The Strategy to Become Good at Magic Chapter 47

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Chapter 47 – The so called hero

She looked to the left and right. There were many people around her, but it seemed like there was no one who volunteered to defend her, and in fact there were quite a number of them who tried to moved by quickly while pretending they had not discovered anything from their side….. She did not expect that the uncaring society in modern times to be found here in a parallel world as well.

After silently ignoring that bizarrely familiar home feeling, she nodded and handed the bag over.

“Okay!” Sue did not ask any questions about it and even sent her money bag to the four thieves like a dummy.

It was her principle not to do something that would draw attention to herself in an unfamiliar environment. She did not have anyone to guard her here, and drawing unwanted attention to her would cause her considerable trouble.


The four men had never gotten such a successful robbery. Once they took the bag they appeared to be dumbfounded. They tried to say something, but the lines they had prepared in advance did not appear to be of any use. They felt they were at a loss and failures, and the heavy money bag in their hands could not repair their fragile glass hearts that splintered after taking it from the child.

Encountering a victim that was so unprofessional was a fatal injury to the most professional thief……

“Erm….. Thanks.” Man A took over the bag and said some stupid polite remarks, which drew despising looks from the other three men.

“You’re welcome.” Sue actually answered him with politeness.

“………” The four men were silent. They felt the atmosphere was too bizarre and they wanted to leave…..

Sue sent them off with her eyes before turning around. She was about to sigh with relief, but a voice suddenly rang behind her: “Hold it!”

The hero that prepared to save the day finally arrived.

[Shit! Bro! Do you have to be such a busybody?!] Sue’s teeth were hurting. Why were there so many problems in her life recently?

“How dare you bully a child like this!” The hero of justice walked over and Sue realized that it was the victim who got conned with two golden coins.

The sudden robbery attempt that went smoothly was suddenly met with resistance, and the four men first looked blankly at the hero, then displayed expressions that were not regret or panic, but excitement. They threatened the young man with much happiness in their eyes: “Hey mister, I’m advising you to keep your busybody nose to yourself.”

Oh yeah! They started to feel the dreams of becoming a professional bad guy…… Pff! Wait, this was a normal robbery!

This time even the young man felt awkward. They acted like bad people for sure, but what was this excitement they were showing off?! It was like they did not want to run away but looked at him as if they hoped to see more resistance to them……



[Do I look like I’m no threat?! Maybe it’s because they were targeting me instead of the girl and noticed that I was nearby?! Shittt—- I have let my guard down. Maybe these four men have something to do with the mastermind that kidnapped the prince. Since they have the audacity to attack the royal prince, a duke like myself who’s just a younger brother of the queen could be dealt with in their plans easily……]

The young man exhaled with a cold feeling in his heart. He signaled to his guards in the crowd, and decided to drag them away into a remote location and torture them to get to the bottom of the truth!

Seeing the captain of the guards nodding to him, he relaxed and continued to show off his justice: “This group of gentlemen here, it’s not right to bully a young girl like this. Now hand over the money bag.”

“This has nothing to do with you!” Man A replied straight away, without any intentions of walking away. It was as if he was engrossed in acting in his role.

“Haha….” The young duke adjusted the sword on his belt: “It has something to do with me. There are two gold coins in the money bag.”

Sue twisted her head with great speed…… Son of a b—, it was actually because of that that he chased after her. Even though it sounded a little exaggerated, it was how much the duke held a grudge.

The two golden coins were not ordinary gold coins. It was the representation that he was toyed by a child and ruined his ‘perfect’ plan to become a destitute adventurer…… He obviously did not want to trouble the child because of that, especially when he was a duke, but he certainly wanted to pay more attention to her movements, but it was unexpected to find four men who suddenly came out of nowhere…..

The four men suddenly discovered that a sword on the young men’s belt.

There was sigils on it, and it looked like it was a quality blade.

This meant it was a sharp blade and even had the possibility of summoning a magical spell…… It was an impossible rating! The four men wanted to cry. Even if it was an amateur who used this sword, they could not possibly handle it. If they knew about this they would have run away immediately…….

“……. How about, I return the two gold coins to you?!” Man B tried to offer a suggestion in hopes of getting a perfect ending for them.

“I’m sorry, but I still want the whole bag. The young man shook his head with much regret.”

The four robbers could only take the bag out which did not even have the chance to get warm, and finally exchanged their freedom for it……. Except the guards followed them from behind and they were going to have a tear-jerking reunion in some dark dungeon with that same young man.



After watching the four men leave, the young man finally turned around and showed the bag in front of her: “Child, you must be careful on the road.” He looked expectantly at the young girl to look at him with admiration.

“……” Sue looked at the money bag in front of her, and her lips went into several spasms: “Thanks.”

“………..” That was it?! The young man was shocked. She did not show any admiration or even any emotions for that matter. Suppressing his disappointed feelings, continued to speak: “Alright, take your money and head on home.”

“There’s really no need for that, keep it as a souvenir.”

The girl turned and walked away, and the young man looked at her in surprise: “Wait! Don’t you want your money?!”

“Mister.” Sue looked at the young man with great helplessness in her eyes: “I’m grateful for your help, but I already wasted enough time….. The money bag that you have is filled with rocks, if you like it you can keep it, but can you let me go now?!”

“………….” Rocks?!