The Strategy to Become Good at Magic Chapter 5

Ch 5

It was not that Sue was fond of bullying small animals. The thing was that the white tiger already had a contract with her, and if she found there was something wrong in the sky, she could summon that little thing back to her side. But if it was the opposite, if anything was to happen to her, this little saint beast that was even less than a cat would not be able to even pull her finger out, even if it used up all of its strength.

Besides, she kept feeling that the little white tiger was actually more delicious than her in the eyes of the magical beasts.

When they stood in the safety zone, even though the magical beasts could not come in, they could covet. She noticed their hungry eyes were focused way more on the tiger than her, even if the meat on her arms was more than the meat on the entire white tiger’s body.

After considering for a long time, she felt that it was an instinct of the magical beasts. Even though the white tiger has no dominating pressure to speak off and this world’s magical beasts had never seen such a type before, their subconscious thoughts were still able to identify this tiger as a higher existence.


Like the monsters in the Odyssey to the west where they all want to eat the Saint Monk to gain immortality. You really think eating this thing over here can make you immortal?! Heck no!

But it sure is a great nutritional feast!

After a long while, almost when Sue was about to fall asleep hugging the broomstick, there was finally a prey who looked like it had some quality marbling fat on it 10 meters away.

The prey that got so close before discovering it, was not because her eyes were bad, but the issue was how the animal lived —- That dude came from underground…..

“!!!” Sue gripped the broom tightly while wiping the cold perspiration away, and suddenly felt a little frightened. Luckily there was the tiger radar, otherwise meeting this sort of magical beast would be difficult to defend against.

Do not think the ground looks solid and peaceful, when you step onto it you will get dragged in and buried under the ground……

The prey looked very cautious, as if its animal instinct had made it realize there was something very wrong. But something like ‘instinct’ was just too vague, and cannot compare to the tiger lure which was real…… and under that agonizing decision, that prey hesitated and displayed a conflicted expression.

Sue was even more conflicted — Can you stop being such a thug? She thought of the land and the air, but she did not think the prey would come from under the ground…….

How about you wait for a little while and let me harden the trap’s walls?!

As the two parties let their thoughts run wild, the prey ultimately could not resist the temptation, and pounced towards the white tiger with a howl, and with a crashing sound fell into the trap which was in front of the white tiger cub……

Sue with a face full of streaming tears started to throw the rocks from the broom.

There was no need to feel conflicted now. For the sake of EXP and dinner……. Attack!

The prey that had lived in the forest had never seen people before, not to mention even finding an unnatural trap like this. Due to the lack of an inexperienced life, it naturally fell into it from just a moment of carelessness.

If this was just an ordinary trap hole, that would still be fine, except there was this little girl who boiled magic herbs and wickedly planted plenty of poisoned arrows in it…..

The magical beasts that lived deep in the forest are certainly not to be trifled with, and their strength was definitely better than the normal ones out there.

It was something like a RPG. The deeper it is into the maze, the stronger it is, while those outside are just for them to test the water out.

Obviously, the prey that dropped into the trap was a well known magical beast. If it prowled about in the continent, 8 out of 10 teams would walk around it.

But, even if it was an amazing magical beast, it was still a beast, and furthermore it was a naive beast with innocent eyes! As a chaste little beastie who had never seen the wicked wiles in the world, when has it seen such despicable moves like “Deep pit + Poisoned arrow forest + raining meteor rocks”?!

The hunters would deploy their traps, but they would not be so malevolent because they only dared to capture normal ones. The adventurers who faced the magical beasts are disdainful of using such traps, if they have the time to do something like this, they might as well spend it on making more magical scrolls to use.

Furthermore, who has the guts and enough time to dig a trap where the magical beasts gathered?!

Thus the prey which fell into the trap was mentally and physically hurt deeply. As a higher ranked magical beast which was the only one in history that fell into a trap, it showed signs of great stress.



There was an arrow that pierced through its butt, and only two fingertips away from winning the jackpot. If it did not even protect its ‘dignity’ at the very end until its death, even if this magical beast survived from its fatal fate it did not have the pride to face its underlings in the mountain…..

Apart from that injury its belly was also pierced through by the arrow, while the rest of his body was merely scratched. Sadly, the poison quickly went into its system through the blood.

Injuries plus poison…… If things ended there, it might still be okay, what came next was the showering rocks, and although they were inaccurate, two or three rocks out of five of them would crash on its head, never mind about the beast’s dizzy head, the crux was that injury added onto injury, and the blood loss instantly accelerated a little more……

Actually Sue did not need to worry. Even if there were no rocks raining from above, the prey was basically unable to escape from the injuries it received in the hole.

This was basically Sue’s aftereffects of playing too many net games.

In the games, one can judge the target’s movements by looking at the HP bar. If there was a lot of HP left, it would naturally be nimble, and only when there was very little left, it would show signs of slow movements. In fact there were many games where HP bars did not affect agility or other stats.



Especially in PK, in order to gain the critical damage, the majority of the people will choose the enemy’s weak spots, for example the eyes and neck and chest and dic……. Cough! You know what it is.

Sue frequently used her dagger to slash across her enemies’ necks, and in theory if someone was to watch that fight with broken necks sticking out, and there was no censorship in game, that would be more of a horror film than a horror film.

If it was something in real life, just stabbing from any critical spots, the typical person would immediately be dead, no exceptions other than some alien mutations.