The Strategy to Become Good at Magic Chapter 57

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Chapter 57 – A distance of a dimensional plane

The demon representative was green with envy, but there was nothing he could do. The two children looked as if they were close to each other. Even if he was scream in jealousy there was nothing he could do if she was willing to teach the boy.

The demon representative even thought the boy was not a simple person, at the very least, he was capable of approaching the Tree of Life.

But the little boy actually dared to showed his chagrin even though he was blessed to have Sue’s guidance. In the end the demon representative had his heart broken and yelled angrily in the sky.


[I’m being looked down!] The beastboy prince glared furiously at Sue before he ran back to the Tree of Life to draw circles in the corner.

“That kid has a bad temper, I hope y’all don’t mind him.” Sue smiled and acted like a parent who apologized for their kid’s behavior, ignoring Fedrus who ran away.

“…… Karma will find you.” The merfolk team leader shook his head in retrospect. He needed to consider if had to accept Sue’s request for political asylum……

Once that short drama was over, the topic finally went back to the Tree of Life.

It was not as if Sue did not understand the various representatives attitude. If everyone here was to share something, there would not be enough to go around at all. However, if one of the representatives managed to take it all, even if it was just one apple, that was one apple more than the others had.

There was also the fact where they could gloat for getting ahead of the pack……

“Let me be clear. Whatever schedule you have in mind doesn’t concern me. I’m going to lend a hand as long as you are here…… The only condition that I have, is this, whatever information that you find, you must share it with me. Otherwise I have the option to veto any further help. If there’s any race who tries to pull the wool over my eyes, I will consider destroying your investigative tools and the place you’re currently living in.” Sue stated her will clearly.

She was willing to do anything to go home, and anyone who tried to stop her will face her wrath.

“As you well know, there are still a few Magical Beasts out there in the forest that are willing to listen to my words……”

Some of the representatives was livid at Sue’s overbearing remarks, but listening to the later half calmed them down.

[[[Only ‘a few’ magical beasts?!]]] All of them did not doubt Sue’s orders would cause some of them to disappear if they messed up, and end up as great natural fertilizer for vegetables.

The merfolk team leader did not really mind sharing the information with everyone as they were the most neutral party. No matter how powerful the other races were, they had nothing to do with the ocean.

Still, Sue’s threatening words perplexed him greatly. He felt that she should not anger everyone with her overbearing attitude and request. Her current actions had challenged everyone’s patience greatly.



“……” After a moment of silence, it was actually the demon representative who spoke first: “It’s fine to report to you, but how are you going to promise us that you’re not going to provide that information to the other races?!”

It was a classic personality where one weighed their options over the crowd’s benefits. The demon representative felt that if he controlled such information, he would certainly consider selling to the highest bidder. He felt that Sue would not be able to make use of the information, but the greatest concern was how he could stop the other races from getting any useful information.

“I can’t prove that. The only option you have is to see whether you trust me.” Sue shrugged with both her hands raised: “Think of this from another angle. If I was to divulge any information, that would mean you could get information from me and know what the others have! …… In fact isn’t the demon race the best at guessing and seducing the information out of people?!”

Thus the demon representative was satisfied, while the other races fell into discord…… Based on her words, the only thing they could do seemed was to pray that the little girl was someone trustworthy.

The merfolk team leader had been wiping perspiration from his forehead since the beginning. It looked like the discussion was coming to an end, so he finally smiled wryly.

“This is truly…… Fine! We will discuss the details amongst ourselves. Just help everyone with their tents.”

“Each tent is 1 gold coin per person for every single day’s rent, I believe you know that already right?!” Sue asked with a full smile.

“…….. We know!”



[[[This child is actually from the Demon race right?!]]] Everyone’s thoughts was in unison.

Everyone felt speechless ever since they came into contact with the little girl, but the Demon representative nodded with admiration…..

It was easy for Sue to set up the tents. Once she asked the representatives what color and symbols they wanted, she took out the materials from her Dimension Bracelet and quickly knocked the tents’ nails into place, finishing her task in less than ten minutes.

Everyone was amazed as they had slept in the Merfolk and Druids’ tents for a night. They knew that the simple-looking was anything but simple. It had warming magic which also kept out the wind and dust. Once they entered it, they felt like they had gone into another dimension entirely.

They watched Sue set up the tents without any particular effort placed into it. The material was a simple cloth, the stakes were certainly normal. The speed at which she nailed it in was so quick that it looked like it was some slipshod work that a contractor did. The scariest thing was not even a single Magic Formation was used…..

Yet when they entered the tents, they quickly found the tents to be as comfortable as the ones the Merfolk’s race had.


“Don’t I resemble Doraemon?!” Sue laughed as she found the representatives forming a circle around expressing disbelief.


“….. No, never mind!”

[Tsk. Look at this communication barrier…… I’m a whole different dimension away in terms of civilization.]