The Strategy to Become Good at Magic Chapter 61

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Chapter 61 – Demon general

The second day, the merfolks with panda eyes were caught by the demon race’s team and forced to be watched by them.

“Haha, it looks like everyone didn’t have a good sleep.” The demon team leader was still wearing black cloaks while laughing in a maddening manner, with the usual face of looking like he was there to find trouble.

“I bought a few bottles of relaxing jam; the specialty of the demon race, do you all want some?! If you spread it on your bread it’s going to taste good.”

“…… No thanks, I can sleep well enough when it’s time for my eternal rest.” The merfolk team leader broke into cold sweat. This mental draining thing was only eaten by idiots.

“That’s a pity.” The demon team leader shrugged. “Do you have the time to chat a little with me?! As you well know, the forest is a little boring……”

“Well….. There are plenty of bars in the town, if you are really bored you can go there……”

“But I want you.”


“””……””” The merfolks felt like they have been struck by lightning.

[[[This has turned weird real fast!]]]

After remaining silent for a while, the merfolk team leader pursed his lips helplessly: “…… Very well, if you insist.”

He assuaged his team members and accepted the invite to go to the demon race’s tent.

The merfolks did not have perceive the demons to be overly evil, simply because they had not interacted much with them. In truth, they actually worked together with the demons a few hundred years ago. Their personalities was quite horrible, but they had the most impressive research into the dark magic.

The merfolk team leader remembered that they had been researching an ancient curse, and when they were at the crux of the problem they felt difficulty in progressing, and had to seek for outside help…..

“May I know how much you know about Sue?!” The demon leader had one of his men bring up a bowl of thick soup for his guest, and went straight to the topic.

The merfolk team leader was slightly stunned: “Why are you ask me this?”

“Haha……” The demon team leader took a seat to his side: “Since our relationship isn’t bad, I can tell you the truth….. I want to invite Sue to come to our dark royal academy and become a guest teacher…..”

“Puuu…… ” The merfolk team leader spat out the soup. It was not because it was hot, but out of shock. If he could do it, he wanted to spit out blood…… The demon race’s plan was too shocking and did not consider whether one could accept it: “But Sue is just a child, and she’s also a human!”

“It doesn’t matter it that person is a child, as long as she is strong, it would mean the demon race will respect her. Didn’t Ash from the half-beast race beat the previous wolf leader a year ago? He was only 14 years old.”

The demon team leader was giggling behind his cloak: “And are you sure that Sue is a human?! I personally think she’s quite compatible with us, what do you think?!”

“This……” It was so true that even the merfolk team leader could not lie to himself. Even though he was absolutely certain that Sue was a human child, he was certain that no human child would be as bad as Sue…… “I only knew Sue after I entered the Magic Beast Forest. When it comes to understanding, I actually don’t know her any more than the other races. But if you really wish to invite this child to go to the demon race, I would personally disagree. She requires a more….. Uhhh, no, a less twisted childhood.”

“…… Thank you for your suggestion, goodbye.”

After sending the merfolk team leader out, the demon team leader took off his cloak and showed a handsome young man’s face. He asked his fellow demon beside him: “What do you think of his words?”

“I think there is some truth to his concern, that child is really too young, even if the demon race is incredibly respectful to the strong, this age…… Sir, do you want to consider it again?!”



“That itself isn’t important. I already said before, the demon race respects the powerful…… For example the current wolf clan’s head is only a 14 years old youth, and another example is myself, who’s only a 128 years old youth…… The continent currently has more and more powerful people who are young.”

The fellow demon’s expression changed for a moment before he spoke with difficulty: “Sir, even though the demon race’s lifespan is centuries long, and even reaches a thousand, but based on the continent’s view, 128 years old isn’t a youth anymore……”

“…… You can leave too!”

“Yes, sir!”

After a whole afternoon of data arrangement, when he felt he had a fifty percent chance to persuade her successfully, the young demon general put on his cloak again and prepared to visit Sue. His confident and relaxed feeling was suddenly spoiled when he came out of the tent. The demon’s symbol on the tent had been painted into a cartoonic pile of poop. After he summoned the guards he came to know that the little wolf boy had been playing “adorably” here for half an hour.

When he walked to halfway to the giant tree, the remaining half of his good feelings were once again cut into half. The little white tiger happily brought a group of Magic Beasts to train in the forest, and ran past the demon general. The group of beasts jumped onto the floor which was wet from the rain which lasted the whole night, and when the last beast finally ran by, the demon general looked down with a dark face, and saw that half of his beautiful black cloak was dirty……

When the demon general finally came to the giant tree, it was natural that he became furious with gnashing teeth.

“Eh?! Aren’t you the demon race’s team leader?!” Sue was surprised when she saw him: “Why didn’t you wear your cloak today?!”

The demon general who was holding on to his dirty cloak with his arm was surprised: “You recognized me?!”

[Impossible, the demons who bought the food here all wore the cloaks, how did this little girl know that I’m the team leader?!]

“Hmm, that really isn’t hard. Even though the demons didn’t show their faces, you are the shortest. It looks like you’re only 176 cm, while the next shortest is 177 cm…….”




[How does this damn brat see the difference of 1 cm?!]

Even the last bit of good feeling was gone. The demons who had never become a general would never understand the pain of being that person who had to stand out for the wrong reasons.

“I’m still in my growing phase, it’s only natural that I’m shorter!” He coldly replied.

“Oh, haha….. So why have you come to look for me?!” Sue changed the topic as she read the atmosphere correctly.