The Strategy to Become Good at Magic Chapter 48

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Chapter 48 – Return

Who exactly was Sue Lin?

A pro-gamer!

So where does a pro-gamer put her money?!

It’s obviously the dimensional space bag!

Therefore Sue had already transferred her money into her dimensional bag a long time ago, right when she closed up her stall. The indication for her money would appear like how it was in the game and translate into numbers. It was convenient and safe, and she could take out any amount she wanted to at any given time. Even though Sue did not understand how it worked, she guessed that it was in a sub-space all by itself.

As for that money bag that was used in front of everyone at the stall? It was nothing more than a cover, with rocks filled in it to show that it was filling up.


Even if that young man did not appear she would be fine, as no one in the world would stay behind after robbing a small little girl and check their loot.

If that young man did not appear, after Sue resumed on her buying trip, the four men who would go far away to check their loot would certainly, go crazy with anger.

With that young man appearance, the four men and Sue could not leave because of that young man’s justice, and she was forced to watch the entire scenario, and was going crazy with frustration.

From the two results, Sue’s time was wasted in a magnificent fashion, while she had to endure that young man’s expectant look of ‘you should thank me!’…… The impatient little girl who spilled the real truth about the money bag thought it was a light punishment to shock him.

The young man looked blankly at the money bag of rocks in shock. Sue turned around and left, but after two steps she suddenly thought of something and spoke:

“Ah, that’s right, if you want to catch that four men you can go to Brue’s 11th street, they are living in there.”

“……….. How do you know that?!”

“Are you asking if I know that you’re catching them?! Or how I know where they are staying?!”

Sue had long discovered the guards beside the young man, and with one look she guessed the noble identity of that young man, but she thought that the continent was lacking in talents because the men did not even have the skill in infiltration.

But the four men surprised her, because they were so weak that they could not even trigger Sue’s minimum warning alarm.

[A man with so many guards, and he carries a weapon of excellent quality, as well as acting as an ‘adventurer’?! Is he coming for the prince?!]

Sue sighed at the thought of this peaceful days of her disappearing into thin air.



“It’s very simple. When I handed them the money bag, I ‘accidentally’ picked up four money bags with an identity card amongst them. I think it belongs to them….”

Did you know that an assassin was actually an upgraded version of a thief?

Sue would have felt ashamed if her basic thieving skills was not at max level. Only these people who did not work hard in improving their skills would openly rob people, and disregarding about their ‘loud actions’, it was certainly too easy to attract hate…..

The young man’s eyes nearly popped out when he heard that: “You picked that up?!”

This little scoundrel was obviously lying!

“Yup, I picked them up.” Sue nodded her head with much certainty.


[The Elven king’s socks! What sort of monster did I help?!]

After giving a farewell to the young man with a complicated expression, Sue once again went to the mill with running footsteps. She felt that she was unlucky today as she was delayed nearly twenty minutes when the mill was just meters away.

After rushing into the mill, Sue immediately went for the jugular: “Boss, that flour that I wanted……”

“I’m sorry little girl, someone already bought it.”

“What?!” Sue wanted to hit the ground with her fist and cry. Was it that hard to purchase flour to make some bread? “When was it bought?! I told you to give me an hour…….”

“I’m sorry, the time limit was up a minute ago……. Someone from the adventurer’s guild purchased all of them.”

[A minute?! Shit! If I know that I wouldn’t waste my breath with that ‘hero’!]



“Then about that rice……”

“Sorry, it was also that man from the adventurer’s guild…..”

“F—!” This guy was really viscous, not even leaving a single grain behind?! “Then what do you have?!”

“I have some bran, do you want it?”


There was only one mill in this small town, and the replenishment of rice would only come three days later. Sue had to go back to make a weapon for Fedrus, so she decided that there was no chance today to purchase them and she would have roasted meat again.

While Sue left the mill with great disappointment, the four robbers was facing their worst ordeal in life.

Because of the young duke, the four robbers was judged to be of dubious origin and brought to a desolate dwelling to be questioned. The guards firmly believed they had secret motives to approach the duke, and wanted to force the truth out.

But the four robbers just wanted to cheat the little girl out of their money………. And the problem went into a loop. They did not know what the scary looking guards wanted, while the guards continued to press them, and they were unable escape from the hellish beating.

On the other hand, the guards were more and more surprised at the robbers who faced the torture. They were certainly frightening opponents for them to be able to hold their tongues with such fortitude……!

This beautiful misunderstanding continued even after the young duke returned. He was surprised that the robbers did not spill the truth out, and he did not dare to release them. One of the guards even suggested to ask help from the royal court to set up an inquisition to investigate the truth —– The four street gangsters had risen to the status of a first-class terrorist……

They were certainly successful as criminals, and could even enter the annals of crime history….

While this maelstrom continued to brew in this small little town, Sue had already flown back to the forest with the little white tiger welcoming back her owner with delighted meows. Fedrus was also relieved that she was back to watch over him, since she would not bite his butt like the tiger……..