The Strategy to Become good at Magic Chapter 93

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Chapter 93 – School


“Look at our professor!” The student looked worriedly back at her: “Do we need to call for medical aid?!”

At that moment, the alchemist professor finally felt the mana fluctuations were over. He waited for a while and realized that it had stopped. He exhaled with relief and wiped away his cold sweat. The mysterious events were over, and he said: “Let’s talk about the problem I mentioned earlier. These materials are easy to identify……”

“There doesn’t seem to be a problem,” Sue did not find the problem, and asked again in confusion: “DId you see wrongly?”

Her classmate was a little mad: “Everyone saw how his muscles were spasming!”

The classroom fell into a deafening silenced, and the poor student perspired like a waterfall when he realized what he did. The alchemist professor pressed his lips tightly together before he scoffed angrily through his nose: “Very good, it seems that this student has completely understood the contents of what I taught. Then would you please teach the class how to answer the question I presented earlier?!”

The young student teared up and begged the little girl next to her with his eyes. She looked like she was paying close attention to the materials and did not even blink. Surely she knew the answer right?!



Sue had black lines on her head. Well done, he had great eyes! He picked her out of everyone, which meant that he had great observational skills, or at least his luck was good.

But…… She was a grandmaster, sure, and knew all the answers to any basic knowledge about alchemy, but….. The problem was how she did not pay attention at all and did not know what question was asked!

She licked her lips and had sweat pouring down as she covered her face by holding the textbook on her desk up……

[Bro, it’s better for you not to look so expectantly at me. It’s not nice to drag me down; you should have some conscience……]

Without any aid from anyone else, the poor boy was punished and forced to stand in class, and his wistful and vengeful gaze drilled Sue’s back the entire lesson.

When the class was over, the alchemist professor had no mood to stay on. He had wasted the entire morning and the eventful afternoon made him tired, so he desperately needed to rest.

The boy saw the teacher off with his eyes before he complained to Sue: “Hey, that was mean of you for not helping me out.”

“How am I supposed to help you?! Can’t you see I’m younger than you? I don’t know anything.” When it was time to act ignorant, she would do so without question.

“Surely not?! Isn’t there a great alchemist in your family to teach you?!” The other students started surrounding her, observing the little girl as well as expressing their curiosity.

Sue was puzzled: “Who spread that rumor?! When did I have a great alchemist in the family?!”

“But your broom yesterday……”

“That’s right, your broom!”

The hot topic that had died down suddenly reignited when the person-in-question was in front of them. Her classmates started discussing it excitedly, and Sue realized with a shock that she was drowning in the crowd before she could react…… The collective strength of a group was strong.

[This damn broom! I’ll ride a vacuum cleaner the next time!]

Sue struggled in the crowd as she cried bitter tears.

She walked out from the classroom after much difficulty. She taught Eins the basics on riding the broom before dinner, yet when it was time for it, she found the food disagreeable and also did not want to continue stared at by everyone around her.



She decided to go back to sleep in her home again.

However, the alchemist professor actually gathered enough courage to invade her room again after resting. Though,he failed to get his target as Sue was not there.

It was the same for the third day, the fourth, the…..

Lawrence was also going crazy. He had never seen anyone escape from the school with such arrogance.

The three girls in the dorm room similarly felt their sanity was at stake. The teacher sat in the room every day to wait for her, and this was a serious mental strain on them.

The alchemist professor was the least composed…… He did not even catch a glimpse of her for a whole week, just when would it end?!

As he could no longer tolerate this, he decided to barge into the principal’s office during the weekend with a piece of paper. He knocked on the table several times: “Just look at this, this child hasn’t gone back to her dorm for days now.”

“Which kid?” The principal looked at the paper: “Sue?! That five-years-old little girl?!”

“The first day she said she fell asleep in the library. The second day she practiced in the alchemy lab to the point where she even forgot to eat and slept there. The third day she trained so hard that she slept at the training hall. The fourth day she lost her way and did not find the directions to her dorm, the fifth—” The alchemist professor’s voice was getting sadder and sadder, and his tears spilled out: “I waited for an entire week at her dorm and did not even catch a glimpse of her. There are even newcomers who suspect I’m a lolicon!”

“Errr….. Maybe the little girl is working too hard?!” The principal was helpless in this situation. There were no rules that a student had to sleep every night in the dorm. It was possible to see a student train or study the whole night. That’s because some individual students had to arrange their schedules because they had to study classes in the evening…… Like a diviner who used the stars to read the future….

“I suspect this child sneaked out of school.” The alchemist professor was agitated.

“DO you have proof?!” The principal was shocked. It was too hard for a student to sneak out, and the fact that she could do it every day, f@#$, if she really had this ability, why did she need to attend school?!

“None! But I have enough reasons to be suspicious,” the alchemist professor grinded his teeth, “or perhaps you can explain why this child isn’t her room every day?”

“…… Very well, I’ll get the wizards and swordsmen on duty,” the principal agreed.

Very quickly the guards were summoned. Upon listening to the alchemist professor’s accusations, they quickly denied it: “Professor, we indeed cannot explain why that child isn’t her dorm room, but we can assure you that we did not see anyone leaving during our guard duty!”

Even if one person missed her, it should not be possible that they would miss her every single day! The Academy of Light was not some cheese with holes in them, how could a student go in and out as they like?!

“You heard their answers?!” The principal shrugged.

“…..” The alchemist professor stroked his beard for a while: “Perhaps there’s an opening during the guard duty?!”

“Professor, are you accusing us of not doing our jobs? Or are you complaining about the rules on how to guard this school that had been around for several hundred years?!”

“Erm, I’m just establishing a hypothesis…..” He was merely curious about the broom in the beginning, but the failures that he had for a whole week had turned into resentment…… That was not a simple problem anymore, but a problem that concerned his dignity.

He could not believe that an old teacher like himself would be toyed around by such a little kid! He swore secretly to himself he would not let this go without breaking her secret……

At that very same moment, Lawrence was pouring a cup of juice with a sigh for Sue:

“Sue, I think we need to talk about this. You have been coming back here every day to sleep. The school must have noticed your absence.”

“Don’t worry; they can’t catch me.” Sue sat down on the sofa with satisfaction with the little white tiger nestling in her lap lazily.

“That’s not the issue. Even if they can’t catch you, they will suspect what you’re doing,” he sighed, “I admit you’re very strong, but there are a lot of grandmasters in the Academy of Light.”

“Don’t worry. I also know the meaning of being reasonable. Do you think I plan to return every day to your home for the next six years?!” Sue rolled her eyes: “I’m mostly trying to avoid prying eyes this week, and I think everyone’s passion has died out.”

“Okay. As long as you understand.” Lawrence finally relaxed after hearing these words. He really did not want to see his past principal knocking on the door. Even though he had graduated, he still felt pressure when he thought about meeting with him again…..

After Sue bought a few things and went back to school, she felt the tension rise when she walked near the gate. There was a bunch of wizards at the gate painting some Magic Formations. At a quick glance, she discovered there were two Magic Formations to detect intruders and four Magic Formations to alert the guards. Whether or not there were more, she could not confirm at that moment.

It looked like she was indeed a little too arrogant for doing it the whole week, and had forced them to seal off the gate.

Before that, it was still convenient to go in and out because there were teachers who returned to their homes and the fact that they were visitors….. WIth these barriers set in place, it would become a completely closed administration, and everyone had to get authority passes…..

“Hold it!” The alchemist professor discovered Sue outside the school, and he was so delighted that he roared with laughter: “Just like I thought, we finally caught her outside the school. Do all of you believe my words now?!”



F#$%! The people in the principal’s office told him he was thinking too much, and he should not accuse students from escaping the school. Now that the evidence was right in front of their eyes, he wanted to see what else they could say.

Everyone looked at him as though he was a fool, while Sue had no choice but to greet them and quickly enter the school.

“Stop her!” The alchemist professor did not think that so many people would cover for Sue and instantly stomped the ground in a fury.

“Professor…..” Sue had to give her teacher some respect, so she turned back and said: “Please stop doing this, today’s a Sunday.”


The surrounding people pretended to be deaf and blind and continued to work on their stuff, while the alchemist professor’s old face flushed so red it looked like a tomato…… F#@$! He had forgotten that it was a day where the students could return home!

After walking a few steps into the school, the little prince called out from the Magic Mirror: “Sue! Are you seeing the wizards at the entrance?!”

“I did, and we chatted a little,” Sue said as she looked into the mirror.

“Oh…..” Fedrus pouted, “I wanted to remind you to be careful.”

[Oh, so you wanted to get some achievement points with me.]

Sue smiled: “It’s fine, at most I won’t go out anymore. How are your magic lessons coming along?!”

“I still can’t do it. The speed of casting a magic spell isn’t as fast when I’m younger, and my mana is less than before. If I concentrate too long my head even hurts……”

Sue really wanted to remind him he was still a little chibi and not as old as he thought he was, but she felt she should not hurt him right now: “Did you take your medicine that I gave you timely?!”

“I did, but there’s no effect at all!” Fedrus was unsatisfied and twisted his body before he remembered something and his expressions changed: “Sue, I’m not saying your potions are bad, please don’t get angry.”

“I’m not angry,” Sue sighed. Just what exactly did she came to this school for?! To take care of children?! “That potion is to reduce the burdens on your body. It’s a temporary thing, and if you want to be cured completely, you need the original poison’s formula.”

The clues stopped at Eins’s father. He was identified as a general at the borders and was transferred back a year ago, but no one knew who exactly he was working for.

The tracker from the Assassin Guild stayed by his side for over a month found his mind breaking apart. He admitted that he wanted to cut him down in the remote areas, especially when it was deep into the night. The ideal conditions for an assassin to work in was making his blood boil, and the fact that he could not do so made him tear up as he felt stifled and regretful.

The Assassin Guild had to send out different assassins to rotate the tracking, otherwise, their best assassins would be overwhelmed by the pressure of being held back.

Sue was unable to get anything good as well. Even when she established a great relationship with Eins and spent a night at his home, she was unable to discover any clues……

Did this mean that the masterminds had decided to give up on Fedrus’s assassination?! Or did really they hid so well?!



After talking with the little prince for a while longer, she finally returned to her dorm room. The three girls were all there and nearly screamed in fright when they saw the locked door suddenly opening. When they discovered the little girl, they remembered that there was another roommate. Their suppressed sorrow and resentment they had for a week exploded as they hugged her: “Sue, little Sue, where did you go, we, we…..”

They started crying— It was frightening. The alchemist professor came every day to check her attendance, and the mental anxiety they could hardly be understood by anyone else…..

Sue rolled her eyes to the ceiling, and had to put her things down to console the girls: “Here, here, don’t be afraid, I’ll try my best to keep you company in the future.”

They were still young, and it was natural to be timid. She was able to understand them.

“Yeah, okay…..” They continued to rub themselves against her.

“….. Perhaps I can make some desserts for you to have so you can all calm down?!”

“Yeah, okay……” They still rubbed themselves against her.

“……” D#@%! Did this mean that she was going to spend her future six years with a bunch of silly lolis?! Sue wanted to cry as well….. Which gods had she upset?!