The Strategy to Become Good at Magic Chapter 67

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Chapter 67 – Farewell

The tree had revived?! It was normal! As the holy object of the Elven race, this unique object was usually difficult to destroy. Even if it was turned to stone, the protagonist might somehow activate it by peeing on it……

Sue inspected the Tree of Life carefully after the Druid team leader spoke seriously for the first time. However, she did not have the talent that the Druids had, she scrutinized it for a long time, but did not discover any signs that the tree had changed.

At that moment, the little prince returned cheerfully after he was done with his mischief. Sue hurriedly dragged him over to the tree and pointed at it: “Hey brat, do you feel any change to the tree?!”

“Change?!” Fedrus wagged his tail as he ran around the tree and answered in confusion: “I don’t see any change, what’s wrong?”

“The Druids said the tree has revived.” Sue stroked her chin: “But why am I unable to see any changes?”

“They love to act mysterious every time they speak, come on, stop talking about them….. I want to eat, I want to eat.” He rushed straight up to the cooking pot before he turned sorrowfully back: “Sue, you didn’t cook?!”

“I did.”

“Then where is it?!”

“I already ate it!”

“… Where’s my share……”

“You didn’t come back punctually, so I fed Xiao Bai.” Sue looked at him with scorn. She had told him to return to the giant tree on time to finish his meal and sleep, but he kept bullying the duke for the past few days and was returning late every day.

[Children shouldn’t be pampered! You need to show them who is the boss!]

Fedrus cried himself to sleep soon after. On the second day, he turned his anger into motivation, and continued to vent his frustrations unto Slane, while Sue got onto her broom and flew around the tree. This time she discovered a green sprout in the center of the tree’s crown. It did not appear to be leaves, and looked more like some form of moss.

She scraped off the powdery substance and placed it into a vial, then brought it back to analyze the contents. When the Night clan came over to investigate when it was their turn, she requested them to go to the Druids and send someone over to analyze it as well.

The Druid team leader came over immediately when he heard the news. Sue poured half of the substance over and he drank it without hesitation. Sue waited for him to chew for a long time before she finally ran out of patience and asked: “How is it?”

“Quite tasty, pour me of that!” He smiled and shook the empty vial.

“…..” Sue silently took out her dagger, and cut through the air with the blade dangerously close to his neck.

“I’m kidding.” He coughed twice and placated her, before he put on a serious expression and nodded.

“The situation is probably close to what I have predicted. The moss is full of the Element of Life, and I’m quite certain that the Tree of Life has really revived.”

“Revive?! There’s no elves here, so what if it revives?!” Sue frowned: “Does this have anything to do with the Mana Cataclysm?”

“The possibility is very big.”


Sue was a little disappointed. According to the Druids’ deduction, the Tree of Life’s revival had something to do with the Mana Cataclysm, but it was not the cause of the Mana Cataclysm.

“If the Elves knew about this, they would be happy about it.” The druid team leader was not disappointed but moved: “Ever since they left a thousand years ago, the continent has not seen any of their movements, and many even suspected they had perished….. But once the Tree of Life revives, there is the possibility that it would able to give birth to new Elves, and the legendary race would be able to return once again.” (TL: So tigers come from eggs, and elves come from tree fruits.)

“Yes, yes……” Sue sighed as the possibility of not being able to return to her world became bigger.

[So many people spending so much time to investigate the cause of the Mana Cataclysm without success, am I going to be stuck here for the rest of my life?!]

The druid team leader finally realized something was wrong with Sue: “You seemed to appear unhappy?!”

Sue threw him a glance: “Then give me a reason to be happy?!”

“Erm, well….. The Elves can come back to the continent……”

“I’m not familiar with them so I have no feelings whether they return or not.”

“Ehh….. Then the Tree of Life’s revival……”

“What does a plant have anything to do with me?!”

“……” He gave up as he saw that she really did not react favorably to any of the news, so he could only raised his hands and give up: “Very well! I don’t know why you’re disappointed, but the Druids are willing to aid you if you need anything.”

“Thank you.” Sue was slightly moved, and was quite happy that they were willing to lend a hand, even though they did not know what trouble they were getting into.

“There’s one more thing I need to tell you as well. We intend to leave this place tomorrow.”

“…… Why?!”

“Actually, we had made our decision a long time ago. Even though we did not find out the cause of the Mana Cataclysm, we can confirm that the Mana in this forest has become stable, and there wouldn’t be another incident like this for at least another thousand years…… Now that the Tree of Life has revived, even if someone was to meddle with the Mana here, the natural Elements from the Tree are able to suppress any rampaging Mana. In truth, I had discussed the revival with my fellow Druids, and we made our decision yesterday. I came here partly because I want to bid our farewell……”


[F*#@! No wonder you promised to ‘help’ out. You’re basically giving me a bounced check……]

“It’s not only us who’s leaving. We told the other races about the Tree of Life’s revival, and they have also decided to leave this area. I believe they would bid their farewell soon.” The Druid team leader continued to lob grenades at Sue.

[Right, after going out on official business, you should report back to your bosses regardless of the conclusions…..] Sue’s lips curled a little as black lines covered her head. “Congrats on finding out the truth, I wish you a safe journey.”