The Strategy to Become Good at Magic Chapter 8

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Sue continued to roast the skewers in her hands, while she quietly surveyed her surroundings. Regretfully, with her current perception, she was truly unable to see what was lurking in the forest. At least when she looked at the surface, it was as peaceful as it could be.

Was this place a natural preservation park?!

Sue finally finished cooking the meat skewers. She took the meat off the branches and placed them onto a broad leaf that had been washed. There were still no creatures that barged into the safety zone, not even a wind blade, ice arrow or fireball…. She was actually curious all the time, even if they were unable to enter, their ranged skills should not be restricted right?!

Was it due to the fact they would not be able to drag her body out of safety zone even if they killed her with a range skill, and thus obeyed some principles where they don’t kill unless it was out of necessity for filling their hunger? Was this the reason why they did not attack them?


If one was to comment about it, humans were actually more of a beast than a beast. The latter killed so they could survive, and the former killed for the taste.

For an example, sharks were caught only for their fins…… and as an experienced girl who was well versed in cooking, she understood the desire to pursue perfection and the finer details, but she could not understand where was the beauty was in pursuing that sort of cooking!

To put it simply with simple words……. You’re actually not hungry, will you *bleeping* die from not eating that one mouthful?!

As crazy thoughts ran through her head, she took a small piece of meat skewer, and pitched it outside to the safety zone like the catball earlier this morning. She did not throw it too far out, and was just outside the boundary line of rocks to mark the safety zone.

“Meow?!” The white tiger cub tilted his head, puzzled. Even though he only knew her for a short while, he did not think that she was a pure girl like one in the fairy tales, who would rather starve and feed the pitiful animals.

Furthermore, the creatures in the forest had zlich to do with the pitiful animals.

“Good boy, who knows if this meat can be digested after eating it. Let’s wait for the other beasties to try them out and see whether they are fine after eating the food, and if they are fine we can eat them.” The girl gently stroked the cub, but after listening to the explanation he broke out in a cold sweat and black lines appeared on its head.

Indeed, he could not even hope that she had any scintilla of kindness or feminine side aside from her body…..

Once the roasted meat was thrown out into the safety zone, there was instantly a wave of rushed movements from the forest trees and grassy areas. Several shadows streaked across the area like lightning from the areas hidden from sight, and their figures were all different shapes and sizes………. Looks like the creatures were of completely different types.

Sue glared at the magical beasts outside the safety zone in silence.

And the magical beasts stared back speechlessly….. They were aggrieved, this damnable natural instinct, none of them wanted to rush out……..

The magical beasts wanted to wait for its prey, but once they left the hidden areas, they divulged their presence and alerted their prey’s sense of danger. Furthermore, they might incur a civil war where they fought each other.



They did not expect their plans to turn from these sudden events. As everyone should know, animals had the instinct to chase after their prey. When something quickly passed in front of their line of sight, the animals would be unable to resist their instinct and chase after it, bite it, and then then decide whether to eat it or to play with it.

Like how a golden retriever likes to retrieve a frisbee, or a cat enjoying itself with a ball of string. So when a piece of roasted meat that emitted an irresistible aroma flew out, tragedy descended…..

Sue felt sorry for this parallel world’s magical beasts…. Sad, too sad, to think their instinct to pounce was still there?!

The magical beasts were also full of bitter tears. They dug their own graves and jumped into them, this little girl was just too much of a thug!

Just like how Sue observed, these magical beasts were of different species, there was no such thing as a peaceful coexistence. When they saw each other they would fight to the death, or to the point of maiming each other.

With everyone’s appearance, the atmosphere turned into a subtle one. If they moved their body even slightly, no matter which one it was, it might attract the full attention of the magical beasts and even add to the aggro bar. (TL: There’s a MMORPG term where if you do a tremendous amount of damage or heal the players too much, the AI will come after you instead. Not sure if it’s hate bar/aggro bar in English.)

The roasted meat was awfully tempting. Even if it appeared in the most advanced capitals in this world, there might not be someone who had seen a roasted meat that was seasoned with spices from another world and cooked with grandmaster skill levels, not to mention this forest who never seen cooked food at all. Under this tense situation that might explode anytime, the aroma of the roasted meat seemed to grow stronger multiple times, and stirred their noses where it lingered around constantly.

“………” Sue was no less frustrated compared to the magical beasts. She only wanted to find a spot to eat and confirm the meat could be eaten and then fill her own stomach. Who would have thought something like this would happen?!



The magical beasts faced each other off for a while, until the aroma of the roasted meat finally thinned. One of the smaller younger magical beasts which had less stamina, let out a lamenting cry and retreated backwards.

The stagnant atmosphere broke, and all the magical beasts ears’ trembled, their noses puffing, and everyone shifted part of their attention to it, while the victim held their focus while silently screaming as it was under a lot of stress.

But there were even more competitors that had not reacted yet, so the magical beasts focused their energy on glaring at each other.

The small magical beast shivered for a while before discovering it did not draw attacks, and retreated a few steps with courage. The magical beasts which had raised their alert ears and glared at each other, still did not react to it……. After a few pointed pauses, the beast suddenly turned around and ran as quickly as possible into the woods, and disappeared after a few jumps.

With the first magical beast successfully managing to flee, there would naturally be others following its example. The other weaker animals who watched their Senpai escape successfully, perked up and started to decide whether they wanted to continue or back off cautiously.

After a long series of retreating members, the only ones left seemed to be higher ranked magical beasts.