The Strategy to Become Good at Magic Chapter 66

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Chapter 66 – Revival

The duke had a hard time believing that the males were exchanging pleasantries by gossiping, yet the human adventurers quickly integrated to the various races after speaking to them about the rumors of the little wolf boy, and allowed them to understand much about Sue’s business and the things about her.

“This is actually great news for us. With the little’s girl bracelets, we can avoid many battles and a lot of danger. We should be able to quickly finish our mission and return the day after.” The human team leader happily concluded in the party’s meeting: “The things about the Tree of Life are a little complicated, so I think I’ll explain the situation to the Adventurer’s Guild after we return….. Just the fact alone that so many demi-races are here should be considered as valuable information! Even though we didn’t completely finish our mission, we should be able to get compensated for our information.”

[That’s bloody not great at all! What about my nephew…….] The duke swallowed bitter tears as he faintly smiled: “That’s really good……”

The adventurers were almost dancing with glee, while the duke went elsewhere so he could puke out blood.

“Ah, right. Slane, will you be going back with us?!” The team leader suddenly asked when the duke thought there was no hope left. (TL: The duke’s name is Slane, and yes, this is the first time his name has appeared.)

“What?” The duke’s mind went blank for a moment.

“Well didn’t you say that you were also a bard along with the swordsman role? You came to the Lost Forest in order to search for the ancient elves so that you can find inspiration right?” The team leader gave an embarrassed smile: “Even though I think it’s silly, but sometimes you fallen nobles have different ideas from us normal people….. Uhh, of course, I’m not saying that you have a mental problem or that we want to take away your share of quest money. You can stay behind if you want to, and the other races look like they are quite friendly, and the bracelet should help you avoid a lot of danger…… When we go back to the Adventurer’s Guild, we will tell the receptionist to set aside your share, so you can take it when you go back.”

“Team leader……” Slane was deeply moved and held the team leader’s big hands in tears: “You’re too nice!”


[The Elven King above! My random excuse actually worked……]

“Slane…..” The team leader was unable to handle the duke’s deep gaze and appeared to be a little tense and embarrassed: “I like women…….”

The duke’s character in the adventurers’ eyes have been ruined after Sue’s defamation.


[F&*@! I like women too…..] Slane roared in his mind.

Two days later, the human adventurers completed their collection of plant samples, bid farewell to the duke and left the lonely bard to pace back and forth in the forest. Sue strongly ‘recommended’ to save resources and violently tore town the humans’ tent, with the excuse of ‘It is not morally right for one person to occupy one whole camp!’.

He found a new group that would accept him, and moved into the druids’ tent, which of course Sue continued to charge him a gold coin each day.

Sue had warned Fedrus to avoid the humans when they were here in order to avoid any danger, and he was constantly on the alert as he deeply distrusted the human strangers. Whenever the bracelet’s GPS-like signal approached his location, he would quickly run away without leaving any signs behind.

However, when the humans left, he found out that there was still one red dot that kept glowing on the Magical Lambskin Map. He started to relax and even set traps like an evil mastermind, but still maintained his distance.

Duke Slane’s life was hellish after that. He got to know the culprit after asking the people from the various races, and adopted a new habit.

Just before his meals where he thanked the Elven King in his prayers, he would curse the Wolf Boy with every nasty word he could think of, while lamenting over the status of his nephew who was a graceful noble……

[Both of them are kids, why are they so different?!] He complained in his mind.

“Hmm…… Sue, do you think the Tree of Life is a little strange?!” The druid team leader asked. They had completed their investigation but did not immediately leave.

“For example?!”



“I can’t put it into words.” The druid team leader were rubbing his hands: “I just have a feeling that it’s slowly recovering.”

She looked at the giant tree and at the sky: “It’s normal. The day is getting warmer and leaves should be growing.”

“The problem is that the Tree of Life has already withered a thousand years ago. Its branches should not contain life.” He bent over and looked like he was deeply troubled: “And the Elves took away the Seed of Life. Even if the Tree of Life is able to grow leaves again, it should be nothing more than normal leaves. The Mana Ripples from the tree are just too strange…..”

Sue closed the book that she was reading and interrupted: “You mean to say the Tree of Life has something to do with the Mana Cataclysm?! Or looking it from another point of view, the Mana Cataclysm caused the Tree of Life to change?!”



“…… I believe so.” The druid team leader sighed: “But I am unable to communicated with it.”

“I am also unable to communicate with it too.” Sue sighed as well and reopened the book: “If you have a more concrete result, then tell me about it again. Stop giving me hope and making me disappointed.”

Such incidents have happened repeatedly. The various races would investigate and form conclusions, but there was no proof onto their hypothesis…..

“Sue, trust me, the tree has returned to life.” The druid team leader stated firmly.