The Strategy to Become Good at Magic Chapter 55

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Chapter 55 – Breakfast time

Because of the painful lesson in the day, the teams of the various races gathered around the merfolk tent, in order to work hard at gathering the necessary knowledge in the Magical Beast Forest. This time even the arrogant Demon race participated in the meeting, and listened to the current situation in curiosity.

No one has ever heard of anyone who was able to tame the sentient beasts, but how was a little child able to make everyone listen?

That was also partly because the races’ thinking was rigid. Even though they recognized the beasts had intelligence, they did not think they were at their level. People had tried to tame the magical beasts with physical strength, forcing them to work and maintaining an overwhelming sense of superiority over them… Under this circumstances, no beast would naturally want to work under them. Even if they submit, it was merely because they were not strong enough to resist.

Sue’s position with the Magical Beasts was on equal footing. Since a Holy Beast could even act moe to get fed, how was she supposed to give orders to the beasts who were way above her Holy Beast? In the end, they had a give and take relationship, got familiar with each other, traded some requests that did not interfere with their lives or rules, and the beasts were willing to give face to her……

Everyone was dying to know how Sue did it, even though the Merfolks had explained that their relationship was a normal one and not with a contract. Still, it was the truth that the wee lass had influence over the beasts…… With that quality in mind, was it still important to have a contract?


On the second day, everyone visited the giant tree again with red eyes due to their overnight discussion. She was in the midst of cooking breakfast, but what was different was a little wolf boy squatting right beside her. A delicate face with stubby arms and legs, along with a pair of fluffy ears and a little tail……

The crowd who was mentally prepared to talk to her felt a jolt in their minds again, and their line of defense was immediately breached —

[[[Why is there another munchkin?!]]]

[This impertinent little girl is already driving me nuts, if this little wolf child is difficult to handle like her…]

[This appearance of this wolfboy is just too sudden!]

[I feel like I can suddenly believe when I go back, I would have an illegitimate child waiting for me…..]

Everyone was speechless.

“Why didn’t you tell us there’s a beastman who can go near the Giant Tree yesterday?!” A random team leader growled in question after a moment of silence.

[How the heck should I know!] The merfolks patted away their sweat and said nothing.

The merfolk’s team leader was stunned for a while, but after thinking it through once, he quickly realized the secret within…… This wolf boy was obviously the little prince. Even though his appearance, scent and even his mana energy changed, his clothes and normal habits made it easy to discover the truth.

Sue’s breakfast was quite luxurious. She had done it for two reasons. The first reason was because of the little prince had been abandoned for a whole day and he was feeling terribly hurt, and requested food to comfort his little fragile soul. The second reason was because the various races were going to come again, and she had to treat them to a meal.



She cooked braised rice with stewed meat, pan-fried fish, dressed in generous seasonings that were bought from the town.

“What would you like to have?” Sue greeted very warmly when she noticed them.

“””…….””” The various races did not know how to react, with the exception of the merfolks. Not only did Sue was fine living with the Magical Beasts, her lifestyle was beyond extravagant for one who was living in the forest. This was certainly testing their mental health.

“Give me a set of Dorn steak with honeyed sauce, two fried eggs, and one portion of wheat bread….. Hmm, you didn’t managed to buy the bread?! ” The merfolk team leader ordered his meal under everyone’s passionate gazes.

“The flour from the town’s mill was completely bought by the adventurer’s guild. I didn’t even get dust from it.” Sue sighed: “I wasn’t too pleased with the idea of purchasing the ones in town. If it’s too ugly you can’t muster up the appetite, the ones that looked good had taste issues as well. The ones that looked appealing and tasted well were probably made with chemicals or something……”

Sue recalled her life on earth.

Her customers looked at each other in confusion.

[She seems to be hinting at something. Why is she so critical of the food made in town?]

[Does she mean to insinuate that people are poisoning the food?!]



[That’s food that’s made for the public! Is the human race in the Empire so vicious?! This is too frightening!]

The Merfolk’s team leader gave a wry smile: “Sue… Ever since I came to know you, I had always wanted to ask….. Is your mistrust in the human race because of your background? Did you get abandoned by someone? Is that why you’re in the Magical Beast Forest now?!”

[This is girl is strong, but certainly selfish. She’s straightforward but cold. She also keeps her promises but she is overly cunning… Her personality is so complex for a little girl, and even many adults can’t even compare.]

The Merfolk’s team leader completely believed that Sue’s personality was due to a complicated background, and even thought that might be a story that would make people tear up. He recalled all the stories he had heard from adventuring bards….. These stories had different tearjerking moments, but in his mind, the protagonists in them was being replaced with Sue’s moe face……

He could not be any further off the mark.