The Strategy to Become Good at Magic Chapter 46

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Chapter 46 – The so-called road bullies

“……. You’re an adventurer who has fallen hard in recent times?!” The guild’s staff member gazed at the young man for half a minute before he slowly spoke.


[What’s with his expression, did I dress wrongly? Surely not?! My attire, weapons and hairstyle is fine….. Is it because I’m just too dashing?!]

The young man moved his body unnaturally and wondered where he made a mistake, but the next line from the staff member finally made him realize the problem.

“Nowadays the adventurers who fell into poverty are rich enough to randomly throw two gold coins to a little girl?” (TL: LOL.)

A distant thunderstorm could be heard rumbling……. The young man’s face were streaming with tears — He had forgotten all about his goal just to play along with the loli.


Sue’s first thought was to sell the magical stones found within the beasts, especially when novels often used that as a plotline. However the staff member told her that these stones were not pure and were considered raw materials before refinement. It was unstable and easily led to incidents, and most importantly energy within the stones were leak out with time. If Sue did not throw them into her dimensional bracelet, these things would just become pretty looking rocks.

In the end she had to set up a stall outside the adventurer’s guild.

If anyone really wanted to earn money from harvesting these magical crystals, the party would have to get an alchemist in them and refine them slowly throughout their journey. Ultimately this was not a RPG, and no one would be able to easily exchange the mobs inside the forest for instant money.

The second problem that Sue had was getting a legitimate citizen pass. Even if she did refine the stones, she was unable to sell them without it. And the stories like store owners treating the sellers like royalty because they have high grade crystals? Hah!

It was more like some dubious character who went into a jewelry shop looking to sell some high priced gems. Ordinary people in modern society would hesitate and go to a quiet corner to call the police…. Who knows if these people are thieves or even terrorists looking to dump their goods!

After understanding the details, Sue had to make her conclusion in sadness. It might be good to take some ideas from the novels, but following the words to the letter was stupid.

At the same time, the girl was very pleased that there was no security around the city that stopped people from selling their goods in the middle of the street, so she went ahead and set up a stall in front of the adventurer’s guild.

Because of having new items that passed the guild’s inspections, people tend to be attracted to them especially if they were seeing it for the first time. It was like how TV advertisements were popular during the old days. Sue recalled that her mother loved to buy these things that were shown on the TV, and frequently asked for her dad’s opinions.

“Darling, what do you think of these inventions?!” While these inventions cost an arm and leg.

Even her stoic dad’s expression would crumble from her queries, as if there was a sharp twisting pain in his guts. However, he would always lose to his beloved wife’s expectant gaze and praised her lightly “…….. Not bad.”

Sue would frequently yell in her head, [That’s overfaking it, Dad! Why do you keep lying through your conscience!]. And her mum would continue to prepare her next battle and shop for the next item….

Her dad would then warn her with his icy eyes not to ruin her mum’s happy mood, informing her that he was prepared to sweep all her messy problems and did not need Sue to bother with it.

At the very least, Sue was relieved that she was born with a silver spoon, and also believed that her dad was happy to be born with one too…… Damn it! Otherwise who would be able to keep such a terrible woman?!



Therefore Sue targeted the girls. There were quite a number of girls in the adventurer’s parties, and they tend to be quite wealthy. With the fact that Sue’s products were fantastic goods, Sue’s little stall was on fire.

In less than half an hour, she finished peddling her goods and went back to the merchant’s street with a heavy bag of gold coins…… hoping that the stall owner had kept his promise not to sell the wheat flour away to someone else…..

Through the streets and into the alleys, Sue was about to reach the mill when an unfriendly voice rang behind her: “Hold it, you little brat!”

Sue turned her head round with a whip and observed the four men behind with narrowed eyes: “You have business with me?”

[It’s here! Is this the law of those who traveled across worlds?! The combination of people who would antagonist the protagonist like the dead people around detective Conan?!]

The four men looked at each other, as if they did not expect the girl to be so calm. But they did not lose to her in terms of calmness: “We suspect that your goods set up in your stall earlier are illegal….. Be a good child and pass your earnings to us. Once we investigated this incident we will return your earnings to you.”



“You want me to pass this bag to you?” Sue took out a small pouch from her bag and dangled it in front of her.

It was the same bag that was made with bones and animal skin, tied with a red ribbon in a strange manner (Chinese bow)…… The four men confirmed that it was the same bag, and it was still filled to the seams. It was obvious that she had not spend any of the money yet.

The four men were delighted, as they did not expect the little girl in front of her to be so silly: “That’s right! Pass it to us!”