The Strategy To Become Good at Magic Chapter 92

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Chapter 92 – Attending classes


The topics went from how a girl flew in the air, to how important it was to combine different school subjects, to how the teachers were treated at home with complaints and how sad they were……. In less than ten minutes, the topic creator had changed the topic to how women were suppressing their male human rights, and that it was important to have gender equality.

The grandmaster alchemist’s beard shook, finding it for the first time that he really did not have anything in common with these old men……. F^(#! Was there no else who would like to discuss the broom?! He was still curious about it!

And on that day, Sue finally realized what it meant to be famous. Perhaps it due to the hug that represented all types of emotions derived from love (teacher carried Sue in front of everyone), perhaps it was a flight that was incredibly cool (Sue flew away in front of everyone)….. In any case, her overall performance that day made everyone in the hall incredibly curious about the little girl who still had baby teeth.

From the time Sue returned, she had been pulled away, surrounded and interviewed by people for three hours, and the girls tittered like fifteen hundred sparrows. It was the first time she felt the meaning of regret…… If she knew about this, she would have tolerated a little more at the hall and let everyone gawk at her there, since they would not be able to do much there.

Then again, walking back with a thousand-odd pairs of eyes did not feel good either. Was it better to take a long walk back while suffering their caring gazes? Or jump straight into the chokepoint, receiving the whole dormitory’s questions and fighting the three upgraded bosses in her dorm room?!

Sue felt she would still feel lost even if she was allowed to choose her decision one more time.

[There’s no possible way to stay here…..]

Sue could not bear it any longer and decided to flee. It was only the second day of school, so she felt that she could stay at Lawrence’s home for a night.

What?! The Academy of Light did not allow students to leave unless it was a resting day?! Stop joking, this rule was only a rule when they were found out, and if they were not caught then it was nothing more than a display piece……



“Don’t you think Sue has gone to the toilet a little too long?!” The three other girls in Sue’s dorm room continued to chat.

“It seems so…… But this is strange, why was the toilet’s door so damaged?! I remember it was fine this morning.”

“Yeah, it looked as if someone had crushed the metal parts to pieces.”

“A girl wouldn’t have so much strength; you’re so mean, I’m sure it’s because the door hasn’t been replaced for too long.”

During their conversation, the grandmaster alchemist came along and knocked on their door. He received the girls’ permission to enter and smiled warmly: “Hello, I’m looking for the child called Sue.”

“Hello professor,” the three girls were startled, “Sue isn’t here right now, she has gone out.”

Not here?! The alchemist professor looked blankly at them for a moment: “Then do you know where she has gone to?”

“Erm……” The girls were a little embarrassed. If they said she was in the toilet, would he dare to go in there to find her?! No matter how respected and old he was, he was still a man, so they spoke in a roundabout manner: “She seems to have gone out to wash her hands.”

The alchemist professor indeed understood: “Would you mind helping me to search for her?!”

Where?! The three girls turned gloomy at the same time. The Academy of light was huge, so where would they know where the little girl was in which toilet?! What if she went to another dormitory to use their toilet?!

He understood again after looking at the three girls’ expressions: “I apologize, perhaps I’m a little too impatient…… May I know how long she’s been gone?!”

“I think she’s been gone for half an hour?!” Girl A thought for a while before answering, and sought for the other girls’ opinions: “It’s half an hour right?!”

“Yes, around thirty minutes.” The two other girls nodded.

“…… She’s not back even after thirty minutes?!”

“Erm……” Girl A was troubled, perhaps Sue was constipated?!

“Is she perhaps lost?!” He tried to think logically.


“Did she say she’s coming back straight away? Or going out for a walk? To read a book? Have a meal? Or visit her friends?”

“We really don’t know.” The three girls were almost in tears.

He could not do anything about it: “Very well. Would you three young ladies mind if I sit here for a while to wait for that child?!”

“……” Are we able to shake our heads if you said this much……

So the girls and old professor sat unnaturally together and waited painfully till it was nearly nine. When he saw that there was a girl who tried to hide her yawning, he did not have the face to continue waiting no matter how much he craved for knowledge and had to leave with a forced smile along with tears in his eyes…….

F#@$! This d%#@ed little kid actually dared to leave the dormitory overnight……

The second day’s morning, in order to wash off his humiliation, he went to the female dormitory to guard there, becoming thick-skinned to catch the little girl who did not return to her room. However, he could never expect Sue to keep all her things in her Dimensional Bracelet, and all the clothes in her room were just for show, and she had no intention of coming back.



Sue ate her breakfast at Lawrence’s house, went back to the Academy of Light and broke through the front gate by infiltration. She then rode her broom straight to the male dormitory to get the little chibi, and the two kids went to the Miltary Affairs classroom to attend class…..

The alchemist professor who did not know anything stubbornly waited for an entire afternoon……

After lunch, in the Alchemy classroom…… The grandmaster alchemist glared at the conspicuous little girl with a dark face: “Sue, please explain why you did not return to your dormitory yesterday.”

Sue raised her hand in protest: “Excuse me, I feel that this question has nothing to do with the contents of Alchemy. You shouldn’t waste everyone’s time because of personal reasons. This is an irresponsible action.”

“There’s no problem at all. I’m sure everyone will be fine with it.” The alchemist was insistent on abusing his authority. Sue glanced blankly at her surroundings, and indeed found no one else to who objected. She had no choice but to stand up with a condescending look: “Reporting! I studied too hard yesterday and fell asleep in the library.”

“You lie!” The professor banged the table with great emotion: “The administrators of the library check the place every day before closing it to ensure no students stay behind. It’s impossible for you to stay there overnight!”

“Huh…… Perhaps I’m too small, and they didn’t see me?!”

“Hah! You think I would believe this reason?!”

Sue shrugged helplessly: “Very well, then perhaps you can explain why?!”

“That’s because you’re lying!” He was so furious that he slammed his hand loudly against the table.

Such humiliation! Such indignity! He stood there like a fool only to be treated like a perverted wolf for the entire morning. But he could understand why, even the passionate young boys would not dare to stay at the female dormitory for that long, well, mainly because they would get caught by the teachers……. But no matter what, the fact that he stood there for the entire morning would mean that he had become infamous amongst the new students and even made history for the first time.



It was all thanks to this little girl.

“Since you say that I’m lying, would you tell me where you think I slept last night?!” Sue asked patiently.

“This……” He stopped smacking the table and pondered suspiciously. Right, where did she stay?!

He would be the first to deny that she sneaked out of school. The Academy of Light had layers of barriers set up, and the difficulty to sneak in or out was as difficult as the royal palace. In addition, the Academy of Light’s single gate was guarded by wizards and swordsmen……

Perhaps she slept in the open?! That’s impossible, the temperature outside was too low, and her clothes seemed like they were quite clean, and did not have any signs of dirt from the ground.

Maybe she went to the other dorms?! But why would she do that instead of going back to her own?!

Training grounds? Lab? The Towers? The animal pens……. He quickly denied each possibility, and successfully trapped himself into a corner: “Where did you stay overnight?!”

“The library!” Sue asserted herself.

“……” D#@$!

The professor finally remembered he was teaching a class. Even though he was still mystified, he quickly glossed over it because he could not get the answer. He glared at Sue once more before he finally started the lesson: “Today I’ll be teaching everyone the origins of Alchemy…..”

The most important thing to all knowledge was the origins of it, but it was also the most boring out of everything……. Especially when it came from a grandmaster alchemist. Unfortunately, it was an environment where they had to listen, so this pain was amplified several times.

Sue’s eyes seemed to be on the professor, but her hands were actively moving below the table. She picked out unpolished magic cores from magical beasts and held it tightly in her palms. She rubbed it against her hands and began to use mana to forcefully refine it…… Without the aid of a working table and a crucible to perform alchemy, it would drain her mana greatly. There was an advantage though, as mana could increase slowly by constantly training. It also improved her concentration.

[What? There’s some oscillation from magic cores……] The alchemist’s body on the podium was shaking. His sharp senses had detected an unstable fluctuation of energy, as though there was some precious material somewhere in the classroom. But when he wanted to sense it a little better, it suddenly disappeared.



OK! Sue had finished refining it into a gemstone…… She randomly threw it back into her Dimensional Bracelet into a pile of completed gemstones, then took out another magic core from the raw materials…..

[What! There it is again…..] The alchemist professor jumped up slightly and was going crazy the next moment…… F#@%! It disappeared again.

Sue was happily refining them into gemstones one after another, while the alchemist was frightened by the amount of energy fluctuation in the room.

The students looked puzzledly at each other……. Their level of mana detection was just too weak to capture the faint information from the materials’ energy, but they were not blind as they could see the alchemist professor’s face quiver as though he was having a stroke……. Just what exactly was happening to him?!

Sue initially did not detect the change in the classroom, and it was a while before she realized the professor’s voice had stopped. She finished refining one more magic core before she rolled her eyes to ask to ask the person next to her without hurriedly taking out another magic core: “What’s going on?!”