The Strategy to Become Good at Magic Chapter 80

TL: Dumplings, a type of food.

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Chapter 80 – Rescue

After a hassled day, the four men sat in the tent to discuss the mission’s progress. They found out they could only confirm two things:

One, the target was indeed in the forest and he even greeted them, so they would actively search this area.

Two, the girl living at the Tree of Life was even mysterious compared to the reports, and their initial conclusion was that she had the ability to command the magical beasts.

“This target is really sneaky, and that girl’s magical beast…… It looks like this is the hardest mission ever since we entered this profession.” The leader concluded with a grave face after the discussion.

“…… Bro, we just entered the profession…..” The three other men corrected him awkwardly. They also felt the situation was tricky, but they thought they at least needed to save some dignity for themselves…..


Vice guild leader’s son, Lawrence, coughed: “In any case, it is a good thing to be immune from the magical beasts’ harassment. We will search the region tomorrow and we should be able to find that boy.”

It appeared like the prince was acting like a mobile vendor, perhaps he would appear right in front of them again?!

Sometimes miracles happened in the world!

“That’s right! That’s currently our best advantage!” The leader clenched his fist: “We can’t reveal our goals in front of that little girl, a successful assassin needs to learn how to be covert!”

“Naturally!” The three of them exchanged glances and agreed wholeheartedly.

They knew this because they were the top assassins…… Even though they had an expected setback, young people tend to recover quickly. After a night’s rest, they regained their confident status and bravely set forth to challenge the predicament they were in.

“They left in the wee morning?!” Sue watched the little white tiger did an interpretative dance for half an hour before she finally guessed correctly. After it saw that she finally got it right, it heaved a relieved sigh and furiously nodded.

“It seems like that group is doing some kind of mission?! But if they are just after plant samples, I actually have a complete set and they can just buy from me!”

“Meeeow, meow……” The little white tiger was excited and prepared to dance again.

“……” She looked at it with curled lips. “No, I don’t understand what you’re trying to say. I think I’m going to ask them myself.”

She sighed and took out her broom and was ready to go out. She had a pretty good impression of them. They looked like they were very innocent and they even looked kind, and were not the people that she imagined to be sent to kill Fedrus……

It was sort of a guilty feeling. When that person actually turned out to be a good person rather than a bad person, he would appear to be extra nice. The opposite rang true. If the person was actually a bad person rather than a good person, the feeling of being deceived was fueled with anger and he would appear to be a really atrocious person.

Also, she was actually quite free. Other than taking water from the black panther’s cave to water the plants, there was not really anything else that she needed to do, and she would rather observe the group of adventurers from another world than do nothing……

Sue flew through the Magical Beast Forest like it was her own backyard, and with the information from the other magical beasts, she got to know their location in less than five minutes.



One should not think that the communication system in the magical beast forest was poor. In the magic world, anything was possible. What were the principles behind the Magic Mirror?! Was it not the reliance of Mana Ripples to transmit reality?

The magical beasts were much more advanced than a normal beast. The latter used scents to mark their territory, while the magical beasts sent off Mana Ripples from their bodies either to intimidate or transmit information. There were of course some beasts who were more direct and roared out in order to express their feelings, making it more of a direct effect while the only drawback was the lack of subtlety.

Sue arrived on site and her timing was impeccable. The unlucky four had fallen into Fedrus’s old trap, and they were struggling within the net of the Blood Vines. There were also a few weapons strewn on the ground. She guessed that they were initially carrying them in their hands but they somehow lost them during the struggle.

The tragedy did not end there because the Blood Vines actually entangled their preys. Their limbs were subdued and they were wrapped like dumplings. Even if they took out emergency magical scrolls they could not escape from the trap easily.

“……” Sue had black lines on her head when she saw this familiar scene — These four was on the same level as that brat…..

She continued to be speechless even after taking a while to ponder on the scene in front of her — With their level of skill did they came here to die in the magical beast forest?!

Or perhaps it was the ignorant had no fear?! Maybe the youth in this world was different from her 20 years old self? Sue gloomily took out her dagger and dispiritedly said: “Repeating wind slash…..”



Familiar flashing lights, familiar slashes and the familiar scene of vines being cut away…… Except this time it was not the chibi but four youths at their prime.

The fact that this plant actually managed to snare the prince and four assassins who were the successors of the Assassin Guild, made it really splendid compared to any other plants, at least for the past couple centuries…..

“What are you doing there looking like fools?! Are you waiting for me to carry you out of there?!”

Sue turned her head to look at them once she was done cutting, but she had not expected them to stay where they were with gaped mouths looking at her. She finally yelled at them.

“Huh?! Oh!”

The four of them were embarrassed. They were really surprised to see a little girl with such skills, and that dance with the blade made professionals like them feel dazzled……