The Strategy to Become Good at Magic Chapter 56

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056 – Stealth skills

Even though there was no flour, there was still rice that private vendors sold. Sue bought some unpolished rice and used cyclone magic to dehusk it. It was easy and effective, and apart from the rice grains being a little broken, along with cracks in them, it was still quite acceptable.

After treating the crowd a meal that consisted of half Western dishes and Chinese dishes, everyone sat down in a circle in the Magical Beast Forest to talk about the topic again. The talk yesterday was too chaotic and there was not much progress to their meeting.


“Sue?! About this child……” Before the talk began, the druid team leader cut in and asked Sue.

“The Beastmen race abandoned him.” Sue randomly gave the Tobias’s noble prince a fallen status, quickly changing the topic back. “I think we should discuss your problems! How do you want to investigate this area?”

“Hey…..” Fedrus scrunched up his face in disatisfaction.

“Come over to this brother here. I received a number of sweets from the Titan race; a limited edition from a famous shop in the empire.” The merfolk team leader quickly distracted and soothed him, then turned back to speak: “I personally have no objections how you wish to split up the investigation, but I believe every race’s representative would like to split up the time allocated and investigate on their own.”

“In other words, everyone doesn’t want to work together?” Sue rubbed her chin: “Why? I personally think that it would be easier to discover something if you work together.”

“That is, mainly because everyone’s habits and investigation methods are a little different…..” The Night Clan’s representative laughed awkwardly, trying to find an excuse.

The Demon race laughed coldly under his black robes: “Let’s just put it out there. Everyone wants to get a godly artifact, and everyone of us wants to get it. It’s just that you shameless lot don’t want to admit it.”

“You despicable Demon race…….” His words spurred several representatives to pull out their weapons and fight, but it was hard to say if it was out of embarrassment or loathing.

“You guys want to gang up?! Don’t even think for a moment that I would lose just because you have the advantage in numbers!” The demon representative also stood up and raised his hand to summon a black fog. Several people who also wore black robes suddenly appeared from the sky and surrounded the other races’ representatives with guarded expressions. The latter was startled as they did not discover anyone and even thought they came in through teleportation.

“Whoa! I didn’t think there would be people with ‘stealth’ skills in this continent.” Sue’s eyes were sparkling from interest.

“Hmm?!” The demon representative appeared shocked: “You understand our magic?”

This was one of the ancient Dark Assassin’s techniques that the Demon Research Department managed to restore partially half a year ago.

“If you really want to say that it’s magic… I would rather call it a technique.” Sue smiled: “The principles behind it are making use of the light, surroundings, the surrounding air and a few others. The main goal is to hide your scent and tracks…… If I was to go into more details, our humanoid single eye can see 50 degrees upwards, 70 degrees downwards, 100 degrees to the exteriors, 60 degrees to the interiors. If you use two eyes, that would be top 50 degrees down 70 degrees, left and right with 100 degrees. Anyone outside this angle can hardly be discovered. Hiding your scent makes use of where the wind is blowing. If you’re standing at an angle where the wind is blowing the opposite direction of the target, they would hardly be able to discover you……”



“When it gets to higher skill levels, you can even use minor curses to deceive someone’s five senses to get even closer without them noticing. Normal magic detection skills would not be able to penetrate that magic, and the logic is something like a chameleon. Unless you’re exceedingly good at perceiving your surroundings……”

With Sue’s game system backing her up, reason did not even seem to apply, if she reached the Grandmaster rank, she could even go up to her target and wave a middle finger directly in front of their face and nothing would happen……

It was clear that the Demon race did not understand the Stealth skill fully. They did not even seem to understand the basic concepts of being stealthy, and was using magic to forcefully erase their presence in front of everyone. The mana ripple from this particular magic was much bigger, and if someone was using magic to boost their perception or implemented a defensive magic to track incoming enemies, this technique would easily fall apart…..

The demon representative was obviously shaken up by Sue’s words: “My dear girl, please tell me about the stealth techniques in detail.”

“Hey! It’s not good to go off topic right?!” Sue laughed with mirth.

[F*** off! Why the hell should I teach you?! If I listen to you just like that, where’s my dignity going to run to?!]

Of course, if he was asking with much sincerity, she could definitely consider that request, for example if that sincerity was representative with gold coins……

The other races broke out into cold sweat. This technique was obviously not something good, but more of a sinister nature where one could do bad things with……

“Everyone stop quarreling! We can just use words to satisfy our displeasure…… In any case we should discuss the details of our investigation right?!” A few other races quickly came to support Sue’s suggestion, half afraid that the Demon race would continue asking about the Stealth technique.

The demon representative thought for a while, and recognized that the little girl would not be running anywhere, and he would have the opportunity to ask about it. After deliberating for a while, he reluctantly sat down to discuss the topic again: “Fine! But I don’t want to see weapons being pulled out again.”



“No problem!” The merfolk hastily agreed, while the other races’ representatives nodded their heads grudgingly.

“Sue….. Will you teach me that?!” Fedrus’s voice broke through the seemingly peaceful atmosphere, and he pulled the corners of her sleeves.

“Sure.” Sue rubbed Fedrus’s small fluffy ears with a generous smile: “Once you learned this, at least I don’t need to worry about people taking you out.”

She tilted her head with an afterthought. “Of course, I’m not saying that you’re useless……”