The Strategy to Become Good at Magic Chapter 58

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Chapter 58 – Unleashing one’s potential when in hunger

The various demi-races had started their own schedule in the forest, and Sue wasted no time to teach Fedrus more things.

[The only way to ensure your own safety is to do it with your own hands. Are you really going to rely on me, or think that all these hidden races are good guys?! Impractical, and it’s all too easy for them to betray you. Furthermore, if I leave…..]

“Your judgment there is wrong. Standing there is directly in the area where I’m paying the most attention…..” Sue wanted to sigh: “Brat! I already covered my ears and nose to lower the difficulty. Do you want me to poke my eyes too?! Or do you intend to only use the Stealth skill in front of the handicapped?”


Fedrus swished his tail and mumbled with embarassment: “If you let me stand on your back then you definitely can’t see me!”

“Stop bullshiting, if you actually go behind me what’s the point of calling it Stealth?! That’s called Stalking…… The former skill is a professional thief, the latter skill is a professional pervert and stalker, you get how big the difference is there right.”

“I……. At least my Evisceration skill isn’t bad at all.”

“Yes, not bad at all! The Titans came to complain to me yesterday. They wanted to play with you and you refused to cooperate, stabbing at their bodies non-stop for a few minutes and they were forced to laugh crazily for a full three hours…… Who gave you the permission to use Battle Ki to stab their Funny Acupoint?!”

Sue felt like she was about to keel over and smack the ground when the words left her. She had taught him Evisceration and not Tickle-Your-Funny-Bone. This so-called prince was more interested in using techniques to pull off pranks over keeping himself alive.

She spent a full day teaching Fedrus the Death Acupoint, and did not teach the acupoints where they can be used as punishing pranks. Yet he took only two glances at them and learned them all…… The Titans who came yesterday did not know that Fedrus simply poured Battle Ki into their acupoints, and thought he had use some evil techniques that forced them to go mad. It was no wonder they came requesting to punish the beastboy culprit severely…..

Sue had admitted to herself that the prince was incredibly talented. If she did not cheat with the game system, she might not be able to learn the techniques as quickly as he did. Even now his learning speed was not slow. Ultimately, this was a technical skill that requires practice and not some name calling where the skill would simply activate.



[Now that the various races are launching a full-scale investigation, it’s possible that the time left isn’t a lot, so his progress is insufficient…..]

“But you’re the one who taught me that leaving the Battle Ki in the acupoints without exploding it can intensify—” Fedrus mumbled and complained like he was wronged.

“Do you really have to try everything that I said?!” Sue looked incredulously at Fedrus: “Then when I said that humans will die in three days if they don’t drink water, you seemed like you didn’t believe me, why didn’t you try it out?!”

“That’s not fun at all.” Fedrus pouted.


The merfolk team leader had been helping the situation out in caution, and interjected when there was an opening: “Sue, the little pri— Cough! The little beastman can be taught in other ways.”

“What other ways?! Would wearing a bikini help him in getting interested in learning?!”

“……” The merfolk’s face had black lines forming instantly and the corners of his lips spasmed once: “No, what I mean is, this child looks like he is more interested in practical usage. Compared to having him memorize the acupoints, he had memorized them faster because he tested them out on someone else….. Maybe you can try having his Stealth skill learned in a practical manner?”

[You can’t give a child too many downer situations. In the first place your senses are much better than a normal person. Even if you cover everything up, you can still sense the prince’s position….. It’s really, really bad! You need to teach him step by step and stop hurting his passion for learning!]

Sue sighed: “…… You might as well say that he loves to prank. There’s no need to be so courteous!”

Sue had also discovered that what the merfolk team leader said was true, but the problem was she did not know how to lay it out in practical terms.

“Let’s do it this way then. There’s no dinner for you!” Sue said after a moment.

“Again with this move.” Fedrus smacked his lips obstinately.

“Sue…..” The merfolk team leader wanted to cut in again to remind her that she was only going to bring up his rebellious feelings.

“Not only today, tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, three days, four days……” Sue’s smiled so brightly that her eyes closed up: “There would be no dinner for you every day…… I’m only going to provide breakfast and lunch, and it’s in limited quantities.

“Sue?!” Fedrus finally discovered something was wrong.

“If you’re hungry, go out there with your stealth skills and steal from the various camps…… If you can’t get food, you can steal money and buy it from me.” Sue reflected on herself: “Why didn’t I think of this method earlier, the merfolk race really does have a lot of great insight….”

The hate value immediately shifted.

“……” The merfolk team leader received Fedrus’s furious glare in silence.

[Even if you praise me, I wouldn’t be happy at all.] The merfolk team leader wanted to cry.

After a few moments of strained silence, the merfolk team leader realized that Fedrus was flexing his fingers with grinding teeth. It was as if he was threatening to implode his Death Acupoint. The merfolk team leader’s tears streamed down…… For the love of the Sea God’s pants…..



Thus the chaos in the Magical Beast Forest grew when Sue gave this decision.

Initially Fedrus had tried to resist his hunger with much pride, mainly because he still had the psychological defense of not wanting to become a thief. However, he quickly found out that Sue’s “limited quantities” was truly limited. The weight of the food was accurate, down to the point of grams. He was not going to starved to death, but he definitely can’t be full from it.

The various races received Sue’s notification, and they were not allowed to provide him with food, otherwise their permission to investigate was going to be taken away. Even the little white tiger’s meal had to be right beside Sue. Even if Fedrus was shameless enough to steal and eat cat food, he would not be able to do it.

It was fortunate that the Magical Beast Forest had an abundance of fruits. With the familiarity of the forest and the silent agreement with the various Magical Beasts, the little prince was able to maintain his body strength. But there was no way the fruits were going to satisfy him.

With these terrible ordeal continuing for a few days, Fedrus finally unleashed his potential while in hunger…..