The Strategy to Become Good at Magic Chapter 81

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Chapter 81 – The professional, the unprofessional

Sue’s movements were so amazing that the four of them forgot about their danger, and thought they were at some martial arts training ground with the best instructor around showing off their moves. They kept looking at Sue who continued to KO the Blood vines with her skill, and waited to see how long it lasted……

[[[[S&#$! What happens if the skill doesn’t last! We’re going to get bound again!]]]]

They suddenly realized their environment was not the best place to get dazzled at, quickly collected their weapons, moved out of the Blood Vines’ zone and took out magical scrolls. They started to use them at the Blood Vines like if it was raining and to wash away their humiliation from before…… We are made of money! Money compels you! It does not hurt to throw away money!

[Beasts!] Sue gasped for air. She had seen morons wasting money to destroy something, but not this extent…… Did they not also see she was still there inside the area of the Blood Vines?!


“Little girl, run!” The four of them shout at the same as they suddenly realized their savior was still in the area, and paled after their scrolls were already used.

“F@#$!” Sue was so furious she wanted to kick every one of them.

This was why many people feared idiotic party members more than terrifying opponents. Sue had survived in the forest from level 0, experienced many close shaves but she had not been defeated yet, emerging safely to handle the various races who visited the forest and even raised a little prince as a pet.

However she did not think that her danger actually came from the people she rescued. She was nearly done in because she was inattentive for just a moment, and nearly died a virgin in this beautiful forest…..

She got onto her broom in a split second and shot straight up into the sky. Explosions rang out behind her back. Firestorm, Meteor Strike, Arc Lightning, Wind Blades……

[F#@$! It’s actually a combination of elemental scrolls!!!] Sue initially paid with half a life bar for her lack of attention, and desperately guzzled potions while using her skilled flying to survive the onslaught of magic. She escaped with just a little green left in her HP bar, and her body was covered in nasty wounds, showing off how perilous that escape was.

The star of the world of magical plants who captured many high level characters finally met its end. Its life was short but brilliant, dying a glorious death but its brilliant history would allow it to raise its head up high.

At the edge of the explosions, an endless grudge was permeating the air…….

“Little girl!” The four assassins apparently could not read her expressions. They came over to shake her hands and celebrate with joyful tears: “I’m so glad you’re fine, that was too dangerous!”

“…….” Yes…… But who exactly contributed to her danger?!

Sue took in several big gulps of air and patted her chest, casting her glares around the four men and gritted her teeth: “My guests, do you need to give me an explanation?!”

The four men turned silent as they exchanged glances, and the leader stepped out with a determined expression.

“It started out like this.” The team leader explained in shameful pain: “We started investigating several things, and also noticed the Blood Vines here, but……”

[Nobody asked how you encountered it!!!]

Sue lost her strength as she felt it would be beneath her to get angry at such an idiot: “Forget it, what exactly are you investigating?!”

“About this…..”

The four of them started to stutter and look away. They entered the area of the Blood Vines because they discovered a piece of cloth that had the Tobias kingdom’s insignia on it, which made them suspect that the prince was in the vicinity…… But they were assassins! How were they supposed to tell their mission to someone else?!



They were professionals!

“Is it something that should not see the light of day?!”

“…… It’s not really that.” Even though her meaning was not exactly describing their exact goal, but they were unhappy over Sue’s choice of words.

They believed that assassination was a noble job. Even though it could only exist in the shadows, that does not mean it could not see the light of day. A great assassin could make the entire continent tremble…… Why would such a cool job not see the light of day?! They could not talk about it because they valued subtlety, because they were professionals……

“……” Sue sighed: “No matter what you’re after, do all of you not feel that you don’t understand your own strength?!”

She really did not have much patience in dealing with these people who would drag her down to their level, and even that chibi was not as annoying as them.

[[[[We don’t know our strength?!]]]] That little girl who had not even grown in the right places was accusing them professionals as failures!

The four assassins were shocked and after several shades of color change in their faces, the team leader coughed: “This little miss, don’t you feel that you’re a little too…….”

[Much?!] Even though they were principled assassins who did not kill outside their targets, it did not mean they did not have tempers! If the little brat in front of them continued to be arrogant, they would catch and spank her butt.

“Isn’t that the case?!” Sue rolled her eyes: “I think I’ll refrain from talking the mistakes when we first met. Let’s talk about what happened just now. You actually had your weapons thrown that far away, that alone is proof of your unprofessionalism. A good adventurer would never leave himself with the embarrassing situation where they have no weapons……”



“Cough, cough, cough! We want to clarify some things about that. It was just an accident. As you know, sometimes things happen too fast and we were caught unaware……”

“……” Sue did not say anything but raise the dagger in her hand and waved it in front of the four men, then kept it under her sleeves with a ‘shoosh’ sound. She slowly bend her waist over and took a dagger from her deer-skin boots, waved it again, and returned it with another ‘swoosh’ sound. Next, she grabbed both the front and back of her waist, and took out another pair of daggers.

Again and again, she……

The four assassins were tearing up…… You’re too much of a professional, little girl!

After a moment, they were starting to have sweat pouring down as well, how many weapons did this girl have?!

After proving the four silly assassins’ unprofessional attitude, and seeing that they did not dare to refute her anymore, Sue stopped her performance, shook her head and continued to criticize them: “Your second area of unprofessionalism, is not knowing how to adjust your body positions when you get binded…… Have you learned the skills of untying ropes?! No?! Regardless of whether it’s done by people or something like a magical plant’s binding, if you are certain that you can’t avoid it, you need to adjust into a position that is advantageous to yourself. An easy example is how you can hug your knees when you get bound. If you wiggle around, won’t you get some room to move?! Even if you place your hands in front of you, the difficulty of struggling out is far easier than letting your limbs spread out……”

“……” Enough! We were wrong……