The Strategy to Become Good at Magic Chapter 62

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Chapter 62 – Thirty six stratagems……

The demon general felt that his current mood was not suitable to recruit her, so after he calmed down, he had no choice but to switch to another topic to set up the negotiation.

“My demon soldiers have received news that a strong group of human mercenaries have officially entered this forest yesterday, how are you going to handle them?!”

The demon general thought Sue was someone who did not like humans. It was simple. If she really wanted to live amongst the humans, she could have easily leave the Magical Beast Forest based on her abilities.

Sue was slightly taken by surprise, but she randomly waved her hand: “I’ll charge them the usual, of course. Are you telling me I should give a discount to them?!”

The demon general was also surprised, as he felt she should not be so nonchalant about it. “No…… I mean shouldn’t you do something about it?! Like letting the Magical Beasts offing the human adventurers……. Uhh, I mean delay them.”


The demon general was quite smart. He had personally witnessed Sue ordering the Magical Beasts to do things for her, and easily guessed that their demon race was chased by them for a reason. There was no reason for them to chase them and bite like rabid dogs, but given their craze, why did they only suffer injuries and no deaths?!

It was quite obvious they were ordered by someone, and for the reason of a cooked meal by Sue.

“That’s not necessary. I had a few personal issues in the beginning and I didn’t want to see outsiders.” Sue freely admitted to ordering the magical beasts, with a ‘Yeah man, this little girl here ordered the Magical Beasts to bite you. Do you want to complain?!’ attitude.

“But I’m fine with receiving guests now, especially since I even served you demi-races, so there’s no reason why I should give trouble to the human race…… Unless you feel that I actually get along better with the demi-races?!”

“…… I actually feel that you’re more compatible with the demon race.” The demon general was very sincere: “Actually many demons cannot compare with your abilities.”

“…….” Sue brought her hand up slowly with a middle finger popping up. She felt that he was insulting the innocent her. But this gesture was apparently unfamiliar to the citizens here and the demon general did not recognize it all.

“I am being serious. The truth is I have already given the higher-ups a message to recommend you to become a teacher in our royal academy. Putting aside your other skills, we are very interested in just the Stealth skill alone.” The demon general had an solemn expression when he finally got to the topic: “If you aid us in deciphering the ancient assassination ability, you can certainly acquire the rank of an Baron.”

“Duke, Marquis, Earl, Viscount, Baron, Baronet…… I have heard of the merfolk explaining things a little. The first two ranks requires the nobles to recognize their deeds, the intermediate ranks require a lot of lands and wealth, while the last two ranks merely require a little bit of money and you would get the rank…… If my guess isn’t wrong, there are as many barons as there are dogs.” Sue gave a friendly smile: “Do you really think I’m a naive little kid?!”

The demon general also smiled and admitted that: “Indeed, I did think it was possible to lie to dyou…… Fine! Actually the higher-ups have instructed me to authorize the highest position possible, the rank of a viscount for persuasion.”

[The viscount of darkness?! That’s quite a sincere proposal. But I’m going back no matter what at the cost of my life, I’m not going to waste time to have so many relationships with the other races.]



“I’m sorry, right now I don’t wish to go anywhere.” She sighed and shook her with regret: “Is there anything else?”

“No…… Very well, you can think about it again.” The demon general got up and intended to leave, but he suddenly recalled something and stopped: “Ah, yes, I misplaced a military notebook, may I know if the little wolf boy ‘took’ it away?!”

The demon general’s words were coated with butter, as everyone knew that he was training the Steal ability.

“I’ll help you ask for it. If he really took it, I’ll have a good discussion with him…..” The real meaning behind her words was actually to…… praise him! He actually managed to steal from an Elite Boss!

This was why she was the best teacher, which other child could teach the little prince to be so good!

Once the demons left, Sue immediately went up the tree and dragged the little prince who was deep with sleep: “Did you steal the notebook from the demon general?”

“Yes, do I need to return it?!” The little prince rubbed his eyes and drowsily gave a small yawn.

“Let me take a look.”

She received the book and began flipping it. There was quite a number of things that were written
on it, but it did not have confidential military reports on it. However, there was detailed records of the demons’ training in the region. There was also the notes of the author’s interpretation of the records….. If one was to look at it from a military perspective, this was quite a good notebook.

“If you have the time, take a good look at it. A kingdom’s successor should not only rely on techniques and magic spells.” She tossed the book back at him and rubbed his fluffy ears: “It’s best for you to copy it down, this way when they want the book back I have something to return them.”

“Ohkay~” The little prince was not fully awake, so he drowsily took the book back and replied, then drowsily rubbed Sue affectionately and requested in a mumbling voice: “Sue, I still want to learn other techniques……”

After long cycles of struggling and resisting and suppressing….. Fedrus was now able to accept Sue as his owner, or teacher, or even his pseudo-mother. Especially when there was the horrible example of the little white tiger, he was even more capable of acting adorably cute…… Which of course would not work on Sue.

“Your body isn’t suited to learn many techniques.” She thought for a while: “How about if I teach you something else?”



“What is it?!”

Sue gave a cunning laugh: “Thirty-six stratagems……”

Fedrus was probably the only disciple she had in this world, and since he was her only disciple, how could he fall to someone else’s schemes?! Sue decided to leave an imprint of herself in this world, and choosing a kingdom’s successor would be the best choice.

TL: This is the section that I omitted out of the story. Basically this is a poem consisting of 8 stanzas with 5 words each. You can wikipedia thirty-six stratagems to learn about them. It’s a chinese art of war thing.


Basically the author of the poem took 1 or 2 words from all the stratagems and squeezed them into a poem. There’s really no summary that I can do here because you need to know all the stratagems to make sense of what the poem means. So go ahead and take a long read on wikipedia if you really wish to know them.