The Strategy to Become Good at Magic Chapter 65

TL: I’m glad to see the duke isn’t lacking common sense.

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Chapter 65 – The human adventurers

While the various races were respectful of the early maturity of the half-beast race and the possibly incredulous aspect of some undefined meaning, the human adventurers finally reached the giant tree under an odd atmosphere.

Even though Sue promised that the high level Magical Beasts would not attack them, the low level Magical Beasts were not intelligent enough to understand a non-aggression pact. In addition to the delay, the human adventurers need to collect samples for their mission….. It was three days later that the human adventurers saw Sue again.

“Miss…..” Since the humans finally got to see a fellow human, the team leader was still delighted to see her even though there was a slightly unhappy incident that occured earlier.

“Call me Sue. If you put the ‘Miss’ before my name, you’re being too polite.” She quickly stopped him and threw the roasted meat in her hands down onto a plate. She walked out of the safety zone and said: “I’ll bring you to a place to get your camps up.”

Fedrus was still napping in the treehouse, and even though the human adventurers probably could not see him, it was best they still keep their distance away.

“…….” The human adventurers looked at each other and gave awkward smiles. Was she being friendly or not?!

The team leader nodded. “Very well, thank you for the hospitality.”

“There’s no need to thank me. It’s 1 gold coin for each person every day, and payment is due at the end of the day!”



[[She’s not being friendly……]]

The group of human country bumpkins were led by Sue to the camping area, and they were quickly shocked by the number of tents. When they saw that there were various races living together in peace, they stood there on the spot and did not react for a long time.

[[Even though there wasn’t any recent war that happened between the various races, it’s not logical for them to get along with each in peace when they don’t have any contact with each other!]]

The human adventurers thought Sue was joking when she said the various races were living together in peace, but she proved herself to be completely right and she was not exaggerating at all…..

“The races here are always so….. Uhh, I mean, the races here got along with each other without any conflicts from the very start?!” The human team leader asked when Sue took a break from getting the tents up.

He kept a warm smile and attitude to the various out of politeness as he did not want to court trouble, but he was surprised that a few demi-races came to introduce themselves, and their friendly attitudes made the human adventurers all jittery.

“Well they got along reasonably well. They might have fought with each other one or two times, but most of the time they settled things with poker cards. The loser has to cook or wash clothes for three days or something…..” It was boring to live in the forest, and the males of the various races were not very proficient with housework.

There were certainly incidents where many races suspected the demon race was cheating, and their excuse was that they won too many times. Currently the demon race did not need to wash their clothes for three months as the various races lost against them. The demon general even intended to continue winning against them in order to minimize the gold loss to Sue in the future……

The human adventurers were speechless as the things they saw here went against common sense.

[[At least we are safe….. Right?!]] The human adventurers looked at each other.

Sue left the innocent human lambs to the races as she finished setting up the tents. She did not even bother to introduce the races to the humans.

After going through the initial helpless floundering, the human adventurers quickly discovered that the other races did not act like they were going to bully them when Sue left. Even the infamous Demon race were affable and kept inviting them to play cards……

After a number of psychological changes, they finally relaxed and admitted that the races were in harmony.

The duke gathered information without changing his expression while the other humans exchanged talks with the various races.



“Are you sure?! There’s another child who is with the little girl?!”

“Yes.” The druid who talked to the duke had a warm smile: “He’s an adorable little wolf boy from the beastman race.” (TL: I can’t help but feel there’s some snark going on here.)

The duke’s hopeful face immediately fell into disappointment: “A beastman……”

[I was certain that it was my nephew……]

“Yes.” The druid smiled again, before he suddenly hesitated. He looked around the area to ensure that Sue was not around, before he approached closer to the duke and lowered his voice: “Also, that child has a unique relationship to the leader of the wolf clan……”

[F*!@ Even if that kid is the illegitimate son of the wolf clan’s leader, it has nothing to do with me……]

The duke sighed as he wondered where his nephew was. The other humans, however, were interested with that topic. It seemed that it was a hot gossip in the the Magical Beast Forest, and if they did not have any new perspectives on it, they would be out of touch!

The second rumor was what relationship Sue had with Ash. Why exactly did his illegtimate child passed to Sue?!



They speculated many times and even investigated the earlier tracks made by Sue and Ash, pointing out the oddness of Sue’s maturity and how she taught the little wolf boy.

The duke listened to the gossips as well, and felt that the wolf boy definitely had nothing to do with his nephew.

[Skinning animals? Doing housework? Stealth skill? Stealing? He even drew a turd on the tents?! My nephew is definitely too proud to do something like that, and he’s highly talented in magic as well……]

He also started to look down on the various races.

[Do you all have common sense?! No matter how…… healthy…… the beastmen are, they haven’t gone through puberty yet right?! That Ash boy is only 14 years old, and based on that description, that so-called illegitimate son is already 6 or 7 years old……] (TL: Common sense, not common.)