The Strategy to Become Good at Magic Chapter 64

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Chapter 64 – The identity of the little prince?

After half a day of negotiation at their current location, the two parties had gone into a stalemate, and it seemed like a battle was about to erupt between them. The duke quickly compared their current strength and finally could not hold himself back: “Little girl, do you still remember who I am?!”

He had recognized the little evil con-girl, but did not speak out because he did not want to attract attention to himself. However, the situation did not appear like it allowed him to do so.

[This group of beasts is apparently not something my party can handle, if there’s only one or two of them, things might be still easy enough to handle, but there’s a group of them here…… Perhaps on the account that I have helped her before, perhaps I can get her to compromise?!]

The duke’s mind quickly calculated the aftermaths. His goal was different from the party. They wanted to search for medicine and investigate the Mana Cataclysm, while he was there to find and rescue Prince Fedrus.

It was easy to avoid his party members. When things were stable, he could simply find an excuse to search the surroundings. However, if there was a bracelet to be worn, he was going to have a lot of trouble……


[You want to play the relationship card?!]

Sue looked at the young man and recognized him. She gave a fake smile: “I’m sorry, I’m usually not interested in uncool guys who hit on girls in the streets.”

“…….” The duke was instantly silenced and retreated in tears, while bearing the looks his allies were giving him, as if they were watching a crazed pervert.

[I’m not interested in lolis! I like high class mature ladies….. F^*&! Stop looking at me like that!]

All the glib tongues were cut off before that absolute display of power. It was apparent that Sue had brought in a group of Magical Beasts that could not be reasoned with. Either they wore the bracelets to let them monitor them, or try ‘negotiating’ with the Magical Beasts…..

After a long and careful deliberation, the team leader of the human party finally made a tough decision, everyone was to wear a bracelet without arguments!

Sue took all the forms from them and went back to the giant tree. She found the merfolk and demon’s team leaders and discussed with them with the situation she had today.

“I already got them to wear the bracelets.” She said.

“Well done.” The demon general laughed slightly: “Remember to make sure the little wolf boy doesn’t take off his bracelet…… I can guarantee that the humans will not be able to discover him…… Although I don’t understand why a half-beast will attract the attention of the human race.”

“You don’t need to understand it.” Sue also gave a laugh: “It seems that your research into the Stealth ability isn’t entirely useless.”

The bracelet for Fedrus wiped out the detection from all five senses and was coupled with a merfolk’s curse, allowing anyone to disregard the wearer’s existence.

Even though the Mana Ripple from that artifact was a little too strong, but the different Mana Ripples from everywhere covered it. Unless a specialist made an effort to discover it, it was hard to detect.

“Now, now. My race has put in the effort, so at least fulfill my curiosity.” The demon general made sure that no one else other than them was around, and got closer to them and asked: “That little wolf boy’s identity is actually someone special right?!”



“You……” Sue and the merfolk team leader were on their guard, and wondered if he knew something was up.

The demon general was satisfied after seeing the two’s reactions. He wagged his finger with pride: “I’m not unlike the other country bumpkins from the other races….. When I traveled throughout the continent, I had an exchange with the new wolf clan’s leader from the beastman’s race, Ash. At that time he wore a particular wolf fang, but it seemed like that little wolf boy is wearing that very same wolf fang?!”


[[So it’s a beautiful misunderstanding……]] Sue and the merfolk team leader exchanged glances and relaxed.

“The beastmen rarely give away their own fangs to others, unless it’s someone who they recognized as a comrade…… or to people they are related with.” The demon general had a lascivious smile. “Tell me the truth. I won’t tell anyone, is that wolf brat Ash’s illegitmate son?!”

The race was the same, Fedrus’s appearance looked really similar to Ash, plus he had the latter’s wolf fang…… Anyone would think it as the truth!

“……” Sue forcefully swallowed a mouthful of blood that seemed to rise up from nowhere, as her face’s colors flickered from green and red, then turned her head away with a bizarre expression……

[I didn’t spread any ridiculous rumors, it was all the demon general’s creativity!]

The merfolk team leader was also in a bind. He could not reveal the real truth because that would bring a giant threat to him, but he could not admit to the demon general’s thought as that would bring a greater problem to the innocent beastmen……

“…… Actually, you misunderstood……” The merfolk team leader opened his lips with difficulty and could only refute with a paled expression.

“Haha, don’t worry, I already told you I won’t spread it.” The demon general had an expression of ‘you know, I know too’, then left with a satisfied smirk with his face.

After he left for a long time, Sue and the merfolk team leader looked at each other. After a long silence, the merfolk team leader first took a deep breath and asked with great expectations for the future: “He won’t spread strange rumors right?!”

“…… What do you think?!”

“Urgh…..” The merfolk team leader choked momentarily, and his face had a miserable look to it: “He’s going to talk about it!”

[This damned gossiping demon race!] The merfolk team leader held his head in misery.

As expected, just right before dinner, the news about the little prince being an illegitmate son of the wolf-clan’s leader had spread throughout the camps. Everyone found an excuse to slip away with a colorful expression at least ten times, then talked about some meaningless news before making Fedrus the topic of the day.

Fedrus saw this strange atmosphere for the first time since his days of being stealthy and a thief. Even though he did not know what was going on, the danger sense from his young primal self put him on his guard.



“Sue, did a scary enemy come?!” The prince secretly asked Sue.

“……. It’s even more scary than a scary enemy.” A rumor was more frightening than any predator.

He immediately gasped with fright: “Even the black panther, Magical Beasts and everyone else can’t deal with the enemy?!”

Sue looked at him with pity in her eyes: “Resign to your fate!”

He did not note the subtle differences in Sue’s words, and was sent straight into confusion and terror. Sue got up with clenched teeth, preparing to ‘query’ the demon general about keeping his promise……

After an interrogation, Sue found out that he really did not ‘spread it’ around. That was because he only told his men from the demon race. They were not considered outsiders, so he did not spread it around right?!

What happened next was easy to guess. The people from the demon race did not promise to keep it a secret, so the rumors spread like wildfire….. Tragedy struck and Fedrus’s identity was successfully promoted with respect……