The Strategy to Become Good at Magic Chapter 7

TL: I’ll be speed TLing on this series until the introduction of the prince character. If you haven’t guessed by now, the strategy to become good at magic probably involves some very highly questionable characteristics. This is the first time I have seen a female MC like this in all my reading list, and I think I can pick a leaf or two from her when playing RPGs in the future.

Even if he was a cub, he was still a saint beast. Since it was something that even the cub wanted, then it was naturally not a cheap thing and instead worth a lot of money.

So Sue trusted in the saint beast’s eyes and evaluated the crystal in her hand. If she was to compare it to common knowledge from within the game, then it would be a something like a mana crystal. But strangely it was smaller and the color not very pure…..

Furthermore, even if she judged wrongly and this was not a mana crystal at all, or pretty much worthless or only for pets, then she could just take it out later and give it to the cub…… She could just treat it like she was helping him keep it for a period of time! Since the time in the dimensional space did not move, the quality of the item would not change…..


The little white tiger watched the shameless thug rob his crystal, and after regaining his senses from the shock, he threw a huge tantrum on the spot and showed off his hurt feelings.

The fur bundle rolled all over the grass and pawed everywhere with heartbreaking mews, with its large eyes misty with tears, almost like a ‘If you don’t fawn on me I’ll cry’ meaning to it.

But sadly, even though the cub had righteous anger, the only audience there did not pay attention to him. After rolling around on the ground for a while, that target that made him angry did not seem to be concerned with him. The completely disappointed cub finally fell into despair, and quietly laid on the floor for a while before crawling over to the side of the huge tree. His back faced Sue and his tail and ears were dropped down while he mewed sadly, as if to protest Sue’s cruel heart.

This heartrending moment went into her eyes, but it only incurred her impatient glance: “When your level is high enough you can go grind the monsters yourself……. You can have all the rocks that you want.”

How shameless was this so called holy beast?! Was his whining ever going to end?!

After hearing Sue’s voice, his fuzzy pair of ears trembled, and perked up with a ‘ding’ sound to show that his spirits were up. The cub suddenly like he just thought of it, and happily mewed while rolling on the ground. He then got up and shook the leaves of himself and jumped with his little cat steps and rubbed against Sue’s legs: “Meeow~”. He wanted to make nice with Sue.

“…………..” Sue was completely speechless.

This…….. was really a cat right?!

No matter how you look at his intelligence or attitude……..


Sue chopped the meat into skewer sizes and pierced them through with tree branches. She then seasoned the rest of the meat and placed it onto a relatively flat slab of rock she picked up earlier. The skewers were instead planted on the ground.

She watched her hand, then it was time to set the fire up to roast the meat.

Due to the open area, Sue surrounded an empty area with rocks before setting fire to the branches. The source of fire was simple, a fireball spell would be sufficient.

In the game, there were no restrictions to each of the professions’ basic skills, as they had to let the gamers grind right?

Since these types of skill books were simple and cheap, and even though they did not bring much of an advantage, there was no loss from learning them. So every time Sue got a book like this, she was too lazy to go back to the city and sell them, so she learned it on the spot. As she did every time, she really learned a broad number of skills. When it comes to Player vs Player, she would use spells with high DPS (damage per second) and not use these skills. But using the usual fireball as a distraction, waterball to wash the face, they were certainly convenient.



And it was good that she learned them. Otherwise she would have had to experience making a fire by rubbing wood together for the first time.

The fireball quickly lit up the branches. She then brought the rock slab and skewers over to the fire. She planted the skewers once again around the fire, slowly roasting them. With that accomplished, Sue basically started to relax. She occasionally moved the skewers around and basted them with seasoning.

Soon enough, the grilled meat’s golden fat started to melt. Sue then picked the skewers up and rotated the branches slowly, while letting the oil slowly cover the surface of the meat.

As she rotated them, she also coated them carefully with honey using a brush, combining the mixture of the oil and honey together to cover every spot of the meat. This ensured the meat would not dry up and turn hard, while making it more tender and juicy. With the basting, the outer layer would be caramelized and turned into a golden yellow. For a professional cook, the method for roasting had more steps compared to a normal roast.

As time progressed, the aroma from the roast became stronger and inviting. Even the tiger cub who had eaten the pet food crinkled its nose, drooling and staring at the meat with starry eyes.



As the skewers were about to be done, Sue detected there were many unwelcomed figures from outside the tree’s safety zone.

To be more precise, the dangers outside the safety zone were always there. Even though she did not know why they did not enter the tree’s zone, but that did not mean they were not waiting for them to leave. Before the roasting of the meat, the magical beasts that were nearby did not give off an aura of danger because their levels were low.

But once Sue started roasting the meat, the delicious aroma wafted through the air and naturally brought about high ranking magical beasts. Higher ranking magical beasts obviously represented danger, and with the appearance of the sudden menacing atmosphere, she guessed that none of them could be easily handled……