The Strategy to Become Good at Magic Chapter 97-2

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Chapter 97-2 – Healing


It was a coincidence that Berenta failed this time, but it was also guaranteed.

If one frequently walks on the side of a river, why would they not get their shoes wet……

Since he was an assassin, he was naturally prepared to fail in a mission, even having the resolution where he would get heavily injured or even become dead.

But Berenta’s situation was just a little bit special this time.

The target that Berenta was following was whipped by Sue’s words and actions, and he was already considering to stop attacking the prince.

If he really discovered an assassin was following him, he logically would not murder the assassin directly.

At most he would just confirm his suspicions first, before deciding to threaten the assassins that they would go down with him or try to disappear from the public quietly…… He would not try and flee in public against these desperados.

In any case, the worst thing was how Berenta was not discovered by Eins’s father, but someone else from another faction……

Since he was the mastermind’s henchman, he had to act an image befitting of a BOSS, instead of staring at a general like Doraemon. Getting out there in the streets meant that he had to act like how a BOSS’s henchman should act, and be all malicious and nasty…… (TL: I have no idea what the Doraemon is referencing.)

Thus an unfortunate incident happened. Mastermind’s former henchman A, and henchman B found each other to be suspicious, and after numerous attempts to check each other out, they realized they were not on the same side, and it became a messy situation where Eins’s father got involved.

Berenta was fortunate enough to be alert, and Eins’s father subconsciously held back, otherwise, Berenta would have reported to his religion’s god.

Sue who had arrived, listened for ten minutes to get the entire situation. She was not happy with the result, and so was the Assassin Guild. The latter felt that they lost face.

Leaving aside the fact they had dragged this mission for so long without completing it, they were even let off by their target. The four personnel with the highest authority in the guild felt that the guild was insulted.

“It’s fine, it’s fine, it’s just a flesh wound and some blood loss and poison and nerves disintegration and……” Sue checked Berenta’s body and comforted the people around her: “These conditions are small issues, so there’s no need to worry.”

Small issues?! Lawrence had to dab off cold perspiration furiously. Why did he feel like he had heard some crazy status infliction?!

“Miss Sue, the external injuries and the poison are not really a problem. We can solve this ourselves. But Berenta’s body has been inflicted by Qi Battle Energy, which is constantly breaking down his nerves……” The few healers within the Assassin Guild were also wiping their foreheads: “We’re unable to heal these as magicians, and the people who have learned Qi Battle Energy are unable to do such precise treatment with their Qi……”

“That’s easy. I’ll do it.” Sue rolled up her sleeves.

If it were some other conditions, she might not be able to solve them, but this Qi energy lurking in a body was nothing but a piece of cake for her.

Compared to her Evisceration skill it was really nothing noteworthy because her technique needed to target Meridien Points. Her technique required skill, while the person who beat up Berenta was definitely closing his eyes and just randomly shooting his Qi energy without knowing the techniques……

Though, it was a difficult problem for the healers in this world. As an analogy, it was like how people from ancient times could not ‘see’ air, so how would one detect it if they were unable to see the poisoned air?

Obviously, this issue could easily be proven, mainly because the people who were poisoned were foaming at the mouth after a few minutes later.

Qi Battle Energy was just like that. Even though the people who were injured by it initially looked like they were fine, they were in danger of dying.

Without the ability to see Qi Battle Energy for what it was, how were they going to treat it?

The healing magicians simply used magic to close up wounds and boost the body’s resistance to fight off diseases, and they could do nothing about the Qi Battle Energy.

Also, the only people who understood Qi Battle Energy were strong martial artists who used it to break things. If the magicians were able to train to possess to such a high degree of Qi Battle Energy, they would just become adventurers instead, since the salary was ten times a normal healer’s salary……

“Are you sure you are confident?!” Lawrence suddenly grabbed Sue as she adjusted her sleeves just before attempting her treatment, and asked as though he was a little unconvinced.

“Well…… You can say I do, or you can say that I don’t,” Sue explained patiently, “the thing is, no one can assure of a hundred percent success rate. Your bride might run away on your wedding day, or just before you reach a hundred years old, your blanket slips off and you died from the chill, or that you’re carrying a plate of food and there’s an earthquake, or…… ”

“Why am I so unlucky?!” Lawrence got furious.

“Of course, I’m just citing examples,” Sue shrugged helplessly, “my point is that I understand why the mass of energy is staying in the body, and I have a certain level of confidence in handling it, but making an absolute promise is…….”

“Lawrence.” Berenta who was wearing only a pair of long pants woke up, opened his eyes with much difficulty to look at the small child and the big adult in front of him, gritting his teeth and said: “Let her try it.”

Since this issue could not get any worse and if the mass of energy were not dispelled, his body would be destroyed. He would not be able to continue as an assassin, not even as a normal healthy human…… Even if the Assassin Guild was willing to take care of him, he did not think he would still want to live on.

“Very good, congratulations for becoming my first experiment for saving people with such conditions,” Sue patted Berenta’s shoulders, smile upon smiles, “don’t worry, I’ll try my best to be gentle.”

What the heck did that mean……

The people in the room suddenly felt danger.

Very quickly, they realized their instinct was right. After they left the room and closed the door, Berenta’s screams that could not be suppressed immediately reached their ears, as though the youth was experiencing tremendous pain.

Lawrence felt an irrepressible urge to knock the door down with his leg. Really, Berenta was his junior who started a year later and sent to the Academy of Light to study in school. Their relationship was close enough that not a sentence or two could explain it clearly. (TL: This sounds super suspicious for some reason……)

“Calm down!” The Vice Guild Leader stopped his son just in time from kicking the door down “Don’t worry, even though Sue likes to play around, she won’t take a life as a joke.”

“…… Really?!” Lawrence gritted his teeth again, his bloodshot eyes finally turning back to normalcy, and asked uncertainly with his head turned around. (TL: Huh, why bloodshot eyes….. Yeah, it should be nothing…… Yup.)

“Uhhh……” The Vice Guild Leader was a little cross-eyed: “I think….. maybe, probably……”

As he hesitated, there was another bellow coming out from the room…… The Vice Guild Leader had tears in his eyes, and he did not really have much confidence either. The little girl in the room had no limits when it came to her personality: “……. We should wait outside!”

The four elders exchanged looks, and half-dragged and half-pulled the concerned youths out of the hall, and informed the group of healers to wait outside the room’s door and informed them of any progress. (TL: Youths, not youth.)

The healers wiped their perspiration and acknowledged their orders. They opened their eyes wide and encouraged each other with grasped hands…… Yes, it was fine, the person inside was getting saved and not murdered…….

After nearly an hour worth of screams and yells, the voice finally died down. Sue opened the door while wiping her sweat away. The gazes of the people who greeted her were not respect or admiration, but ones of fear that looked like they were looking at some psycho killer.

“It’s done. I also bandaged him up and replenished his blood loss. I’m going to concoct an antidote next,” Sue glanced at the people around her, pausing for a moment, “…… Or do any of you want to help out by taking over the concoction of the antidote?!”

“I, I think I can……” One Nurse Nightingale raised his trembling hand under the healers’ moved gazes: “I have an advanced alchemist license. The poison on Berenta is very common, and I can make an antidote to counter it perfectly.”

Everyone was wiping their tears away with gratefulness. It was wonderful. They were less worried if this little girl did not handle it……

Sue did not express any dissatisfaction. The Nurse Nightingale left with a quick jog, and she went back to the room to monitor Berenta’s condition.

The few healers who went in to check Berenta found that the latter’s pallor was much better, and the mass of energy within was completely gone. The most important thing was that he had a steady pulse and breathing, and it looked like he was not tortured to death…… So they acknowledged Sue’s treatment: “Child, you have done a wonderful job! How did you do it?!”

“Well, I did a passing grade.” Sue threw out a humble line: “Since that mass of energy isn’t left behind by me, I found it hard to resonate with it. So I had to flush it out with my own energy to separate it into smaller batches and detonate each batch with brute force….. Hmm, of course, I made sure to stabilize him every time I make the energy explode. Even though the process is a little painful, but it’s definitely a clean job without side effects……”

[[[Devil, she’s definitely a devil……]]]

The healers nearly had tears running down. No wonder they heard Berenta screaming so painfully. The feeling of the explosions within the body must be terrible.

Lawrence’s eyes were dots when he heard that. He stared at the deeply asleep Berenta with a dreadfully pale face and constantly gulped. He almost had an urge to check if Berenta was still breathing.

“You guys can handle the rest. Contact me when he wakes up…… I need to rush back to school.” Sue did not mind the gazes around her and bid farewell when she saw that it was late.