The Strategy to Become Good at Magic Chapter 77

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Chapter 77 – There has to be a farewell

Since there was the help of everyone, Fedrus had no further need to continue disguising himself in front of everyone. It was even easier to avoid others’ gazes with the protection from them. Just the fact of the Demons’ wearing robes alone was useful in hiding his appearance. Under normal circumstances, who would risk their life to try and unveil his robes under such a thick Darkness aura? The only ones who would do that were people who wanted to forfeit their lives.

However Sue’s words were still a little hurtful. Even though that last farewell did not have hot kisses or lovely goodbyes, she should have at least attempted for some proper words suitable for a farewell.

The underage little prince’s heart was broken. Her response did not match any of his delusions in his mind, so the chibi handed his disguise and wolf fang over and left heartbroken, with Slane following closely behind him with half satisfaction and worry.

Sue was immensely satisfied from getting the God-tier artifact. There was no time for her to care about a depressed prince, and there really was not much of a good communication between a little brat and an adult. Also, it was not an unreasonable request to want to have her things back…..

In the night, Fedrus who had his pride vastly hurt, went over to the various races and swore to ignore Sue. Slane felt unconditionally relieved at his nephew’s determined oath. Sue expressed her consolation by not charging his tent’s fees.

On the next morning, Sue woke up after a good night’s sleep and discovered that there were plenty of leaves growing from the Tree of Life, and wondered if it was the effect from watering the plants with the fountain’s water.

In any case, it was the high level BOSS’s guarded fountain water. Even though it could be analyzed further, if it did not have any speed in helping it grow, it would be greatly disappointing.

With this speed, the estimated time for the Tree of Life could be shrunk, and it should not be a problem for it to have a full tree crown in half a month. As to whether she could return home……


“Hey…..” Fedrus came back after throwing a whole night’s tantrum, while Sue was feeling emotionally touched from gazing at the tree. Children did not have the self realization for being shameless. Their tempers would last a night before wanting to be fawned on with any dignity. They were unlike adults who was the exact opposite.

Sue sometimes liked to interact with children with reasons. At least their shock tolerance were high enough and they don’t have a Hatred Stats Bar…..

He called out to her, and after a while, he lowered his head and kicked the grass: “I’m really going now……”

“I know, you said it yesterday.”

“…… Are you not sending me off?!” He glanced at Sue and asked unhappily, but he quickly cast his gaze downwards as if he was afraid he got discovered.

“To where?!” Sue thought he she could send him off a kilometer or so, any further was a waste of time.

“To the palace…… Capital…… Erm, to the town…..” He secretly cast an eye at Sue and discovered she was staring at him without an expression. His voice became smaller and smaller before he fell into silence.

After waiting for a long time, the chibi who felt wronged finally wiped his eyes to dry his tears: “Can you send me out of the forest, just the forest…… Sue, is that okay?!”

Sue sighed helplessly, and patted his head with her feet…… The brat had grown well and he was taller than her by a full head after a few months: “I arranged blackie-bro to send all of you out of here. He would lead you away from the group of human adventurers. The firework signal is at Slane, and you know how to use it.”

“Do you really not want to go back with me?! The palace has a lot of gold coins, and I can even give you my pocket money.” He tugged at her sleeves with a pitiful voice, and looked at her like he was an abandoned child.

“Hmm, I might have to look at how much you have for your pocket money…..”

“How much do you want?! I can ask my father to give it to you.” His eyes brightened.

THe anxious Slane wanted to dash in.



“Alright, I’m kidding.” Sue looked down at Slane before she patted his head: “I still have something else I want to do, and I don’t have time to send you off…… Go now, you mother has been worried for a long time in the palace!”

Fedrus waved his hand back with every three steps taken. The Merfolks and Demons bowed slightly as a farewell. Once the last of them left from her line of sight, there was no movements in the surroundings. It was as the place had became cold and quiet just like how Sue arrived from the beginning.

The native beasts were sent out to guard the forest, so Sue corrected herself and felt it was even colder than when she first came! At least in the beginning there were Magical Beasts to frighten her and the little white tiger……

“……” It seemed like the day was becoming more and more boring?! ….. Sue sighed and smacked her lips. She lowered her head and accidentally discovered her pet was still around: “Xiao Bai, aren’t you supposed to go out with your girlfriend to hunt?!”

These few months it had mixed up with the native beasts better than she did. The little cat had even hooked up with a female beast, and when they had nothing to do, they would go out to frighten small animals or do some evil pranks, and could be considered as the duo savages in the Magical Beast Forest.



Sue suspected that he found a girlfriend because he was bored and just for play. Getting together was unlikely, because it had never introduced the female beast to her…… Since it had no intention to introduce the female beast to the guardian, it was likely that it was not going to stay with the female beast.

“Meow~” The little white tiger licked its claws and rolled on the grass to bask in the sun. It had leaves and grass stuck all over its body as if it was having a lot of fun and did not intend to go on a date.

“Since you don’t have a date, how about going out with me to have a stroll?!” Sue smiled and pulled out Raphael’s Disguise, and her face became blur. Once it sharpened again, the little girl had disappeared and it was another Fedrus who appeared at the same spot.

“Meeeow!!!” The little white tiger jumped up with its fur all standing up, staring at Sue as if its eyes were going to drop out.