The Strategy to Become Good at Magic Chapter 82

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“Your third unprofessional act, was the rate of using your magical scrolls…..” The more she spoke, the more Sue felt like she was not getting through them, and felt sorry for their teachers: “Do you know pacing?! Controlling your taunt value?! How about cooperation?! Do you feel proud for making the Blood Vines explode?! Feeling pleased?! …… Even pigs know how to kill Blood Vines if they could use the magic scrolls. Did anyone think about the radius of the explosion, timing and strength?! You did not consider using the scrolls consecutively, your positions are all over the place……”

Sue’s lecture made them cry…… The four assassins suddenly felt like they were being lectured by their mothers. What was this bizarre atmosphere of not being able to talk back to the little girl?! Why did they feel like they were feeling embarrassed by a top assassin!

Even though they had great authority in the Assassin Guild, it was mostly an image created by their fathers, along with the effect of having subordinates sucking up to them. Even their teachers tried to praise them unlike the other assassins who were sent back to practice for over the smallest things…… They were the second generation of assassins who were set on taking over the guild after all! Some underling would help out to take the blame, because nobody wanted to be the one who offended the second generation of leaders.

The shock from the lecture of a little girl drove them to cry silently…..


“……” Sue looked at the tears in the four men’s eyes and suddenly felt black lines sneaking up on her head. She opened and closed her mouth a few times, then waved her hand in a dismissive way: “Whatever, do what you like, you did well earlier, continue to work hard!”

It was best for her to go back to sleep and not interfere anymore! She sat over her broom and wanted to escape from the scene, but suddenly felt her shirt’s collar tightened. She was completely raised up in the air.

[What the heck?! Are they so humiliated that they want to kill me?!]

“Little girl, let’s have a duel!” The leader’s face was determined as though he had made a tough decision. They needed to take back their pride and honor as top assassins!

But she quickly realized she was wrong. They actually wanted to wash their humiliation away with a duel, or perhaps they wanted to get humiliated even more, huh.

“…….” Sue soothed the vein popping out on her forehead as she clenched her teeth: “You mean you four adults want to duel a kid who’s not even five years old?!”

[Such determination you have! Just wait till I train back to level 90 and retrieve all my godly equipment and duel!]

“Uhh, of course not.” The leader was panicking, how did it end up like they were trying to bully her with numbers. He wanted to fight her one on one…… But come to think of it, he had not considered her age. What he did seemed like he was picking on her with physical body size?!

[An eighteen years old adult versus a child who has not even reach five years old……] The leader wanted to knock his head into a tree; he had fallen so far to take a little girl as an opponent.

“And please take the trouble to look at my condition. I saved the four of you only to get backstabbed with almost no health left….. If you want to do anything you should wait till I go back and bandage my wounds right?!” She still needed to create a set of Combat Bandages to stanch the bleeding, and right now she’s maintaining her health with potions…… Doing good deeds certainly had bad karma coming to her!



The four men’s faces turned to guilty expressions and did not think about defending their pride any longer.

She flew back with the four stooges following behind her. The little white tiger who was guarding the area jumped with a loud meow when it saw her covered with wounds, thinking that a big BOSS that was stronger than the black panther had entered the forest.

“Don’t worry, it’s because of an accident.” Sue patted its head and started to fire up the cruicible to create some ointment to make a set of Combat Bandages.

The four men simply stood at the edge of the safety zone and expressed astonishment over her trained actions…… Her skills seemed to be something that the continent had never seen before!

Sue’s skill was high enough to make her actions quick and accurate, and soon enough a set of Combat Bandages was created. She took the bundle up to the tree house and started to wrap herself up after removing her clothes, while directing the little white tiger to do work for her: “Throw out the bloodied clothes. They are too damaged to be used again.”



The little white tiger hated to work so it gathered the clothes in its mouth, peeked out of the tree house and released them. It finished its task so it came back with meowing and sought approval from her.

Sue looked at the entire process with black lines, this little beast really could not be depended on at all. When she had the time she should clear them up herself….

The bloody clothes landed everywhere. A few of the tattered cloth dropped onto the tree branches, while some dropped beside the tree trunks. What she did not know was the blood being absorbed by the tree……