The Strategy to Become Good at Magic Chapter 9

The battle between the higher ranked magical beasts intensified.

But this obviously had nothing to do with Sue, and no matter how much the magical beasts raged they could not enter the safety zone. It seemed like the situation still would not resolve itself, so the depressed loli started to pack the roasted meat into the dimensional space to keep it fresh.


And she took the opportunity to go to the riverside and prepare the other magical beast’s carcass. She did the same things as before, discarded the organs, kept the crystal, sliced the meat into pieces…….. and went back to barbecue them at the fire.

She did not witness whether it was a battle that was like a hurricane or tidal wave, but nearly after two hours later when the second batch of meat was finally done, the magical beasts’ fight had finally settled.

It was a black panther that finally won!

“If I didn’t know better, I would have thought you guys hooked up with some medusa queen or something, everyone used the skill ‘glare at each other’ instead of using words and actions. And whoever hid their trump cards the hardest is the boss. Us humans compete at dealing the highest DPS, you guys fought who was the best at turtling……” When the black panther strutted over to its victory prize with puffed up pride, Sue packed a batch of freshly roasted meat on a broad leaf and threw it near to where the roasted meat was.

The loli hated this kind of competition, if it was up to her, she would just ‘snnnk!’ with her claws. If she died, fine, but if not she could earn that XP……

Because Sue found a bottle of peanut sauce in her dimensional space, and purely because she had the time, this current batch was done with her bringing a wire net out to make a Indonesian Satay. The meat was cut into smaller strips, and although the taste was not as intense, it had a refreshing bite to it.

The black panther who had the last laugh looked almost the same like the Earth’s panther species, but there was purple electricity arcs going around it, and made crackling sounds from time to time. It was clearly a type that had evolved like a pokemon.

When Sue threw the second batch of meat over, the panther clearly hesitated. Its eyes displayed a humanized pause and wariness……

Hmm! It even had intelligence?! Sue was surprised.

The black panther suddenly remembered that there was the issue of the source of the food, and she watched it take a small careful step back, then circled around the batch of meat sniffing them, and even clawed at it twice…… After a long time, it finally lowered its head as it judged the scent to be acceptable and without apparent danger. It took a small piece with its tongue and rolled it into its stomach while it still emitted hot steam…….



Once the food went onto its tongue, its golden yellow eyes instantly shone with brightness, as if it had been surprised with delight, the tail that was behind the panther’s derriere went taut with a ‘twipp’, and its tail even wagged a full circle of excitement. Sue even thought that it would act like her own house cub, jumping up with happy cat steps and roll around in the grass……

“Delicious right!” She asked an apparent question.

The black panther seemed to understand her words, and nodded unreservedly.

“Any stomach pains? Or any signs of dizziness or weakness or confusions?!” She continued to ask good bedside manners questions from the guinea pig.

“???” The black panther looked confused as it could not understand the complicated questions.

“I mean to ask you, beside the food being tasty, do you have any other feelings?!”

The panther thought for a while, raised its claw and pointed to the unfinished roasted meat while nodding furiously to praise it. Then it pointed at the meat again, bared its fangs with disdain, while doing a “pfft” on the ground and looked at Sue to show that it despised her.

“………..” The heck did it mean. The mind of a panther was like a vast ocean, she totally did not understand at all……

Loli Sue was a little moody.

Actually the black panther meant to say the portion was too small…………

After finishing the meat in front of it, the black panther left with a satisfied heart, without showing any signs of gratitude or friendship to the feeder or stayed behind because of the delicious food. Loli Sue on the hand started eating the food that she thought was okay and started to ponder on her future.

Right now there were two huge problems in front of her, how to survive and how to live her future life…..

No matter how she planned her life out with meticulous details, she never expected to travel to a parallel world like this. It was practically an impossible thing.

What was fortunate for her was how she could rely on game skills and stats that would strengthened her body. She believed that if it was to merely survive, that would certainly be no problems.

But if she wanted a better life, then she needed to do many more things. A civilized world would not be something like within a game where she could kill players and earn money……. There was no one here who was going to discuss “Murderer status” and PK issues!

Furthermore, the stuff in her bracelet’s dimensional space was limited. She did not need to worry about materials and ingredients and potions, but they would finally run out one day, and then her situation would be greatly inconvenienced.

Luckily, her alchemy skills were dual trait trees. If she managed to find ingredients in this world to replace those in the game world, doing something similiar was not a problem.

So up to this point, the first thing that she needed to do was to test out all sorts of ingredients’ analysis, and quickly got the grasp of this world’s plants and mining resources.

And the civilization in this world………….



From the treehouse built on this giant tree, there was certainly a civilization in this world. But how exactly advanced were they?! She only knew that magic existed here, could this be a half-baked world of Magic and Sword?!

Sue broke out into a cold sweat of silence— She heard that people during this age did not like to wear underwear…..

After finishing the meat in her hand, she kept all the roasted meat that was on the rock slab into her dimensional space. Sue washed her hands and patted them, then pulled out the hides of the two magical beasts and considered what to do with them.

Clothes, food, shelter, traveling…… Three of them were not a problem, she had the roasted meat, the tree house and the broom. But she should certainly start to prepare for a change of clothes.

The equipment that were in her dimensional bag could not be used for a 4 years old loli. And taking the higher end materials to make daily clothes for herself was out of the question. The only option was to work on the local products.