The Strategy to Become Good at Magic Chapter 6

TL: Squeamish people and vegetarians might want to skip this chapter.

With injuries all over and the powerful poison on the arrowheads…… Sue was indeed overthinking things. There was no shameless thug here like the bosses in the VR game which were blessed with second forms and third forms, not dying when they were seriously injured or causing a mini nuke explosion or summoning their underlings from an infinite black hole…..

Ten minutes later, the poor magical beast that was set up from the arrows trap and meteor rocks finally shed its last drop of blood and became the first batch of experience points for Sue in this parallel world.

Feeling a few strands of warmth running through her mind, Sue silently counted the number of times it appeared. Even though she could not open the character window, she carefully savored the feedback from her limbs that felt even stronger and reactive, and estimated that she leveled up seven times.

“There’s really EXP gained!” The little girl clenched her fist happily.

“Meowowow!” The little white tiger also pawed excitedly….. It also received the EXP points.


“There’s finally something to eat~” The girl continued to be moved.

“Mew~” The cub made a yawn. This time it was not too passionate about it….. Since it had its pet food which suited its taste better.

Throwing the magical beast’s corpse into the dimensional space, she cleared the deep pit and changed to a new batch of poisoned arrows. With the same technique used, she spent two hours and hunted another magical beast that looked like a boar as well as leveling up ten more levels.

After she felt that she was able to use several of her basic skills, she happily took off with the two magical beasts’ bodies, picked up some dried leaves and branches, and brought the cub back to the giant tree safety zone.

The little white tiger seemed to be fond of the giant tree. Perhaps because it was born here, or because it did not need to worry about being attacked by magical beasts within this area. In any case, the area within the giant tree safety zone in its eyes, was their personal area.

If it was not for Sue’s quick reactions, it might have peed at several locations to mark its territory….. She had discovered that everything in this world was more realistic when compared to the game world.

At least she had never seen the holy saint tiger in peeing in the wind in a circle…..

Once they were back in the area of the giant tree, the white tiger cub joyfully jumped out of Sue’s shirt and rolled around under the tree and chased its own tail. It dashed in and out of the grassy areas and had leaves stuck all over it……

Black lines formed on Sue’s head. She began to suspect more and more that what she hatched was not the white tiger saint beast.

Maybe she failed that mission, and she actually hatched a cat?! It was a cat right!



The crucibles in the dimensional space were meant for making potions and other alchemical products and not suitable for cooking. She did not hesitate and abandoned the cooking methods that required a pot, and decided on roasted meat.

It was fortunate that her levels were raised more than ten times. Before she teleported, she chose to turn her thief into the profession of Hidden Assassin, and her stats were geared towards strength and agility. These two stats’ gains were much higher compared to normal professions, even up to two or three times.

Once she leveled up, the advantages in strength and speed would be easily visible. Even though this loli needed another ten plus years to become an adult, just based on her body quality and stats, she would become become stronger than a male adult.

After picking out that smaller sized magical beast that looked like a pig at the nearby river, she took the water there and mixed in some antidote potions, and washed the wounds carefully to ensure there was no remaining poison.

After which she relied on her high gathering skills, and skillfully skinned the magical beast without ruining any of it. Although there were a few holes at certain areas, the entire skin was flawless. With some tanning, it could be used to make clothes or a blanket. As for the portions that are too damaged, she decided that she could mix some other materials in and combine it to make some light leather or something…..

She threw it into the dimensional space, then washed the dagger in the water and focused her attention back onto the naked magical beast that showed its muscles. Even though she was unfamiliar with this type, as long as it obeyed the physiology of the surroundings, the muscles and bone structure were basically the same.

After thinking a while, she poked at the tendons and then carefully hacked at several spots without hesitation, and then sliced off the hard leathery tendons skillfully by following the muscle patterns, enough to coil around to make the size of an apple. She then washed the dagger again, and the blood off the tendons which then displayed a fine silver like luster.

Looks like the structure is about the same, but material itself was a little different. Sue took another few glances at the tendons and noted it down, before stashing them away in the dimensional space again.

After that was the removal of bones and segmenting the meat. Because she did not know anything about the biology of this creature, she could not gauge which organs had been poisoned. In order to avoid any accidents in this foreign world, she decided to discard them.

She stripped the meat off the body, then dug out a fiery red crystal that was the size of a thumb from the brain. (TL: The badass hunter who does not bat an eyelid at all. She dug it out, oh my gosh…)



She held a cautious attitude towards the crystal, but the tiger was showing a keen and overjoyed expression. When it discovered the crystal it had stopped playing and ran over to Sue’s leg to rub it. It stared at her grubby fingers holding the red crystal, and the cub’s misty eyes begged for it.

“You want it?!” She glanced at the crystal then looked at the cub.

“Meow~” Its eyes instantly opened wide and nodded, along with a series of cute meowing sounds.

“Yeah! I actually want this too.” Sue looked at the cub with sincerity, then kept the crystal with composure into the dimension space, as black lines formed on the cub’s head as he looked on speechlessly.

If it was something that caught the eye from one of the holy saint beast, how could it be something that was common?!