The Strategy to Become Good at Magic Chapter 50

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Chapter 50:

Recap: The druids met the merfolk, and the merfolk unfortunately unleashed the three emergency fireworks given by Sue because the druids used the fireball spell, and therefore confusing her as to what emergency it really was. Because of that, she was about to unleash hell on the druids……

“Those below watch out!!!”

The merfolks gave a wry smile when they heard the voice in mid-air. The druids jumped a little as they did not expect someone to be in the air. Before they were able to see who it was in the air, dozens of black bullets the size of cannonballs and shaped like durians were already flying towards them, exploding immediately upon contact and shaking the entire area.

The merfolks were used to this strategy and immediately ran for their lives without explaining, rushing straight to the big lake nearby. They abandoned all thoughts and decided to dive deep into the water to guarantee their safety, while the druids withstood all the firepower in fright and confusion……


[Magic bombing bullets?! But why is the shape so ugly!]

Even though they quickly created wooden shields to block the explosions, everyone was injured from the shockwave. While they did not have any immediate danger to their life, their abilities were definitely affected.

Sue was never one to be polite. In her dictionary, PK means backstabbing someone in the face. Since she was able to hit the druids without any trouble, they appeared to be weak in her eyes, and she was preparing to find a chance to kill off the bunch of dangerous people. When the explosions started to cease, she jumped straight off from the broom and her daggers were already out from her sleeves to do a combination attack on the druids.

First it was a chain wind strike, then a twister dragon AOE attack, followed by wide poison bombing, mana lock, and nine-tailed-fan-blades…….

The series of AOE attacks made the group of druids dizzy without any means to react, and was constantly in a state of getting beat up. Sue finally aimed for the druid with the best attire, as he appeared to be the leader. She raised her daggers up and yelled: “Nine star Evisceratio—-”


The merfolk team leader finally made his appearance at the final moment when the leader of the druids was about to enter his final sleep. The merfolk was in a terrible fright as continued to shout as loudly as he could: “Misunderstanding! It’s all a misunderstanding!”




The merfolk team leader did not see the moment when Sue taught the little prince the Evisceration skill, but he still managed to catch the gist of the attack. Based on her explanation, there were 720 acupoints where one can hit, and there were 36 fatal points. Just a strike on one single point would have crippled them, and he did not expect her to aim for 9 fatal points at one go… If she landed her attack, it would be a disservice to the readers if the druid team leader did not die…..

[Misunderstanding?!] Sue stumbled once on the ground before she steadied her body. She canceled the ability in a hurry and turned her head to the merfolk who still not crawl up to the shore.


[#@&! If it’s a misunderstanding why the heck did you launch three fireworks at the same time?! I nearly thought it was game over for all of you and I needed to bury your bodies!]

The druids were showered with blood and wounds, and when they came back to their senses they realized they had just rubbed shoulders with death. Their bodies which were drenched in cold perspiration trembled as they recalled the earlier situation they had moments ago. They looked at the merfolks and the little girl and immediately guessed that there was something that they did not know.

The merfolk team leader quickly got up to the shore and immediately explained things to Sue and the druids, and thus the truth came out…..

The druids were flabbergasted and were in tears….. They cursed inwardly as they realized they had set off the fireworks because they used a fireball spell. It was no wonder why the merfolks’ expressions became so strange when they saw the fireworks rising up to the sky.

Sue was also flabbergasted and sweated….. It was really a misunderstanding and she nearly slaughtered a bunch of innocent strangers.

“Young lady, you’re truly amazing.” The druids praised her with complicated feelings.

The druids were unable to vent their temper when it was really a misunderstanding, and she was just trying to save her allies…..

“……Thank you.”

It was a normal thing for her to be amazing.

There were way too many ‘talented’ people in the game, every single player would be seen as the savior of the continent in the starting village. It was not a special thing in the game, but it was a terrifying notion in the real world.

Sue simply needed to grind monsters and level up and add points to her stats, while others had to run and carry things for decades…… Not to mention her class was a PK class…..



“Hey, we should treat them and stop their bleeding……” The merfolks quickly reminded Sue when they saw the druids shaking on their feet.

“Cough…… I just sold off my Combat Bandages.” Sue sold off all her bandages in the city, there was nothing she could do to staunch the bleeding.

“Then….. cure their poison.” Tch! It was no wonder why women were said to be the most vicious creature on earth, under a winning situation, you actually cast AOE poison……..

“…….” Sue shifted her gaze away. After a long while she shuffled her feet and gave an embarrassed smile with a lowered head: “The antidote potions were also sold out.” Business today was too good, really…….

“………” The merfolks and druids went into silence.

After some negotiations, everyone felt that the druids should follow Sue back to the giant tree, while she prepared to make antidote potions and bandages to save some time.

The merfolks whispered to Sue along the way back, telling her the basic information about druids.

“The druids can communicate with nature, and they are like the Elves who also dislikes wars….. I think they were able to come in safely because the trees in the forest aided them.”

The merfolks had a subtle meaning to their words, but Sue was able to discern something from it. It seemed that these two races were trustworthy?!

She thought for a while and nodded: “I got it. But there is no absolution, and I hope you understand…… Right now the little prince isn’t in the giant tree area, so don’t talk about this later…..”