The Strategy to Become Good at Magic Chapter 54

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Recap: The demi-races had started to gather in the Magical Beast Forest to investigate the Mana Cataclysm. The Demon race was the last race to enter into the mix and the representative recently failed to persuade Sue for a monopoly investigation. This time the merfolks were about to lead the other races’ representatives to purchase some tents from Sue…

Chapter 54 – Disguise

After estimating that the Magical Beasts’ meal time was over, the merfolks brought the representatives of the other races back to the giant tree to find Sue in her rental store.

The group of representatives coincidentally met the representative of the Demon race outside of the safety zone. The Demon race’s representative was gloomily eating his meal after his negotiation failed, but they immediately created a small commotion.


The quarrel did not involve a physical fight, but everyone was quick to point fingers at the Demon race; they believed that the Demon race had some dark motive to approach Sue behind their backs. While they had hit the nail on the head by accident, the Demon representative did not obediently accept their rebukes and retorted with cynical remarks that they were superficial.

“All of you are obviously competing to get advantages out of the investigation, are you really telling me that you will automatically share the loot with the others after you found it?!”

The merfolk race was the first to get attacked, even though they were completely innocent of the charges. As the merfolk’s team leader was leading the representatives to see Sue, they were in front of the pack, and the Demon Race representative chose to launch the greater half of the verbal abuse on him.

The attacks ranged from subtle insinuations, direct nose pointing, roundabout insults and jellyfish-barbed like remarks where the tentacles appeared harmless until it stung them, painfully. Coupled with the sardonic laughs and colorful vocabulary, he described the team leader’s busybody attitude for interfering with Land matters and not keep to their sea territory, making the team leader felt like he wanted to abandon his armor and flee.

[Damn it, I’m just here to escort them, why is this my fault?!] The merfolk team leader cursed inwardly.

Thus the Demon race’s representative scored a small victory, and continued to don his armor to attack the other races. The other representatives just had a pleasant discussion with the merfolk team leader about the situation of the forest and were instantly incensed over his KO, and they started to fire insults on the Demon race……..

Sue saw this event happen for the very first time. Because she had the mentality to enjoy schadenfreude, not only did she not stop the arguing, she watched it unfold with relish. The little white tiger understood his owner’s intentions well enough and brought back the Magical Beasts and divided them into factions to support this racket, and it spread throughout the forest.

Despite the intention to watch it like a movie, Sue still managed to reach a number of truths.



[Looks like the Demon race isn’t popular. The other races reached the forest at the same time, and they pretty much got along with each other….. At least on the surface, they can be considered to be close enough. But the Demon race is really quite odd. Never mind the solitary mode, it seems that they are somewhat of an antagonist, as if they want to make enemies out of everyone, and hope that the enmity deepens as much as possible…. If I’m to interpret it with the Chinese’s centuries of wisdom, this would be… a troublemaker.]

The second thing that Sue noted was the strangely peaceful attitude amongst the various races. Sue had always seen or heard before the sentence “Not all races are friendly with each other” in novels or movies.

Every race has their own unique points. Elves are vegetarians and pretty looking, Dwarves are coarse people who are good at blacksmithing, Demons are evil and bloodthirsty…… Good factions, evil factions, neutral factions……

[That is supposed to be the norm! It should be the typical format for a fantasy novel! But looking at this scene makes it seem like they don’t have much issues with each other. Disregarding the special features and customs, these people are pretty much the same. They are more like countries who have their own diplomats to solve problems…..]

Sue watched for a while before she felt she had gained enough information. She also started to feel that the noise was getting on her nerves, so she sighed and ordered the Magical Beasts to clear the scene.

Right when the argument was at its peak, the group of magical beasts came in and chased them, forcefully breaking them apart. Nobody dared to stay within the area and ran away. Once everyone returned to their own tents, the Magical Beasts turned around and left straight away. They did not show any signs of wanting to pick a fight, and they appeared more like they were professionals.

The representatives looked at each other, feeling terribly dejected and conflicted.

[What the heck did we go there for?!] One of them cried out loudly.

Not only did they not manage to buy the tents from Sue, they did not manage to have their fill of quarreling, and their mood fell to the depths of the ocean. The merfolks sighed and discussed with the druids, and they agreed to squeeze a number of slots out, allowing the other representatives to pick a few lucky ones from their sides, and the day was finally over…..



“Where did you hide the little prince?!” Sue finally had the time to care about the little tiger who suddenly returned, once the demi-races had disappeared from the safety zone.

“Meow~” The little white tiger grew huge before her very eyes, trying hard to pose in an elegant and magnificent way, then glanced at her from the side, like he was cosplaying a certain panther…..

“At Blackie-bro?!” Sue had to think for a while before she realized that the little cat was trying to imitate someone….. Tsk!

[Your body type and your appearance…… You really do have no shame, trying to cosplay the animal’s kingdom star huh?!]

It was clear to anyone that the panther’s figure was the best amongst the big cats, and this holy beast in front of her…… Never mind talking about that, it was way better if he could control his appetite some day.

“Meow, meow~” The little white tiger returned to a kitten size, and meowed happily in agreement.

Sue thought for a while, then dug out the wolf necklace from her clothes and removed it from her neck. At the same time she took out an exquisite hair ornament and passed it over: “Raphael’s Disguise, a God-level disguise item…… I already made it to set to Wolf-boy— Ash’s appearance, and also tuned it to match Fedrus’s age. Pass these two items over to him, get him to wear them and then come back……”

[The wolf fangs are Ash’s teeth, and both the scent and mana from them should be enough to bluff the various customers, making them believe that Fedrus is a full-fledged Beastman. Unless they have someone who has maxed out their Identify skill till God-tier, everything should be fine…]

“Meow~” The little white tiger received the order and left with the items.