The Strategy to Become Good at Magic Chapter 51

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Chapter 51 – The boisterous forest

The druids were unable to enter the safety zone when they came near it. They were surprised and looked up, but they shivered subconsciously when they saw Sue shooting a purple smoke signal into the sky. They almost could not resist the urge to turn and run away.

“Don’t worry, she’s instructing the magical beasts nearby not to attack any demi-races.”

The merfolk knew that the signal was also meant to warn the white tiger and the prince not to return, and to wait for her to pick them up later on. They were unable to talk about this particular bit of information, so they simply gave half of the truth in a subtle manner, so they were not exactly lying……

Sue put up a crucible and workstation out, and she dug for materials inside the dimensional space, while continuing from where the merfolk left off.

“Yup, I think the people from the other races have also seen the smoke, so there should be others coming soon.” Then she suddenly realized something a little too late and asked the druids a question.

“Right. You guys don’t have any enemies right?!”

It was true that they did not die under her hands, but it was possible that some other races who had enmity with them to take advantage of this situation. Currently they were all too easily bullied, and judging from their injuries, even the little prince using a Evisceration skill would easily end their lives.

The druid team leader smiled.

“Our race do not make enemies.”

The druids smiled as they were proud of this fact, and they felt that they had a wonderful image in the continent……

“That might not be true. It’s hard not to make enemies once you’re out there traveling.” Sue rubbed her chin and giggled smugly: “Like if you’re carrying something real nice, and people hating you for having that nice item. Or you took some place for your own and the people who are traveling hate you for preventing them from going through…… Even though many races might eat the same food, just innocently traveling on a street might have someone who coming out and get angry with you, because you’re too good looking and the girls are seduced by you. Do you dare to say there’s not even a rival at all within your own race?!”

“…….. I do.”

“Then your rival came about because you’re too carefree and goaded him on or bullied him?!”

The team leader gave a wry smile with twitches at the corner of his lips: “I don’t think I’m a trashy person……” Also he was not that lame to do something like that……

“That goes to show that druids not wanting to have enemies and the druids having enemies are two different things.” Sue shrugged: “Ahh, that someone over there, can you please go check our surroundings, if you see someone just notify us”.

The druid team leader wiped away his sweat and whispered to the merfolks: “Is this girl really your friend?!”

No matter how they looked at it, she did not seem to appear to be one.

“… She really is.” The merfolks also had sweat forming, and the team leader spoke: I feel much regret and pain over this matter…… Alright, we’re going to patrol the area, take a good rest.

The merfolks left the area.

Sue prepared the materials. She took out sewing materials and started to make bandages. She then prepared the bandages by soaking them with medicine to disinfect them. As she did so, she suddenly remembered to throw a few bottles of health potions to the druids to get more time, and prepared to make antidotes…..

A few moments later she bandaged the druids up, cured their poison with the antidote, and had them drink another health potion. The druids finally left the critically injured status, and they were amazed just like how the wolf boy acted for the very first time, a country bumpkin. They tried moving about and spoke.

“This bandage is really effective….. And that medicine! How did you make them?”

“A commercial secret.” Sue cleared the crucible and stashed away the remaining medicine. She stood up and asked: “Have you decided where you want to stay?! If you haven’t decided yet, I can make some for you, although I’m charging money for it…… Hmm, how about next to the merfolks?! Their area is safer right now, and if there’s any emergency, they can provide aid to you.”

“……. Even though I said this before, I have to say it again.” The druid team leader looked earnestly at little Sue: “You really don’t appear to be like a child.”

[Not a child?! Is that a praise or insult?!]

Sue’s lip curled into a smile: “………. Thanks!”

Sue personally escorted the druids to the merfolks’s area and set up tents over there. Because of the smoke signal, there were a bunch of teams nearby the safety zone when she returned. Judging from their skin color and appearance, they were not from the same race. But they did appear to have an amicable relationship with each other, at least they did not fight with each other and were trying hard to enter the safety zone……. Naturally, they failed to enter the area.

As they tried various means to go inside the area, the appearance of a little girl in this forest shocked them greatly.

Sue was silent, blinked, and was secretly speechless at the number of people in the area that appeared.

The elites from the various races were also in silence as they blinked. They were also secretly speechless at the appearance of a weak little girl appearing in such a dangerous forest.

After a long time……..

“Who brought their child into the the Magical Beast Forest?!” Someone from one of the race recovered first and asked the other races with a displeased voice: “How can you even bring a child to this dangerous area?!”

This was equivalent of treating his own life and the child’s life like a joke.

“Wait, this child appears to be human……..”

“Human?! I don’t think I saw any human team going into the forest……. This child came in alone?”

“How’s that possible, how can a child come into this area?! And even if she did, how is she going to survive here?”

“Maybe she was brought in by some teleportation magic? Or it was an accident because of some magical study, or it was some evil person who did this on purpose…..”

“You mean she was discarded here?!”

“Maybe…… That’s really pitiful.”


The bunch of elites gossiped and made a din like some gossiping wives. It was unclear whether they were pitying her or delighted because of her circumstances. There was a dark-skinned person from some unknown race who walked out from the group and came before Sue as the representative. He tried his best to look friendly and used a warm tone.

“Hey little kid, how did you manage to come here? Where’s your home? Where’s your daddy and mommy?”


[Again, again again…..] Sue felt the black lines on her head. Everyone loved to treat her like some naive kiddy when they first saw her, but she could not tell whether she was getting used to it or having a loss for words. In any case she felt deeply conflicted.

“…….. I walked here. I live here. Parents are not around.”

Sue succinctly answered the three questions, and went into the safety zone while they were still digesting her answers. She whipped out her broom and flew to the treehouse, took out a bunch of food and flew down.

“Do you want to purchase any food?” She asked calmly, thought for a moment and added on a few words. “The pricelist is written on the board there, just take a look.”

She pointed at the board that was next to the treehouse……

“……..” Everyone was stunned.

[How did she go inside?!]