The Strategy to become Good at Magic Chapter 94

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Chapter 94 – Canteen



The subjects that Fedrus had were quite different from Sue. Other than the Military Affairs and the Brawling subjects, the ones on his schedule did not allow him to reunite with Sue.

As a possible successor to the throne, even though power was important, it was far more necessary for him to learn subjects related to internal affairs and geography. The former allowed him to be distinguished amongst individuals, while the latter allowed him to govern the core of the country.

Based on his chosen subjects, Sue was very satisfied this time. At least he was still clear-headed enough to know what he needed.

But precisely because of that, the little prince’s chance of meeting Sue in class was greatly reduced. At least in comparison, the number of times he could meet with Sue was much lesser than little Eins.

Because of that point, he felt a greatly increased sense of danger and could no longer hold back. He asked Sue ruefully while grabbing a fork at the lunch table.



“Sue, don’t you love me anymore?!”

“…… Did you go to your uncle’s house during your break days and listened to those silly bard’s tales again?!”

Sue’s lips convulsed a few times while countless black lines appeared on her head. She felt the queen should separate her younger brother Slane away from Fedrus. If this continued, the future successor might become a useless and frivolous person.

“Meow~” The little white tiger, sitting in front of its plate raised its head and looked condescendingly at Fedrus.

“But you’re accompanying other boys. I’m lonely.” He set down his fork and drooped his head with tears dancing in his eyes.

“…….” F*@#! It looked like she could not rely on the queen on doing it. It would better if she took out some time and KO that idiotic man! Her teeth hurt for quite some time. “…… You either eat your meal or go back and sleep. If you continue to act like you’re in a drama, be careful that I’ll confiscate all your toys and candy!”

The canteen had whispers after whispers. It was evident that the people around them who were overly bored, and were guessing what kind of relationship she had with the prince.

“Sue~” Fedrus puffed up his cheeks and expressed his dissatisfaction. As he was preparing to continue sticking to Sue, there was another voice that came next to them.



“May I ask if I am allowed to sit next to both of you and have my lunch?!”

“Brother?!” Fedrus turned his head in surprise at his older brother, the second oldest amongst the siblings.

Tegwyn who was accompanied by another student nodded with a smile, looked at Sue again: “Does the lady mind?!”

“On principle, I don’t mind—” Sue’s words were not finished, but Tegwyn and his companion had already sat down without any hesitation.

“Then I’ll take my seat without any reservations.”


[You really have no reservations with us at all…..]

Sue was once again filled with black lines on her head. Fedrus, on the other hand, appeared surprised and delighted.

“I wanted to meet you since the beginning of the school, the other people in the Tower of Magic said that you were doing research and that you holed yourself up in there…..” Fedrus said.

“I’m sorry. I came out because I heard that you were looking for me.” Tegwyn seemed to be on good terms with Fedrus, and he stroked his head with a smile. “So when I went out I came to know that you have chosen your subjects…… I heard that you chose to learn Wind Magic?!”

“Yup, I find that’s a cool subject, more so than the others!” Fedrus’s eyes were filled with stars.

“Guh……” Tegwyn’s voice died in him, and the hand on his head stiffened and looked it was spasming. After a while, he composed himself with a forced smile. “Of course, many people hope to rely on their own strength to fly in the sky….. Very well Fedrus, I hope you become a grandmaster in that field.”



And the topic jumped onto Sue’s body.

“I heard that the lovely little lady had created an alchemy artifact that allows one to fly in the sky?!”

“Those are just rumors from the outsiders,” Sue quickly came up with a fake smile, “to be honest I picked up that broom.”

Tegwyn’s smile once again froze: “You’re really modest. May I know if I have the pleasure of studying that amazing artifact?!”

“Of course, certainly.” Sue nodded: “I plan to go out and pick a few brooms when I’m free, then see if I can sell to some whales and earn some money to spend. If you’re patient, how about you wait till I pick up a few?!”

(TL: Raws uses 冤大头, directly TLed Injustice Big Head. It means people spent wrongful money. For example, a scam. I use the word ‘whales’ because it’s all the rage with EA gaming company recently. They sell their $60 Battlefront 2 pay to win game and >$2000 DLCs to the whales, and their game is now below 1/10 in the user score for making it a gambling game. Great job EA, Sue would be proud of you.

Tegwyn’s eyes blinked. How should he reply?! Request her to send it as a gift? That did not seem likely. She said she was going to sell them. Then pay it with his own money?! Did it not mean that he was admitting he was a whale?!

This little girl was not sincere, and he felt like he was being toyed with……

But before the troubled second prince was able to respond, Sue seemed like she had forgotten the contents of the earlier topic and pointed at the food hanging outside the kitchen: “Whoa! That looks like a really well pan-fried lamb chop!”

“…… Help me order that lamb chop for her.” Tegwyn ordered his companion with black lines on his head.

“Yes, your highness.”

“…… Oh, you shouldn’t have,” Sue only spoke after Tegwyn’s companion left, but before he was able to reply with a few polite words, she continued, “but are you not going to order a set for yourself and Fedrus?!”

“But I don’t like lamb chops. I very much prefer a bowl of clam chowder.” Fedrus looked very troubled.


Very soon his companion carried back a plate of lamb chop, and Tegwyn added in a new order with a dark expression: “Order a bowl of clam chowder!”

Since he treated a stranger, it really would not be acceptable if he did not treat his own younger brother. He at least had the decency to do so, and even if it did not involve his decorum, his dignity would not allow it.

“…… Yes, your highness.” The student looked gloomily at the other two people and turned back to the kitchen.

“Your brother is a good person.” Sue pulled Fedrus’s hand and reflected on Tegwyn’s actions.



“Yes, that’s right. My brother is the most generous person I know. My mother said that I don’t need to bring too much pocket money since I’m taken care by my brother in school.” Fedrus said.

[Your mother really said that?! What does this mean?! I’m supposed to give pocket money to him?! It’s not enough to treat you to a meal, and you have to steal from me openly?!!!]

Tegwyn felt like he was going to puke out blood.

“I’m full. Please enjoy your meals.” Tegwyn was finally unable to continue sitting down when Fedrus’s shiny eyes looked expectantly at him. Today was certainly not a suitable for conversation.

“You’re full from drinking a mouthful of soup?!” Sue expressed her concern. “You’re in the growing stage, if you don’t maintain your intake of nutrients, you won’t be able to grow tall.”

“I’m really not hungry, in fact before I came I ate a little…… Well, please enjoy your food.” After insisting that he could not eat any more food, Tegwyn kept the minimal amount of manners he had to bid farewell and hurriedly left.

“He’s here for the broom!” Sue smiled as her eyes watch the second prince’s back disappear from the canteen.

“Yup!” Fedrus balled his hands into fists. “Sue’s things are mine, and anyone who steals them is bad!”

“……” She did not mean that at all.