The Strategy to Become Good at Magic Chapter 76

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Chapter 76 – Source of water

The place where the black panther lived was the best spot in the forest, with the exception of Sue’s location.

The strong had the natural rule of gaining more resources, and as the boss of the Magical Beast Forest, his cave had the best access to everything. The temperature was just right, and the mana density was the highest…… Other than the internal areas not looking that great, it was an exceptional place. It even had a natural spa inside its cave.

“That’s probably the upstream current from the huge lake.” Sue looked at the mysterious fountain like pool and concluded: “I was always wondering where the water from the lake come from, to think it came from here.”

The natural fountain spouted from the ground and filled the small little lake the size of a tennis court, then forming a natural stream to the Giant Tree’s stream and flowed out to the lake…….


The black panther trotted over leisurely and growled a few times, and seemed to explain the source of the fountain as a host. Sue did not understand the beast language, but the little white tiger did, and meowed many times to interrupt him happily.

A natural fountain was rare in nature. There were many restrictions because there had to be a source with speed current changes as well as the force to spout the water out…… etcetra, before it formed a natural current.

Natural fountains could be found in the game as the form of miracles or faith related fountains. Like the Fountain of Youth, or the Cursed Fountain. They were guarded by many Elite mobs and were hard to approach. The most disgusting type was how easily it affected attributes when the water touched them. Blessings or curses were not fixed, one had to see their luck.

But the stronger the guardian of the fountain was, the more ridiculously OP was the fountain…..

Sue looked at the black panther with understanding eyes. This fountain could be considered as a high level BOSS protecting it. Even though he simply treated it as a bathing area……

[No, I can’t continue on thinking that way. This water source is obviously linked to the lake and streams, If I continue thinking, I might have to count on the number of days I drank bath water…..]



After pondering on it for a while, Sue threw a bottle of potions into the center of the fountain. The bottle floundered in the center for a while before it was finally pushed out. When the potion’s contents poured out into the water, the body of water flashed a golden light before everything returned to normal.

From the initial analysis, the water had rich vitality properties…… No wonder the wolf boy Ash did not bled out entirely while he swam over through the lake. It was because the quality of the water was at a Cheat level.

After thinking for a while, she took a bottle of potent poison and threw it in. The water bubbled a few times with green bubbles, before it returned to its natural colors without being affected anymore. There were two possibilities, one was the natural purifying quality in the water and was able to neutralize the poison. The other was the quantity of the poison was too small to affect the fountain……

[Hmm, is it really because the quantity isn’t enough?!] Sue thought for a while before picking the largest-sized crucible and dumped all sorts of poison into it, filled it up and wanted to pour into the lake.

The black panther was finally angry, he was patient enough until he was finally unable to hold it in anymore, this little girl was taking advantage all the way!

“Roar—-” The black panther jumped over with bristling fur, blocking the lake while showing off its claws at Sue.

“Uhhh….. I was doing an experiment.” Sue was holding to the crucible, and it seemed like she was a little too much?!

That road was sealed. Under the threat of the black panther, she put the question about the fountain aside and wanted to discuss about the new group of human adventurers. The investigation of the water quality could be done later…….

She spent half an hour cooking to pay for the mistake of pouring terrible chemicals into someone’s bathing area, then spent another half an hour to make shampoo and conditioners to placate the black panther. The black panther generously forgave Sue and the latter was able to change to the real topic.

When she took out the map and pointed at the few areas that needed to be guarded, Sue hesitated. She knew that this party was suspected to be villains, but there she was not certain they were definitely bad people. Set to kill or frighten mode?!

In the end she was not merciless enough to treat life carelessly. Even if she was not from this world, a life was still a life…… Best for them to be caught and imprisoned.

The black panther did not have an opinion, since the little girl treated everyone to roasted meat, it was fine with whatever results.



After confirming the details, Sue kept the map away and took a bucket of water to water the tree…… Since it was full of goodness, maybe it was able to quicken the growth of plants?!

When she returned, Fedrus and the others were already back. It looked like Slane and the Demons had came to an arrangement. She was not interested in finding out what it was. As an extra on the set, she had really put in a lot of effort.

“Sue, I’m leaving tomorrow.” Fedrus pounced over to her with a pair of red eyes. He looked like he had cried for a while.

“Hmm hmm, did you pack your luggages?! Do you want me to make you some snacks?!” Sue handled him like an afterthought, while she placed the bucket of water down and watered the tree with a ladle.

“I already prepared Fedrus’s items. You don’t have to worry.” Slane was trying hard to guard against Sue like she was Cinderella seducing the prince. He was standing from a dozen meter away and butted in when he heard Sue speak. Even though he was unable to lay a foot in the giant tree’s area, his heart to defend his nephew would not change……

“Alright, then I won’t send you off.” Sue waved her hand to inform Slane not to worry, and after a few more ladles, she suddenly thought of something: “Brat!”

“Sue?!” Fedrus was feeling despondent and hugged his little head in a pitiful manner. He did not think that the little girl in front of you would turn her head back at this point of time…… The chibi was immediately excited and wagged his tail while he lunged forward: “Do you have something you want to tell me?!”

“Nothing, I just want to remind you, don’t forget to return Raphael’s disguise to me. That’s a God-ranking item.” Sue solemnly reminded him.

“……” Slane and Fedrus had black lines over their heads.