and she flipped to the section about her course, yup, found it: “I teach the subject, etiquette!” (TL: You don’t know how much I want to TL it as Ethics…)


Once the words left her mouth, not only did the alchemy teacher had a break-down in his expressions, so did Sue, who nearly went berserk. She was going to teach etiquette?!

It was mentioned before that Sue’s family was rich, very rich, so she did learn etiquette……

But that did not mean that it could be used anywhere in the world. Different countries had different social customs, like bowing, shaking hands, hugging for greeting…… Not to mention the magic kingdoms.

Sue was unable to find the tears so she could cry. She knew that this Demon General was not a good person. He definitely would not want to see her teach alchemy to the humans, and certainly did not want her to teach the Tobias Kingdom what was Stealth……

As for her other skillsets, he was not very clear about them, so what was the best option to fulfill her requests and not let her skillsets be leaked out?!

Thinking about it the only etiquette was the safest choice!

[It’s something that I expected, it’s totally something that I expected. My goals are to go in and out of the school, and in the worst case I’ll just prepare more before I go to a class…..]

Sue comforted herself and tried her best to restrain her urges to grab some random guy and beat him up to vent her anger.

“You….. you’re such a brilliant alchemist, and you’re here to just teach etiquette?!” Unfortunately, while Sue was able to think it through, the alchemy teacher could not.