The Strategy to Become Good at Magic Chapter 60

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Chapter 60 – The beginning of Fedrus’s descend into darkness

After hearing their outcries, Sue was very satisfied with Fedrus’s growth. She called him over and said:

“Alright, it’s enough to practice the Stealth skill in moderation from now onwards. I will restore your three meals, so stop going over to them everyday.”

“Oh.” The little prince still had not have his fill of fun.

“Gods above……” The various races were delighted as well, and they thanked their various gods as they finally escaped from torture, and some of them even cried in happiness. But before they could relish their glee, there was another nightmarish sentence that shocked everyone till they did not know how to respond:


“We can learn a new technique starting tomorrow.” Sue petted Fedrus little fluffy ears and nodded in satisfaction: “To be a successful thief, I personally think you actually need the ‘Steal’ skill……”

“Yes!” Fedrus’s eyes brightened and replied immediately, and even the tail behind him wagged from excitement, as if to show his owner his joy and determination.

“” …… Gods above……”” They were momentarily stunned before they prayed even harder.

[[[[My god! Please take us all away from here!]]]]

In order to salvage what was left in his moral conscience, and to prevent the Tobias kingdom from starting a war, the merfolk team leader vehemently objected to Sue’s teaching plans. In his opinion, one could understand why Fedrus needed to learn the Stealth skill, but ‘Steal’ skill was completely unrelated.

He also put it delicately that Fedrus was still a small child and he should not learn something bad. If he did, then the Tobias kingdom would not let this off so easily.

Sue was very dissatisfied with the merfolk opinion. She thought that techniques should not be looked down at, and after a fruitless discussion, Sue decided to challenge her and promised to only use normal attacks and Steal.

Thus under everyone’s eyes and blessing, he fought against Sue, where he first lost his weapon, a shoe, a pouch of gold coins, his armor…… Finally he even lost the belt on him.

With destiny flying past his shoulders, Sue waved the belt around with flying kisses. Even though the response was scarce, she was quite satisfied with the results. If he still did not want to give up, he would to continue fighting with one hand holding up his pants.

Even the most formidable warrior had their limits. They could be bathed in blood, had their limbs broken, but all heroes would find it hard to fight someone butt naked, especially in front of so many witnesses…..

“….. I admit defeat!” The merfolk team leader was crying freely. The girl was too shameless, and even the most despicable race would steal someone’s belt during a fight!

“There you have it. Sue ignored the various black lines drawn across the audience’s faces, and she turned around to explain to the little prince: “As you can see, stealing isn’t as simple as you might think. When you steal something at the most critical juncture, it might become a critical moment where you affect victory….. in every type of situation!”



Taking away the opponent’s weapon meant that his attack would be weakened. Stealing away his armor, meant his defense was eroded. Robbing the shoes would take away his agility…… Hiding and stealing could only be called as pickpockets, while stealing everything under the sun and turning into defeat into victory were true thieves!

In addition, the focus on the Steal ability was stealing something that the opponent would not realize it. If one looked at it just on the surface, that was just stealing someone’s stuff without them noticing, but the real meaning was how suitable it was for training techniques.

A true thief must be secretive, fast and undetectable. If you turn stealing into assassinating…… If one was unable to defend against the Steal ability in the first place, then naturally they would not be able to avoid a sharp knife that came from the middle of nowhere.

Sue’s explanation made Fedrus hot-blooded, and at the same time gave everyone around them shivers.

The merfolk team leader suddenly had cold sweat pouring down his head. He had nearly became the target of an assassin.

“All the techniques are about the training. What I teach you isn’t important, but the important thing is how you utilize it.” Sue continued teaching Fedrus with a smile.

“For example, I taught you evisceration. This is originally a technique that explodes the enemies’ acupoints with energy. But you can used it by making one of the races laugh non-stop. This had become a technique to control or intimidate someone. Learning the various positions of the acupoints and striking it with other powerful techniques would do even more damage than the usual….. The techniques that I’m going to teach you can be used in myriad ways…… The abilities are dead, but techniques are alive. What you want is to turn all these techniques into your own skill.”



This was the same principal of martial arts.

In the end, Fedrus’s education did not change and Sue was still in charge. Even if the others wanted to object they could not do so. First of all they could not find fault with her argument. She had proven it personally that it was of practical usage, and if they still objected, they might end up butt naked.

Secondly, even if they used logic and complained that it was against the law, Fedrus was eagerly waiting to learn it…… Since he was already saying yes, what could they do? It was far better for them to dismiss themselves and go back to their camps.

That night, Fedrus eagerly requested to learn the skill immediately and hoped to make use of the ability as soon as possible.

And that very same night, the merfolk team leader had a nightmare throughout, in it, the Tobias royal family angrily rebuked him with furious tears for not lending a hand to stop this evil deed. The other merfolks dreamed that the citizens of the Tobias kingdom were pelting them with rotten eggs……