The Strategy to Become Good at Magic Chapter 74

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Chapter 74 – The Queen’s request.

Slane was unable to deal with this situation, and he could not risk his nephew’s life with the possibility that the human party was going to the forest for sightseeing, so he quickly sought help from his older sister.

The queen’s first reaction upon listening to the situation by the Magic Mirror, was to swoon on her chair.

“You told me that you had made preparations to disguise yourself well, but you’re telling me now that you forgot to give yourself a false name after your disguise?!”

[My poor Fedrus…… How can my younger brother be so stupid?]

“I didn’t think that I will be so popular in this place…..” Slane was embarrassed but there was a strange pride to him.

“Very well.” The queen’s expression was horrible: “I want you to tell me now, how long more before my little Fedrus is brought back to the palace?!”

“In order to be safe, I thought that it was not safe to have guards protecting him all the way back, so I contacted the Magic Association to request them to use teleportation magic…… When the details are finalized, I would have brought Fedrus to the nearest Magic Guild to send him directly to the palace. But it seems like there’s not much time left. Do you have any ideas to solve this?!”


“What solutions would i have?” The queen’s eyes were red and her voice was a little choked: “If I had other people I could trust, why would I put all my hope into you?!”

Slane immediately felt gloomy, why did it sound like he was not trustworthy?!

“Tsk! Do you hear that? He’s being looked down.” Sue prodded the merfolk team leader while smiling.

“Cough, cough!” The merfolk team leader felt like he was in a bind. It was not nice of them to listen to the private affairs of the royal family, but this little girl here was not reserved in giving out her opinion, was she not afraid of offending people?!

The queen’s ears were sharp, and she asked when she heard the noises nearby: “Slane, is someone there?!”

“…… Two observers!” Slane clenched his teeth.

“Let’s go! We’re not going to observe anymore, come with me to skin the beasts little brat!” Sue snapped her fingers and led Fedrus who was eagerly wagging his tail.

“Stop!” Slane was so angry that he did not care about the queen, and carried the mirror while he blocked them: “How can my little Fedrus do something as vulgar as skinning animals?!”

“Slane!!!” The queen really wanted to faint: “Have I heard wrongly, what did you say my pitiful child is going to do?! Skin animals?!”

Under Sue’s seeming smile and gaze, Slane soothed the fainting queen: “Uhh, this is a mistake. Little Fedrus is living very well right now, and he’s as noble and graceful like how he is in the palace.”

He really wanted to sob loudly, he was lying to deceive his poor older sister…..

The noble and graceful prince shook his tail and prodded Slane with his chubby finger: “Uncle, can I speak with my mother?! I want to show my little bow that I made yesterday from the bones of a beast. I did everything from removing the flesh to sharpening the bones all by myself……”




[Child, you mother would be sad from knowing this…..] Slane’s handsome face was wet with tears, not knowing whether to accept this request that will surely shock the queen.

Sue beckoned with her little finger, and Slane hesitated for a while before passing the mirror over.

“Greetings to the queen.” Sue did not focus on manners, waved her hands as greetings and ran straight to the topic: “I think you roughly got the idea. I personally feel that the most important thing is not the prince’s current way of living, the most important thing is whether you can convince the royal family to send men and guard the prince right?!”

“Erm…… Child, can you pass the mirror back to Slane?!” The queen was a little confused, why was she discussing such an important question with a child through the magic mirror?!

“Are you certain?! I think that I’m more reliable than your idiot little brother. Of course if you insist, I can get an adult to speak with you.” Sue passed the mirror to the merfolk team leader. In the end it was important to have a good first impression. The queen was immediately delighted and had a different attitude when she saw the merfolk team leader.

“This is too wonderful, are you from the merfolk race?!”

“Yes, your highness” The merfolk team leader sighed as he nodded: “We should talk about the current problem we have.” The few minutes were spent on irrelevant topics.

“Before that, I would like to confirm something. I heard that my little Fedrus have been cursed with something tricky? May I ask if the merfolk race was to take a look at it, how confident are you to cure him? How long do you need? About the fee……” The queen continued to run off-topic…..

The merfolk team leader felt tired after spending half an hour on more off-topics questions to soothe the worried parent: “…… As I have said before, the problems on the prince can wait until he returns to the palace. When can you send your men from your side?! Or notify the the palace about the prince’s current situation?! Sue….. No, I mean my opinion is that having the danger to be placed in the open is better, at least the culprits would have to consider the reactions from the kingdom.”

“…..” The queen was silent for a long while before she sighed sadly: “Do you really believe that telling the king would frighten them?! If that’s the case, why would they dare to do in the first place…..”



“……” Sue and the merfolk team leader exchanged looks and became silent.

Indeed, they poisoned the prince in the palace itself, thinking that they would be frightened would be utter nonsense. Once they mercilessly killed Fedrus and disappeared for a couple of years, no matter how much the king loved his son, he would have to consider a new successor and the kingdom’s safety….. Did one really believe he would be conflicted for his whole life about his son’s “accident”?!

“I do have a thought.” The queen regained her dignity and grace at this moment. Perhaps her off-topic questions was a way of thinking. Typical nobles would not admit that they did not have a solution when they encountered a difficult problem, so they would first go in circles so that the atmosphere would not turn cold…… This was a psychological strategy to tell people that they were not anxious and not know what they were thinking. At the same time, they were buying themselves time to think and decide carefully what countermeasures could be taken by them…..

Sue had a bad premonition when she heard this kind of voice, for example, the queen’s next few sentences could drag her into another maelstrom of troubles.