The Strategy to Become Good at Magic Chapter 95




TL: Okay. I read ahead and discovered the black panther, Blackie-bro (original pronunciation Hei Xiong), eventually picks up a chibi-like nickname, Xiao Hei (literally Little Black). This runs in contrast with Sue’s little white tiger, Xiao Bai (literally Little White, because the community voted to keep the original transliterated name in the past).

This is a localization issue because the natives in the raws recognize Xiao Bai as cute or kiddy-like, so it’s not a transliterated aspect but as a localized aspect in terms of language.

So I’m now putting this point up to voting time again. My idea of making their names ‘cute’ is calling Xiao Bai as Whitekins and Xiao Hei as Blackins, with the idea of referencing a munchkin cat, or you could ignore all sense of localization and just deal with Xiao Hei.





Chapter 95 – Duel (1)



Sue had guessed Tegwyn’s motives correctly for approaching her. To put it simply, he was trying to accumulate intangible advantages.

It was just like how actors started out. In the beginning, they were not famous and had to do filler roles to get onto the screen, and when everyone had some form of impression, they would then switch to supporting roles. If they were lucky enough they might get famous overnight, otherwise they could still become famous after working for many years.

Tegwyn was trying hard to get noticed by others so he could aim for the throne.

Starting out from doing the smallest things to gain reputation and acknowledgment, until one day he could be recognized to a certain extent…… For example, would a kingdom need a king who was a great magician?! Nope, and that was also the equivalent of stealing from the wizards’ jobs. However, he would be remembered as one who was talented.

Tegwyn had to show for up in public every now and then to gain some form of public recognition, and at the very least get people to talk about him. At the very least, he needed this hurtful conversation to happen: “Tegwyn?! Which prince is he again……?!”

He wanted to let everyone know that he was the shiny second prince of the kingdom!

Sue who used a flying broom instead of walking around was an intangible investment. She had a convenient tool that was praised by the Grandmaster Alchemist himself and had attracted the attention of students and teachers alike. The most important point was…… that no one had successfully copied it.

“Does Tegwyn wants a broom to ride on it?! Or to sell it?!” Fedrus blinked and asked curiously while he sat near Sue’s crucible set.

Both of them did not have any classes in the afternoon, so once they were done with their meals, they applied to use the alchemist lab. Sue obviously used the station, while the little prince sat close to watch…… He was just there for fun and wanted to have someone to chat with.

“Perhaps neither.” Sue continued to test and stir the mixture while adding stuff to it. “If I’m him, I would think of ways to get multiple brooms and give them to the palace or the army. It’s useful for scouting and the likes…… The broom itself isn’t expensive to manufacture, and the convenience outweighs the negative points after all.”

Tegwyn would be praised by the court and his supporters would increase amongst the military. It was much better than selling the brooms as a business.

“My first brother will thank him too if he does that.” The little prince shook his head and tutted with disapproval. “Does my second brother really treat me as a kid? He’s trying to seduce you right in front of me.”

It seemed like that was the biggest point Fedrus was unhappy with.

“Are you not a kid?!” Sue laughed. “But your performance today is good. Bonus points for that.”

Especially when he pretended that he learned Wind Magic because it was cool. She clearly saw Tegwyn’s face contorted like he was constipated……

She was really busy these few days. While the students simply attended their classes, she had to do the same and constantly brew potions to suppress Fedrus’s poison. The Tree of Life had boosted his health when he was in the forest, but once he left the place after a month, problems started surfacing.



Apparently, the poison was not only difficult to cure but also gradually increased in intensity at intervals…… From this point alone, one could understand why the mastermind was patient about it. This poison was a trump card. If they could stay low for a year or two, the little prince would be dead.

Even if he somehow survived, and even if the king himself preferred intelligence over military might, the latter could hardly choose a successor whose health was practically ruined.

The reason why the queen was so tolerant towards Sue was due to the latter’s skill. When she met up with the Demon Race, they explained to her that her son was incurable. The Demon General told her privately that no one else could save him if Sue did not get involved……

After the potion was done, Sue left the alchemist lab and bid farewell to the little prince, and her schedule went on as usual. The next day, she returned back to her room in the afternoon. That was when her roommates told her news that had explosive content.

“You’re saying someone wants to duel with Fedrus?!” She said.

Although she frequently disappeared from the dorm room, she had gone back enough times and had the minimum amount of social exchange with them to call them as acquaintances.

Sue and Fedrus were not inconspicuous people, especially when the latter kept surrounding her every day shouting ‘Sue Sue Sue Sue’, while pulling off all sorts of stunts to attract her attention. It was actually hard to keep their relationship a secret.

“Yes, didn’t you hear about it?!” Roommate A who spilled the beans looked surprised: “It seems like it’s going to take place in the afternoon….. Hmm, there’s about ten minutes more before it starts. I thought you already knew about it……” It was no wonder why the little girl had returned so early, to think it was because she didn’t know that Fedrus was about to fight someone.

“So that’s the reason why he kept calling out to me earlier……” Sue rubbed her chin: “But even if you give me this news now, it’s too late. I wouldn’t be able to get the audience to bid the winner in time even if I went out to gather them right now.”

“I’m not telling you to go out and set up a gambling bet!” Her roommates nearly collapsed onto the ground: “Are you not worried?! Or to take a look at the duel with your own eyes?!”

Sue looked nonplussed. “Please cut the joke out, sis, even if I go would the prince get a speed boost? Additional defense? Damage increase?! Since there are doctors at the dueling ring and teachers overseeing the process, he’s going to be fine.”

The duels in the Kingdom of Light were nothing like those written in the novels. In an example, agreeing on a fight verbally without caring about the location, regardless of whether it’s in the toilet or the female dorms.

A duel was strictly limited to the Dueling Grounds, where a perfect barrier was professionally set up, along with a system that controlled Elements and Mana. Even if someone caused a Mana Explosion because their training was not enough, it would be easily suppressed to prevent it from becoming a disaster.



In addition, the teacher who was on duty would act as a judge to prevent others from illegally interfering or committing revenge. There was also an emergency medical staff sent from the healing station.

Bruises and cuts would be taken care right on the spot, and if there were bigger injuries, the people who got involved would be sent to the healing station which was just ten meters away. These measures ensured safety for every student……

This was like how Earth settled competitive matches in sports. There was not much to be curious or anxious about a duel.

Sue had thought about it.

With Fedrus’s status and reputation as a genius, the other students in the Academy probably treated him like an Elite Boss. If they succeeded in winning, they would gain a huge amount of XP and a crazy increase in fame…… Even if the prince requested money from them to duel him, they would still pay him.

If she anxiously ran out to view every match that came along, she would have no time to do anything at all, and might as well set up a gambling station……

“How could you!!!” Her roommates dropped their pretenses. These young teenagers who had just entered the school were still hot-blooded, so they naturally could not accept Sue’s jaded been-there-done-that-for-years attitude. “He’s your boyfriend! How can you not go?!”

“My boyf……” You crazy b&*@#$! Sue swallowed down a mouthful of blood and gritted her teeth: “Who spread that rumor?!”

“Huh?! You’re not?! But we clearly heard the prince confessing to you before you came back…….”

What kind of rubbish confession, he was just asking to be fawned on!

Sue looked at them speechlessly: “Do you really think he’s capable of such complicated emotions at his age?!”

They thought suspiciously for a while and came to a conclusion that it was not really realistic. However, they raised their heads again: “But he’s at least your friend right!”

“Actually, not really…..”

“No matter what, I believe that the little prince must be waiting for his good friend to cheer him on!” Sue’s roommates pulled her arms. “Let’s go! We will accompany you, there’s no need to be shy……”

F%$#! No one was being shy with you!

But the reality was not as beautiful as they had imagined. Fedrus was not moved to the point where he cried when he saw Sue coming to cheer him, but was frightened to the point where he gulped visibly.


“Yo.” Sue raised her hand gloomily. “Good luck in your duel.”



Fedrus was relieved when he heard that: “You’re not here to beat me up?!”

“Why would I do that?”

“Urgh…… Because you wouldn’t care if I picked a fight previously. Unless you wanted to teach me a lesson, you would send Xiao Bai……” To bite my butt…….

During the period when he caused serious trouble in the forest, Sue appeared every time to tell him what mistake he had committed and that he needed to get punished. It eventually set in a deep trauma in him.

Not to mention that he had even trained with the panther blackie-bro without her batting an eye, and even when he pranked the various demi-races……

These students were completely innocent compared to the bloodthirsty beasts and mysteriously powerful demi-races.

Because the brat understood her personality, he knew that this ‘trivial’ duel of his would not get her coming. He started reliving his past, feeling like he was somehow raised by a cruel stepmother.

How did he survive that dark period?!

“Sue?! You actually beat up the prince?!” The three roommates expressed shock. It was too frightening, how could she have the audacity to beat up a future successor of the kingdom?!

“…….” I even set a tiger at him to bite his gluteus maximus, it was even scarier right….. Sue’s eyes turned elsewhere, not wanting to terrorize the bunch of little girls who had not seen anything yet.

“Hey! Are you going to fight?!” Fedrus’s opponent said irritably. He was there to duel and not watch girls talk to little kids. But it was useless. Even when he was being noisy, it seemed like everyone else treated him like air.

“How despicable. An eleven-year-old boy trying to bully a smaller kid who’s just six!” The three girls on Justice’s side could not help but aid the little prince, even before Sue and Fedrus were able to speak.

“I didn’t force him to accept it!” His opponent turned red in the face. He also knew his action was outrageous. But it could not be helped, he wanted to become famous— no, it was his fault that he could not beat Tegwyn! Everyone knew that the weak was easy to bully after all……

“Shameless!” The three girls booed him.

“You bunch of…..” Fedrus’s opponent got angry. Did the chibi find reinforcements?!



“That’s enough.” Sue felt deeply ashamed. If these three wanted to taunt him, so be it, but why did they have to push her out to the front like some kind of show dog?! She really did not intend to help the prince to get justice.

The teacher on duty could not hold back any longer too. He came over to seek both parties’ opinions.

“Do both of you want to stop the duel?!” He also felt that it was unfair, but since the two did not have an issue with it, he could not interfere with their decision. However, now that friends seemed to be involved with this matter, it might get out of hand.

“Sue?!” Fedrus did not really have a problem with the duel, but he wanted to know if she did.

Sue gauged his opponent and sighed after a long while: “Evisceration and Tempest Rage are forbidden, Dragon Spiral is also forbidden…… The other skills…… Just restrain yourself. You’re not permitted to do permanent damage.”

“You’re too much!” Fedrus’s opponent felt like she was looking down on him.

“Yes, yes, that’s too much!” Fedrus stomped his foot on the ground. The skill he was most familiar with was evisceration. Not letting use it meant that he lost a trump card……

“Stop your bullshit! Get on with the duel, I need to kidnap someone!” Sue’s eyes suddenly chanced upon someone who was really not supposed to be here. She quickly pushed the prince into the Duel Ring, while she took out her broom and flew to the sky.

[Eins’s father?! What’s he trying to do by coming here?!]