The Strategy to Become Good at Magic Chapter 45

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Chapter 45 – Disguise

The young man did what he said he would do after the call ended.

He started to prepare to disguise himself, and intended to get some clothes that were less fanciful.. He called his followers in and looked at his knights and squires……

[In front of me is a bunch morons dressed like peacocks! If they are acting as bodyguards, can’t they wear something more simple?! Even their cuffs and buttons are limited editions from the flagship stores in the capital. If we’re going to go out who would believe we’re adventurers?!]

The young man did not realize that he was also a noble and his bodyguards were also used to reflect his nobility.

He walked out of the house in dissatisfaction, brought his high level guards and looked at the street with burning eyes, then pointed at a passerby: “Go! Catch him!” (TL: Pokemon! Gotta catch ’em all!)

“Ehh?!” The innocent passerby was minding his own business when a group of people with stoic faces grabbed him. He was greatly shocked and struggled against them when he saw they were dressed like they were important nobles: “I’m innocent….!” ****! Why did these high level looking people grabbed him?!


“Why did you say you’re innocent?!” The young man gestured to his followers to stop and asked him in curiosity.

“Err, I don’t know either….. But doesn’t everyone shout this line out when they are being grabbed?!” The passerby was momentarily confused before he continued to struggle: “I’m innocent, my lord, I just went out to buy some peanut oil…..”

“…….” The young man’s head was filled with black lines and he waved his hand: “Bring him into the house and strip him naked!”

“Ehhhhh?!” The passerby yelled even louder: “My lord! I have a wife……..”

[Huh, what does that have anything to do with me? I’m just out to buy your clothes……]

The young man entered the house after five minutes and gave the passerby a new set of clothes and a bag of coins, then shooed off the innocent passerby who could not believe he escaped……..

After he changed his clothes, his appearance was indeed much more plain. He thought about the issue about the weapon. It needed to have some thought about it as well, it could not be too good, but it could not be that bad either, otherwise he was going to get owned in the Lost Forest.

As the young man was agonizing over it, the knight delicately gave him a suggestion. Adventurers tend to but extreme importance on their weapons as it was their means to survive. It was fine if the weapon was reasonably good, but removing all the precious gems and other frilly items on it was fine.

The young man rubbed off the moisturizer off his face and ruffled his hair to make it a mess…… There was no need to be so good looking for an adventurer. He was slightly unhappy that he looked too handsome, but he ultimately shrugged it off that he was raising the average charm of the nation’s adventurers.

He quickly headed to the adventurer’s guild, but before he entered the place he saw a group of people gathering outside the entrance. He squeezed himself into an empty space and found a little girl peddling her things.

The crowd was discussing something excitedly, and the young man was able to guess what they were talking about. The reason was the girl selling things that were extremely useful……

“Combat bandage rolls, one for 5 gold coins, health potion for 10 silver coins, mana……. excuse me, magic replenishment potion for 15 silver coins, magic space bag, 6 slots of space for 5 gold, 12 slots 15 gold, 32 slots 40 gold. Each slot is able to stack herbs or potions up to 99…..”



[Combat bandage rolls?! Never heard of that. The potions are certainly available in the continent, but the description says that the potion works instantly. As for space bag….. Huh, how does a space bag work?! What’s a slot?! A drawer??]

The young man was curious: “Little miss, where did you get this from?!”

No one suspected if the goods were fake. They did not think that one would be so audacious to sell something that was fake in front of the adventurer’s guild. If they were silent about it, it meant they had at least verified the goods on the floor were real.

Little Sue looked up to the young man as if she was used to it. She replied in a natural manner: “Each question costs 1 gold.” Tch! Another person whose overly curious.

He paused slightly at her response but he did not get angry. Perhaps it was because the child looked like she was similar of age to the prince and he did not become upset at her reply.

He took out a gold coin and stood down. He spoke like he was talking to a child with simple words: “Hey little kid, can you tell this big brother over here the answer?”

Sue’s answer was prompt after she took the coin.

“It was bought.”

Indeed, it was bought. The potion were bought from the merchant shop in the game, and one stack of 99 potions costs 30 silver coins. So she separated them into 10 stacks……. The other stuff like the combat bandage and the space bag were something that she made out, but she did not think it was necessary to explain…….

“Everyone of them is bought?” The young man looked like he did not believe him and went straight for the crux of the question.

“That is the second question.”

The young man was silent for about ten seconds, and he took out a second coin. After Sue received it with satisfaction with a nod, she replied: “No!”

“……” The young man felt like blood was pooling in his lungs: “Is that the answer that’s sold at one gold coin?!”



Even though he had the money, he was unwilling to become a victim of fraud. It might not look like much for two gold, but it was enough for a whole family to buy bread and it for a week.

“Was that your third question?!” Sue’s answer was calm.


The young man finally recognized that he was being fooled by the loli in front of him who was probably not even a meter tall.

Sue sent him off with great ethics: “Please come back again.”

After entering the adventurer guild in an angry huff, he went up the to the worker behind the desk and said: “I’m an adventurer who’s down on my luck. I’m looking for a group of team who wants to enter the lost forest. May I ask if anyone is recruiting and willing to accept me?”
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