The Strategy to Become Good at Magic Chapter 96

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Chapter 96 – Duel (2)


The stoic general who was reassigned looked quietly at the little prince mocking his opponent.

Yes, the latter was mocking his opponent.

The general thought the so-called prodigy in magic would turn into a toothless tiger, not to mention that he was a little boy too. He never expected Fedrus to have such a talent.

If the little prince was unable to learn magic, then he would switch to brawling skills. And it seemed like there were many variations to his techniques which were new and difficult to evade, disregarding the fact that his body was actually not healthy at all.

He was steadily suppressing a recognized novice magician and even had leftover energy to mock the latter……

It seemed like the general needed to change his source of information!

He secretly frowned and watched Fedrus easily beat up his opponent as the latter received the audience’s cheers. As he continued to watch the magician he thought would win retreat with his robes in tattered pieces….. He could finally no longer suppress himself and shot out a ball of energy.



[I won’t kill you, but I’ll at least create trouble for you—]

But before he could he even have the chance to gloat, there was a familiar broom that suddenly descended from the sky and stood in the path of the mass of energy.

“Wow — this is really a big crowd!” A recognizable shout pierced through the dueling grounds.

“No!!!” The man first looked on blankly before his eyes widened in shock and turned bloodshot…… Naturally, he was not concerned about Sue, but the problem was how that scumbag carried his son behind her on the broom!!!

He knew that the mass of energy would have difficulty killing someone because of the dueling ground’s barrier, but it could not be any easier if it was just a little boy priest who did not have a barrier and had little brawling skills to protect himself……

[So now you know what’s heartache?! If you know that then why did you do it!] Sue’s lips twisted downwards to an unhappy and irritated snarl. She deliberately stayed in the projectile’s path, until the mass of energy reached the broom’s specially created barrier. A series of explosions caused ten-odd crystals to shatter into dust as their Mana ran out before the mass of energy was completely gone.

“Sue, the broom seems to be a little unstable, is it possible that the Mana is running out?!” Eins did not have too much of a reaction and felt as though there was some kind of turbulence happening.

“There’s still enough Mana,” Sue lowered her head to look at the Mana icon: “It’s still capable of flying for ten-plus hours, although it won’t last if someone does another evil and merciless stunt again.”




Just as Eins was feeling puzzled, his father came from behind like a hurricane, scooped him off from the broom and hugged him, his voice trembling a little from an aftermath fear: “Eins……”

“Dad?!” Eins was evidently surprised: “Why did you come?!”

“Yeah, why are you here, mister?!” Sue was also faking surprise.

“I…..” The man hugged Eins for quite a while before he calmed down and answered heavily: “I was invited by the principal, and will be the guest speaker for tomorrow’s Military Affairs lecture. I came here today to confirm the schedule.”

“It’s such a coincidence for you to pass by,” Sue looked as though she solved a mystery and put on a big smile: “Eins and I are here to spectate Fedrus’s duel.”

The man could not help but become angry when she mentioned this. If it was not for her, how would it be possible that he nearly injured his own son?!

His lips were tightened into a straight line, and his voice was somewhat icy: “Looking at a few duels does help in amassing combat experience, but you could also watch it on the ground like the others. Flying around recklessly is unbecoming.”

“Dad…..” The chibi was too used to becoming scared.

“The main problem is because we’re too short and we can’t see if we don’t fly.” Sue hurriedly helped to explain.

“Then you should go to the front row!” The man felt that she should stop explaining, because the more she explained the more he felt she was hiding something!



“Going to the front isn’t a good thing,” Sue said with some thumb-dwindling, “as you well know, if Fedrus’s opponent loses, there will be some negative emotions. If we’re in the front row, then everyone will know that we’re Fedrus’s friends. What is going to happen if that opponent or his friends remember our faces and turn their pent-up anger from losing to Fedrus and direct it to us instead…… As you well know, bullying those who can’t fight back is much easier…..”

The man was angry: “Nonsense! A duel is a sacred thing, why would they vent their anger on the innocents because of winning or losing?!”

“Then what happens if Fedrus overdoes it and smack him senseless?!” Sue looked at the dueling grounds and sighed like a tired adult: “The weak people around the strong are the ones who usually suffer the consequences when the strong are done with their battles.”

The man’s eyes narrowed and he balled his fists……. Was he being overly suspicious?! Why did he feel that the child in front of him was talking about something else?!

“Sue, did you say someone will bully us?!” The innocent pure rabbit was obviously frightened by the sudden threat and hurriedly jerked her sleeves.

“Not for the time being.” Sue patted his little head with a smile. “Don’t worry, as long as your dad is beside you, he wouldn’t let anyone lay a finger on you……. If you must know, it’s an era where the dads have to work hard.”

The man finally realized what was wrong…… What if he were not beside Eins?

It was the same thing with the little prince. It was a simple thing to assassinate Fedrus, but what if someone were to assassinate Eins? It was just as simple…… And his son did not even have the skills that Fedrus possessed to defend himself.

If he really succeeded in killing the prince, the queen will never let this go. Even if he was able to avoid her, how about Eins?!

He suddenly felt that it was a mistake to appear in front of the little girl over and over again when he thought about Lawrence.

The Assassin Guild was strangely silent recently, and he suddenly realized that he was facing something odd here……

“Have you recognized me?!” He tried to force himself to be calm and pulled Eins closer to him, asking coldly.



“You can’t even remember who you are?!” Sue was overly dramatic.

“Dad, what’s wrong?!”

“…….” F*#$! He did not mean it like that…… The man’s expression was terrible and gritted his teeth: “I think you know exactly what I mean?!”

“This…… Maybe there’s a generation gap between us, but I really don’t know what you mean…..” Sue maintained her position. Something things could be hinted but not said out loud. If he did not understand what she meant, it meant that his IQ was not high enough, but if he understood it, there was no reason to say it openly. At least a line would be drawn, and if they ever meet again in the future, everyone could just ignore the past and not feel awkward about things……..

Hearing Sue’s reply made the man feel like he could not decide whether to be relieved or raise his guard. He gloomily became silent for a while before he pulled Eins: “I’ll send you back to your dorm!”

“You’re leaving?! Not going to stay for a little longer?!” Sue asked enthusiastically.


“Well….. Then come and play with me when you have the time~” Shoo, shoo, you should learn how to wise up on your own……

The man walked away from a few steps before he turned back his head and spoke through clenched teeth: “I’ll visit once I’m free!”