The Strategy to Become Good at Magic Chapter 70

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Chapter 70 – Forcing a confession

The answer they had was the same.

The merfolk team leader said with much difficulty: “He came for the prince?!”

“This….. might be a possibility, but perhaps it might not be……” Sue was reluctant to believe her own words.

“…… Never mind, let’s just treat his actions like he came for the prince.” The merfolk team leader went straight for the jugular: “Do you think he’s an ally or enemy?!”

“There’s no need to guess, just test him. If there’s something wrong with him then finish him!” Sue gritted her teeth. Where did she had the time to play a guessing game?! She should just get straight to the point…..

There were two possibilities in front of Sue:

Slane was on Fedrus’s side. He had received the request of the queen or someone else to search for him, and to bring him back to the palace to the best of his abilities.


That would mean Slane was the most trusted man of the queen. He would either be a close relative or friend who was not involved with the political intrigue, but also capable enough to protect him from the mastermind.

The other possibility was the opposite. That strange bard was sent by the mastermind and his goal was to remove the prince!

Because of the lack of clues, even Sue did not dare to guess exactly what identity the person who poisoned the prince had. She thought it was going to be like some detective novel who was the most unthinkable person who did not have any suspicions.

In every conclusion, there was only one thing to confirm — Just who exactly was the person who sent this man?!

Sue was a humble person who knew that she was not proficient in forcing a confession, so she naturally asked the merfolk team leader for help. It was especially so since she was raised in the modern society who did pranks from time to time, and her ideas were not going to be enough.

“I’m thinking of using a Mana Weakening potion to cut off his abilities to report to the mastermind. Then I’ll curse him with a lasting curse to strip his Kung Fu…… Uhh, I mean prevent him from using magic and skills. If he obediently listens to us, we can remove the curse, but if he’s up to no good, I’ll let him become a cripple for his whole life. And if he still doesn’t confess, I’ll get the Magical Beasts to surround him. If he lies, the beasts will eat one of his fingers in front of him! And if he still doesn’t break, I’ll get them to chew him slowly, starting from his limbs. I think that should be enough for him to break…..”

Sue reported her immature thoughts to the merfolks around her, and asked expectantly: “Do you think we can get information out of him?! I’m not really confident though……”

“………….” The merfolk team leader listened till his face was completely pale and sweating, and nearly choked when he heard the last sentence……

[What do you mean by you’re not confident?! From his mentality to his body, from his willpower to his soul!]

The whole torture plan was detailed enough for the merfolk team leader to feel creeped out. Did children become merciless recently?!

“…… I feel delighted there has been no one who appeared with the intention of harming the prince.”

“Mmm-hmm, I feel delighted too.”

“……” Really?! You felt delighted and not regret?!



The merfolks had completely lost the idea of thinking that Sue had a terrible childhood after this discussion. They felt that no tragedy could have made a normal girl to turn out to be so bad. This was just her personality, and even if there was an event that was so traumatic, they did not feel they were able to come up with such a plot.

After Sue sent the little white tiger out to catch the prince back to the tree house, she spent the entire day making a Mana Weakening potion.

There was no choice since the merfolks absolutely denied the usage of her last method, and could only rely on breaking his defenses with potions and curses. Since her choices were limited, her potions needed to be guaranteed, otherwise there was no way to intimidate him and she might not get anything out of him.

Sue finished making her potions in the afternoon, while the merfolks finished preparing their curses in the evening. At that time, the little prince was waiting patiently in the treehouse with a plate of chicken salad, while Sue and the merfolk team leader waited for Slane’s arrival outside the Giant Tree.

Slane’s appearance showed that he had adjusted his emotions since the morning’s failure. The best example was how his smile became faker than before…..

He strolled over like a noble and bowed politely with a smile: “How may I assist the two of you at this point of time?”



“About this……” The merfolk team leader who was a poor liar suddenly realized that he and Sue did not rehearse their lines. The curse might be applicable without any issues as he just needed to walk into the magic formation, but how were they going to get him to drink the potion?!

Before he could come up with an answer, the little figure beside him rushed out and punched the target’s stomach with an uppercut……

Slane was a passable swordsman who was quite alert. However, he did not expect a child to attack him. He felt his vision blurred even before his smile broke. The punch had landed on his abdomen and caused him so much pain that he bent over, along with a tremendous force on his hair that pulled his head up and mouth open, where a cold liquid was poured straight into his mouth.


The moment he spoke, he was forced to shut his mouth and a smack landed on his chest…… Before he realized what happened, Slane had swallowed the potion’s contents.

“……..” The merfolk team leader had black lines all over his head.

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