The Strategy to Become Good at Magic Chapter 97

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Chapter 97 – Change


The little prince became famous after one battle!

But the fame was not exactly what he expected.

The students who watched the duel expected to see a magician overflowing with talent winning against his opponent, but while he did win, the process was a little unacceptable.

A martial artist?! A brawler?! His choice of weapon was also strange, a dagger, which was mostly associated with assassins?!

It was truly disappointing!

But Fedrus and Sue did not think much of it since it was a good thing as long as they won against their opponents. It was a fact where they could win a fight and look good at it…… Just what were these people thinking in their minds?

Actually, it was not that Fedrus’s techniques were overly dirty, it’s just that it did not meet everyone’s expectations of seeing a high-class image…..

“Fedrus, how should I put this….. If you used magic in your duel, I believe you will receive more cheers.” Tegwyn found some time to visit Fedrus’s suite.

He shook his head with considerable regret and tried to give him advice like a kind and concerned older brother:

“Certainly, I will admit that your martial arts are impressive, but surely you still remember you are recognized as a genius in magic, and everyone is more interested to see you show off in that area……”

“Second prince Tegwyn, are you overestimating your little brother’s opponent or looking down on Fedrus? Does he need to use magic on such small fry?!” Sue gave a fake smile as Fedrus’s guardian: “It’s enough to send him packing by kicking his butt. Not everyone is worthy enough for Fedrus to take out a magic staff.”

“Uhh……” Tegwyn suddenly choked.

Did it not sound like his value was dropping?! Every time when someone challenged him, he took out his staff without further ado, then cast a shield and released a fire spell. He did it like a habit and slowly increased his level of familiarity with the magic, till he finally got the recognition of handling advanced fire spells just recently…….

“That’s right!” Fedrus accepted Sue’s praise without blushing, acting like he was really some godlike magician.

Tegwyn rubbed his temple: “But to prance around in the dueling grounds, that’s a little…… a little too unseemly.”

“It goes to show how energetic and innocent Fedrus is……” Sue praised without reservations: “And also shows how close Fedrus is to the public, and he’s definitely the most easily approachable person in your family.”

Indeed, he was close to the public, that little dagger of his was right in front of someone, how close was that…… Tegwyn felt that he was lacking in his vocabulary for the first time. He sighed: “It looks like you’re not going to change your mind?”

“Can you give a reason to do so?!”

“Re—” Tegwyn spat out blood. This needed a reason too?! Tegwyn remained silent for a while and looked at Sue very seriously. “Miss, you are certainly the most fascinating child I have seen yet.”

It was no wonder why the queen looked so conflicted every time she mentioned the little girl.

“Why, thank you.”


Even though Tegwyn was sent away, Sue knew that the little prince could not hide the fact that he was unable to use magic well forever. There was definitely going to be a moment where he had to use a magic staff. Right now, the magic classes were still focusing on the basics, and suppressing the need to use a staff was still easy. But if Fedrus had to use more mana in order to cast an advanced spell, the fact that Fedrus is no longer a prodigy in magic would be revealed.



“My mother has started gathering the materials that you talked about. For that reason, she sent people to the underground auctions. But……. there are still two ingredients that can’t be found no matter how much we search for them.”

Ever since Sue mentioned the Saint-grade ingredients, the queen started to gather them with much effort. However, if the ingredients were that easy to gather, they would not be rated as Saint-grade.

Fedrus was very clear as to what his situation was. He scratched his head and thought for a while: “My mother asks if you were ever successful in concocting the potion, and if you have any clue as to where the Ancient Tree Sap and Blood From The Siren King’s Heart can be gotten!?”

“I used to ‘grind’ the ‘Sap from an Ancient Tree’ from the God-difficulty dungeons……. You don’t need to consider using that method. Just send more people to look for it in the Lost Forest. I’ll give you something that’s able to keep the sap. Let me write up some additional ingredients on a piece of paper; add them to the sap. Once it turns green, it means that it can be used. As for the Siren King……” Sue hesitated a little: “This ingredient is why I said the difficulty is as difficult as conquering the continent. In my hometown, the Sirens can be seen as the Merfolk…… ”

Naturally, the original difficulty in the game was just how difficult the boss was, but if there was the addition of having a relationship, then it would be much harder……. At the very least, it depended on how black-hearted one was.

“The Merfolk?” Fedrus drew in a cold breath with wide eyes: “You mean we are supposed to kill the merfolk’s leader and use his heart for alchemy?!”

Was that a joke, who on the continent did not know that the water races in the ocean were undefeatable?! And her Sue was being overly evil to immediately aim for someone’s tribal leader?!

Sue patted Fedrus’s head, feeling stifled as well: “Aye, don’t look at me that way. I’m also trying my best recently to analyze what materials can be used to replace that ‘Blood of the Heart’ recently.”

“Did you get any results?!” The little prince asked expectantly.

“…… Not at the moment.”


That night the little prince tried his best to subtly relay the information to his mother. The queen immediately went on a tirade…… The blood from the merfolk’s leader’s heart?! That child was crazy!

The ‘Sap from an Ancient Tree’ was still possible to get even though it was difficult. That was because it was something that was not alive, as long as she sent out men and spent money, or even pay a big price, there was a chance to get it somehow. But the blood from the merfolk’s heart……

Was she going to tell the king, “Hey~darling, let me tell you a piece of good news. Our son can be saved, but to save him we need to declare war on the merfolks……”

The Elven King’s underwear!

If she dared to show even a sliver of that thought, the citizens of the Tobias Kingdom would drown her with their spit. And after that, her husband, the noble king, would have to publicly announce abandoning Fedrus to stabilize the kingdom’s unrest and make it clear to the Merfolks that the kingdom was not going to pick a fight with them……

The queen prayed sincerely to their ancestral Elven King to let the little girl choke whenever she drank water!

Fedrus was not surprised to see her mother fret restlessly after he brought back the news. Even a child like him also knew that it was not possible for the kingdom to declare war on the merfolks. In the end, he walked about gloomily for a while and told Sue about the queen’s attitude during class.

“I know that it’s impossible as well. Well, you did wanted an answer from me,” Sue ruffled his hair, “don’t worry, I’ll think of a solution. If I really can’t think of solution we can at least pray for the merfolk’s leader to die soon, then we shall see if the merfolks are worthy enough to be called friends to help us gather some blood from the deceased…… You’re still young, so you will surely live longer than that leader, I believe in you.”

‘But I do not believe in myself……’ Fedrus had tears streaming down his face: “Sue, perhaps when you finally collect all the ingredients I will be forty or fifty……”

“You must be hopeful for the future!” Sue tried to encourage him.

“……” That encouragement did not sound nice……

“Sue, what are you discussing with the prince?!” Eins quietly made his way over. (TL: The raws used 蹭, which is kind of a feeling like how a cat would come over to rub its body against your leg. I don’t know how to TL this exactly in English when I consider Ein’s personality.)

He knew Fedrus as well during the start of the semester. In this school where the average age was 13 years old, the two chibis who had roughly the same age naturally got to know each other.

Even though Fedrus was not satisfied with Eins hogging up Sue, he did not refuse the opportunity to befriend him.

“We’re discussing the political climate of the world and the relationships between the various races,” Sue felt she had no choice but to change the topic. “Did you not mention that our teacher in the Military Affairs class was some kind of army leader, and we should pay attention to his stories because they were interesting and something to discuss over?!”

“But I’m not seeing both of you pay attention to the class.” Eins blushed shyly: “It’s not right to not pay attention, especially when you’re chatting since it will affect others……”

He paused: “That’s what my father says.”

“Your father isn’t wrong.” Sue pushed away her notes: “Very well, let’s pay attention in class!”

When the lesson was finally over, Eins pulled both of his little friends and forcefully dragged them to the old colleague of his father to greet the latter back in the staff office. Most importantly, his father exhorted him to do so…. Even though he did not really understand why his father insisted on meeting him, to the point where he should frequently visit him if he was free.

“You’re Eins?!” The teacher of the Military Affairs class seemed to know the chibi was seeking him, and he smiled as though he had been expecting him. “Your father told me that the Military Affairs Class is very important to you. If I have the time I will give you personal lessons….. If you don’t have any classes, you are free to come and find me.”

“Thank you, sir. Your lessons are really interesting!” Eins was so moved that his face was like an inviting red apple.

“Oh?! What are your thoughts?”



“Hmmm, there are a few things that left an impression on me, for example……” Eins began to repeat the contents of the lesson, and the teacher nodded with full of smiles. It was a little green and naive on certain viewpoints, but it was easy to know that the little boy had paid attention.

[I can’t expect a genius to come out from nowhere who will always win battles. It’s important to do it step by step…… Not bad at all, it seems that the Lottfield family does have military blood in them. Even though this boy looks like he’s an introvert, he’s still a Lottfield after all….]

Sue pulled Fedrus to one side; both were eating pies and drinking fruit juice. She lowered her head and pondered deeply as she tried to figure out what materials could be used to substitute the merfolk’s blood, and completely ignored the teacher and Eins.

“Well done.” The teacher nodded to show his satisfaction after listening to Eins. He turned around and saw the two chibi that ended in the office’s corner.

“The two students over there, what are your thoughts on the lessons?!” It was a common pastime for teachers to test their students.

“Well, like I said, first of all, you need to research what the Merfolk’s blood comprises of and analyze the unique factors…… Even though I personally think that blood is the same everywhere it flows, the recipe emphasized on using the blood from the heart. Perhaps it’s related to Mana and DNA unique to the Merfolk. If we follow this line of thinking…..”

“The two students over there?!” Were they ignoring him?! The teacher frowned.

Eins’s excitement cooled down and he hurriedly poked both of them: “Teacher’s calling you.”

“Huh?!” Fedrus who was listening to Sue with much interest raised his head puzzledly: “Calling out to us?! But we aren’t discussing the things about his lesson……”

“It’s precisely because you’re not talking about it.” Eins wanted to cry: “The teacher wants to know if you have any opinions on the Ramon Dracula’s Holy Grail War?!”

“What does the Holy Grail War have anything to do with me! I didn’t steal the Holy Grail!” Sue was angry.

“That’s right, that’s right!” Fedrus supported unconditionally.

“C-cough, cough!” The teacher choked on his own saliva, getting angry as well: “Were you two paying attention to the class earlier?!”

“Well. I did listen a little……”

“…… Which little bit?!”

“About the Ramon Dracula’s Holy Grail War…….” She only heard the title, was that not allowed?!

This was akin to something like reading the papers. Read the titles and the smaller side panels, and one would be able to know what the contents generally were.

“……” The teacher remained silent for a while, and once he calmed down, his instinct to rescue the ‘lost’ students surfaced and he persuaded her: “It’s important to listen to take note of military history. If a war broke out, you would know what to do, for example, if an army of enemy soldiers……”

“That’s simple, assassinate the general.”

The teacher choked once before he forced a smile: “That idea is very…… unique.” She was even more naive than Eins….. He was silent again for a moment before he replied: “But even if you are capable of killing the general, the enemy’s kingdom could easily send out another general—”

“Then assassinate the king!”


“If there are any other opinions the prince is next.”

“……” Why was the prince next?! No, the topic was getting changed. Right now he was unable to understand what this child was thinking…… He was seriously perturbed and felt like he was going crazy.

Fedrus was frowning as he chewed over Sue’s words: “Sue, will your plan really work?!”

Then what was the use of listening to Military Affairs classes?!

Sue looked at him with pitying eyes and whispered back: “You actually believed my random nonsense?! I just wanted to see his reaction on the spot.”

Eins felt like he had never been so ashamed before. He did not even bother to bid farewell to the teacher and hurriedly fled the office with a crimson face, pulling Sue and Fedrus out.

He nearly wanted to jump into a river to wash out his shame.

Even though he knew she loved to make fun of the other students, he did not expect she was daring enough to make fun of the teacher.

He knew that Sue had a good understanding of warfare.

The reason for that was she had taught him in the previous classes about the things he did not understand. So why did Sue not cooperate?! Because the teacher was bald?!

And Eins’s father had to bear the responsibility of listening to the teacher’s furious report silently through the Magic Mirrors.

“…… I have never seen a child like this who didn’t want to work with me in the slightest. She actually told me that killing the general, king, and prince would solve wars…… The Elven King above, who exactly filled her head with such naive thoughts?! Everyone needs to understand what their position is. If she continues to think that assassinating someone would make the world revolve around her, I don’t know how to continue teaching, blah blah blah……”


“……” Had he forgotten about his position as a general?!

Eins’s father looked out the window silently and felt lost for the first time. He pledged loyalty to that lady was not because he wanted more power, but he simply thought that her son was much suited to become the king……

The queen’s son was just someone who was clad in nobility. Even if he was a genius in using magic, what of it?! He was a spoiled and pampered boy and it was greatly uncertain to what kind of adult he would grow up into. But to appoint him as the crown prince when he became an adult because of his status, would be irresponsible to the entire kingdom.

But…… everyone should be aware of their own position, just like how he did not allow his subordinates to question his orders even if he was wrong. Those who are ranked below the people with the authority must adhere to the responsibilities they were given. If everyone decided to interfere with the process and go against their superiors, the framework of the laws maintaining society would collapse.

Perhaps. Perhaps the future of the Tobias Kingdom that he wanted to protect was actually being broken apart with his own hands……?!

Meanwhile, little Eins was easily coaxed by Sue. Just a few sentences from her made him change his anger to laughs.

He shyly got onto a broom and went off to practice flying. Sue rested one hand on a pergola’s beam and watched the little black dot in the sky. She sent out the little white tiger to guard him before she turned around and spoke:

“See, little kids are so obedient. They listen to anything you say and they don’t remember to get back at you…… Yup, I personally admire the last point.”

Fedrus nodded as well, forgetting that he was no older than Eins: “Yes, yes, he’s really such a kid.”

Then his tone suddenly changed and looked at Sue with teary eyes: “Sue, why is his broom ready but I’m not even seeing a stick for me?!”

“Didn’t you say you want to ride the broom like a guard patrolling the area and asked me to make a cooler design?!” Sue thought for a while and rubbed her chin a little: “Or how about this, do you want to ride on your magic staff?!”

The little prince thought about his future battles, riding his staff against powerful magic and Energy Battle Auras, while he descended from the sky and raised the staff from below his crotch: “Howl, hurricane……”

Fedrus trembled. He shook his head firmly to deny this suggestion: “Do you have any other suggestions?”

“Stepping, riding, sitting, flying…… Which type do you like?!”

“…… Can you elaborate on flying?!”

“It means I’ll use materials to make wings for you and add magic formations on it…… But installing it is a big problem. Also, if the wings somehow get torn from your back, it wouldn’t be a problem for you to die from the high height.” Sue clutched her wrists.

She wanted to do something similar to wings in the past, but this was not like the game where changing equipment was pressing a button. She had to wear it slowly here……

“The stepping method is easy to get unstabilized, and sitting means your mobility wouldn’t be strong. It seems like riding is the best?!” The prince was conflicted after hearing Sue’s explanations: “Must I choose between a broom and a staff?!”

“Actually you can ride a mop?!”

“…… Sue, I’m really agonizing over this, do you mind not making this kind of joke!” The little prince got upset.

Sue shrugged her shoulders and raised her head to continue to look for Eins’s flying path…… Since she had already given her opinions and suggestions, there was nothing she could do if he did not want to accept her suggestions.



Her eyes followed Eins flying around in circles in the air a few times. But before she could marvel at the little kid’s rapid improvement in flying, the magic mirror in her Dimension Bracelet began to vibrate.

[Uhh, which mirror is it?!]

Sue searched carefully for half a minute before she finally found the mirror that allowed contact to Lawrence.

“Do you need me?!” She said.

Lawrence’s voice sounded really urgent: “Sue, we need you……”

“Berenta…… The assassin who was sent to follow Ein’s father, he has been injured!”

Sue was greatly shocked: “It’s that youth who couldn’t afford to buy candy when he was a kid?!”

“……” Even if it was such an urgent moment, Lawrence still could not help but have black lines on his forehead. He said through gritted teeth: “…… Anyway, once you’re free to come over to the guild. Berenta’s situation is really bad……”

“Okay, let me put on some makeup and change my clothes and I’ll s—”

“Now! Immediately!” Lawrence finally roared. It was the first time he cut off contact in his life preemptively.

“……” Sue quietly tucked the mirror away and turned around to look at the prince who was also quietly watching her, and she smiled with embarrassment: “It’s good to be young. You can be hot-blooded all the time……”

Fedrus also had black lines on his head: “Sue, you should hurry up and go over. But do you have a way to leave the school?!”

“I’ll still need to go right whether I have a way or not, right?” Sue glanced at Eins in the air. “I’ll leave behind Xiao Bai and let it accompany Eins as he learns how to fly. After that, bring it back to your dorm to sleep for a night….. I’ll prepare something and leave immediately after that.”

“Okay.” Fedrus grabbed Sue’s grubby hands, a little worried and sad. “You be careful as well.”

He knew that Berenta went undercover because of him. Even though he did not care about the latter’s life, but…… Why did it have to be Sue who had to settle things for him every time?!

And so the busy Sue went off urgently with upset feelings. She definitely, definitely needed to charge for overworking hours…….