The Strategy to Become Good at Magic Chapter 52

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Chapter 52 – Gathering

More people represented a better business. Even though the hidden races’ focus were not on the food, they were unable to talk the girl if they did not make transactions with her. They felt helpless about their situation, and the fact that they were unable to satisfy their curiosity made them feel like there was a terrible itch.

This was not the end to their troubles. After a little while, before the groups of people found a solution to enter the safety zone and solve the mysterious girl’s status, there were unwelcome guests……. Which was a whole group of organized Magical beasts.

They were not here to fight as they gave respect to Sue. She had improved their meals for several months now, and they felt uncomfortable if they did not give that little bit of convenience. In addition, just looking at the people gathering here made them certain that their meat did not taste as good as other beasts, and belonged to the terrible kind…….

They were more for observation purposes and to bully the respective races for a few days. Right now, these magical beasts with a nasty streak of sadism really wanted to see what their reactions were.

The small groups of people indeed satisfied them. The moment the group of magical beasts appeared, everyone showed signs of shock and surprise, and the ones who got bullied by the beasts even had tears in their eyes……

Blackie-panther bro walked ahead of the other beasts with satisfaction. Its tail was dragging a prey behind him, and walked leisurely towards the safety zone. The various races parted obediently to let him pass and did not create any trouble against the massive number of beasts. Indeed, even if they did not gave way, they were afraid the beasts would just wipe them out.


“Growl—-” As the various races stood foolishly like stones from the stares of the magical beasts, Blackie-bro threw the prey into the safety zone, then roared at the little girl with much familiarity. None of them would have mistaken his tone for seeking the little girl’s trouble. It sounded more like he was greeting the girl, something like “Hey, you’re home right?!” or “Have you eaten—“, or something similar. It was hard to be mistaken.

The various races collapsed onto the ground and felt like common sense had been overwritten.

“It’s you today?!” The little girl spoke very naturally to the black panther as she pulled over the prey and started skinning it: “I remembered it was a monkey or something today…… Could it be that it finally changed and started eating fruits?!”

“Grrroar, growl…….”

“Haha, you must have bullied them again. it ain’t right for you to do that kay.”


“Alright, alright, your internal affairs don’t concern me at all. I’m just the cook anyways.”


“Alright, that’s enough, we are unable to communicate, I don’t understand your growls!” The little girl turned around and started to make a fire after she skinned the animal, prepared to roast the meat.

“…………..” Everyone was silent.

[[[If you don’t understand why did you need to talk so much…….]]]

The atmosphere was too bizarre and they appeared to have difficulty accepting what they saw.

The only race that could communicate with beasts were the half-beast race who was able to organize into groups and lead the beasts with a leader. But the thing was, they were only able to lead common types, and they have never heard of one who could summon so many high level magical beasts within moments….. And these were sentient types too!



The team leaders communicated with each other telepathically after witnessing the countless danger elements that appeared. They finally agreed to retreat immediately…….. As to why they did not try to communicate with the beasts….

Look, the narrator had already told you that these magical beasts were sentient, if the team leader said something wrong, they would just slap them with their claws straight away, and the end results that happen next would be no worse than what happened in that ancient war between humans and demi-races…..

The druids and merfolks who had their tents set up by the river were extraordinarily noticeable as they appeared to be completely out of place in this forest. The various races who retreated quickly discovered them and met up with them.

As the people who had arrived for some time, the merfolks received the various races warmly and conveniently explained the situation of the magical forest to them.

The first thing they mentioned was naturally the girl living in the giant tree. Her name was Sue, surname was not known, it was unclear how long she lived here, her strength was ambiguous….. The only thing they knew was, other than the black panther with high intelligence and unknown high level, she was basically number two in this whole forest. She was also the only person who could approach the Tree of Life……. And the merfolk consciously hid the facts about the little prince.

Ignoring the part about her mysterious identity, the little girl’s existence was something of an advantage with no harm to them.

First, without her, the magical beasts would constantly harass the various races and interfere with their investigation.

Next, they would find it difficult to stay in the forest, both food and lodging. Not all of the races had members with good cooking skills. Even though the little girl’s fees were not cheap, but the elites agreed that they had no problem to solve their problems with coin…….

The team leaders who initially felt deeply worried, became relieved after the merfolk’s analysis and introduction. Their main goal was to investigate the Mana Cataclysm, and the other problems were not pressing issues for them.

After knowing that life in this forest was not as harsh as they thought, they exhaled with relieved sighs, and started to chat amongst themselves by introducing themselves.



The druid team who had all their members injured was quickly the point of interest. Everyone was curious about their bandages, and after a few gossips they understood there was a embarrassing misunderstanding.

“You mean it was your mistake that lit up the merfolk’s emergency fireworks?!” One of the Titan members were shocked: “Is that little girl really…… err, so amazing?!”

“Yes.” One of the merfolks who explained the details earlier sighed: “Other than this emergency fireworks, she has another for herself and the magical beasts, a gold colored version. When it explodes it could cover the size of that giant tree area. Once that fireworks is up, the magical beasts nearby would rush to help her in the shortest time…… This is why I say that it’s best that you don’t offend her.”

The various races shuddered, especially the druids.

The druid team leader imagined what would happened if he lit the little girl’s fireworks instead…… And he was impossibly glad with the heavy wounds that he had currently.