The Strategy to Become Good at Magic Chapter 49

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Chapter 49 – Help me! Fireworks

The little girl did not manage to buy the flour, but it was not a wasted trip as she had managed to get a considerable amount of news.

There were two convenient things with a large crowd. First, it was easy selling things, the second was getting hold of rumors. Sue had chosen the doorsteps of the adventurer’s guild.

A) It was easy to clear her stocks.
B) It was to prevent her store from being robbed by jealous people.
C) It was to understand the current situation.

Based from her news, the demi-races who showed up in the town had already cleared and went straight to the forest to pursue a life and death scenario by being chased by the magical beasts. The team of human representatives however did not move yet because of the politics involved.

The Tobias kingdom had to fend off foreigners from doing bad things and made things at the border incredibly strict, while the foreigners were afraid their elite members were going to become food stuffing and suffer a death of unknown reasons. At the same time the kingdom had to choose its members carefully….. but they thought about it for a long time and decided not to send the members under the kingdom’s name, and the members that were sent to the town were done privately with quite a number of adventurers who wanted to try their luck.

These people had the ability or power, for example, the young man that Sue met. Based on the number of guards, his family definitely had the ability to at least affect politics. Perhaps he was there to see if he could claim credit from other people’s works?!


Sue was secretly alert. The young man may or may not be here for the purpose of rescuing the little prince. If she still had the chance, she still wanted to find out the young man’s identity and powers behind him.

If he was just for the Mana Calamity, then she did not need to handle him for the time being, but if he was here for the little prince…….

“Sue, where’s my weapon?!” The little prince suddenly jumped out with stars in his eyes to interrupt her thought process.

“In the process of making it.” Sue answered casually, while she suddenly saw the dagger forming in her hands with glittering lights…… Eh?! The quality was at a ‘Rare’ grade!

She picked it up and got angry after discerning the stats. It was rare, certainly, but the stats on it was not what she wanted….. After throwing the weapon into the dimensional space, Sue looked helplessly at the little prince who kept circling around her: “Can you stop revolving around me?! If you’re too free go look for Xiao Bai and fly one round.”

Not everyone was willing to have someone interrupt them at work, especially when it was a nosy brat. One of the most dangerous creature on earth was a child who had the audacity to try something new with their destructive imagination and boundless energy…… The furniture of a child’s home would have the chance to break greatly, and at least 80% of the expenditure from a home comes from this terrifying creature……

The little white tiger turned to a giant one and held the unsatisfied chibi with his mouth and brought him away. The world had finally regained its peace, but when Sue took out another new set of metal materials and wanted to make a new weapon, there was a sudden spiral of fiery smoke in the air from a distant place in the forest.

In order to protect the little prince, Sue had already took back the fireworks in the forest, and the only people who had these were the merfolks. They agreed on various signals. The fireworks had three different colors. The green firework stated there was a situation and hope that Sue would take a look if she had that time and help out if it’s possible. It was fine even if she did not go, since they would be fine.

The red one represented they had encountered danger, and hoped that Sue could go out to rescue them….. The final one which was a black fireworks, represented the situation was a dangerous one and the merfolks had encountered a dangerous situation with irreversible consequences, and they should immediately flee…..

“………………………” But the black, red and green fireworks were released at the same time, and Sue was left speechless. WTF was this situation?!

She put away her materials and equipment, and decided to survey the situation with her own eyes. Since the troublemaker had already been taken away by the white tiger, there should not be any danger. Since she was traveling by air, even if there was an earth-shattering foe that appeared, he should not be able to defeat her under normal circumstances. According to the merfolks which she inquired earlier, there were very few Wind-series creatures and demi-races who naturally had wings, and no other races had explored flying through the air in this continent.

At this point of time, she had the advantage of the territory here, so she could at least take care of any advantages, and at the very least she could bury the bodies after this event if it was necessary, and at least helped out……



The merfolk leader had cold sweat on his forehead. “……… I already told you, these important equipment should not be casually placed in the bag.”

The entire merfolk team also had sweat on their foreheads. They knew what the fireworks did, and also knew who the fireworks would attract……. As they turned their heads to the small team of druids, their eyes were secretly mournful — The little girl would not treat them as ‘irreversible danger’, and attacked first to gain an advantage right?!

The team of druids were uneasy after being stared at, and after a while from staring at each other, the seeming druid team leader stood out and coughed twice with embarrassment: “Sorry, we did not think you were the peaceful merfolk….. As you all well know, the magical beasts in the forest are incredibly active, and we were on our guards these past few days. When we felt the mana gathered in the air, we thought something was going to ambush us, and we accidentally…..”

“I can understand your feelings.” The team leader wiped his sweat away. “We were testing the mana ripples with our equipment, so it’s easy to create a misunderstanding.” But the problem was why they had to use a fireball?! Were the druids not supposed to be good at transforming and nature magic……?

The merfolk team leader wanted to cry, was this fate?! How was he going to explain to the little girl to make her belive the fireworks was lit by accident?!



It was apparent that the druid team had somehow accidentally bypassed the magical beast’s defense line, and the merfolks had forgotten about the other races since they had not seen anyone appearing for the past few days. Destiny seemed to travel like a 120km/hr car that crashed hard, causing the two races to clash with each other without reacting in time.

“It’s good if you understand.” The druids seemed to relax and though that it should be fine now since the misunderstanding was solved.

The merfolks looked at them with pity. “We do understand it’s a misunderstanding, but you should quickly leave here.”

“Why’s that?!”

“Because……” But before the team leader could finish his line, the problem already appeared……….