The Strategy to Become Good at Magic Chapter 44

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Chapter 44 – The little town at the borders

The software was ready. Under the immense threats and pressure, the little prince’s talent blossomed and remembered 108 acupoints in a single night.

The hardware was ready. Grandmaster Sue spared no expense in using her materials to make a powerful potion. Never mind about mere battle Qi, even creating feet Qi was of no problem.


All the conditions were fulfilled, but the problem was the little prince was unable to unleash the battle Qi…… It was like he had a million dollars in the bank, and in theory he was rich, but he did not have the access codes……

“Well, don’t worry about this. Just concentrate on attacking this wooden dummy and hit as many acupoints in the assigned timing that I gave you…… Ah, also, I prepared for you a new weapon and a new live target, it’s a B-ranked magical beast, are you happy about?! Excited?! Proud to fight one?!”

[Happy my butt!] …… The little prince’s was shaking body was trembling from the ‘excitement’, and crying from being ‘proud to fight one’—

[Father king! Your son is fortunate enough to die in the most terrible fashion in the entire family lineage….]

The wooden dummy would automatically calculate points after being hit by the prince.

The little white tiger would bite someone’s butt after a wrong attack on the wooden dummy.

Sue ignored the little prince’s painful moments and his attitude that he had accepted death, patted her sleeves, and went out to look for materials. She had to make a suitable weapon for the little prince in the shortest time, and it could not be a simple weapon, but preferably something that added on to his stats…. Since the little prince was unable to release and battle Qi, she decided to make a weapon to bring it out.

The only problem Sue had was…. where could she get so many beginner’s materials?!

The only hope was the town outside the forest…..


“Does your store sell any metal?” The random store in the town outside the magical beast forest, received a unique customer.

“Yes, of course. May I know………..” The sleepy owner raised his head and wanted to see what the customer needed, but he saw no one there…….

“A ghost?! Illusion?!”

“It’s not an illusion, it’s the problem of the viewing angle.” Sue’s head was filled with black lines. She knew that her body was small, but was there really any need to make it seem like she was invisible in everyone’s eyes? She waved her arms and got the attention of the store owner, and asked: “How much metal do you have?!”

“…………. A lot.” The owner saw that it was a strange child who did not wore cotton or silk clothes, but a hunter’s outfit made from animal’s skin. Was there a unique taste or fashion in the market recently? Wait, why did a little girl came to the blacksmith all by herself…… The owner was stunned for a moment, before he laughed dryly when he saw Sue’s displeasure: “……… Are you looking to make a metal doll, child?”

“………..” Bro, does your mind have a problem in understanding my language….. Sue was silent for a moment: “I’m here to buy different types of metal, how much do you have? How do you sell it?”

The owner looked at the little young loli and perspired. He did not directly reply but asked gently: “Child, where are the adults accompanying you?!”

“What are you asking this for?!” Sue looked at the owner: “Are you trying to gauge my family’s wealth and see if you can raise the price so you can slaughter this fat lamb?!”

“……..” The owner had more sweat drops appearing on his head.

“Or do you intend to kidnap me and then notify my family to pay the ransom” Sue continued to analyze the situation.

“…………………..” The owner’s head started to look like it was raining.

“Or is it………….” The imagination of the human never seemed to end.

“Alright, alright, I’m not going to ask such a stupid question anymore!” The owner stopped her with his head looking like a waterfall. If he continued to let the girl cite examples, he might have suddenly turned into a first class monstrous criminal in the kingdom that maimed, killed and became an arsonist as well…

“You have to at least tell me what the metal is for right?!”



“Mister, what does it have anything to do with you?” Sue patiently looked at the helpless owner, as if she was looking a brat who was too curious for his own good.

“……….” The owner who was nearly two meters tall looked at the loli who did not even reach his knee for half a minute, then silently slapped himself as he cried —– He should not even bother asking!

After buying the metal, Sue decided to go to the other stores in the town since she made such a trip. She always felt that having meat and fish all the time was not a good thing, so she decided to buy some staple food like rice or bread.

There was no worry about the budget, since she earned quite a bit from the merfolks and even borrowed a sum from them…….. If she did not have enough, she would sell off the crystals from the magical beasts. Since the novels said that even a random broken rock from forest was easily able to sell off for a villa’s price…..


“It has been a few days, there is still no news of the prince right?”

“Yes, my lord.”

“It seems that there are no clues concerning the prince in this area. The only place left is the Lost Forest right?!”

“Yes, my lord.”

“You bunch of useless idiots! The people from the other races have no oddity in them as well right?!”

“Yes, my lord.”

“………. Do you know how to say anything else other than that?!”

“Yes….. We can, my lord!”

“………. Scram!”

“Yes, my lord!”



A young man was grinding his teeth after scolding the knights that came back to report In some remote place in the town. After cursing and screaming for a while, the man finally stopped and took out a Magic Mirror, wiped off his sweat and said: “Sis, I still can’t find my nephew……”

The mirror displayed a pretty noble lady, and there was a tense know in between her brows: “…….. You still have not found him?” She looked like she was very displeased with the answer from the young man.

“Yes……. Actually, I have considered it carefully, the most possible place is within the Lost Forest.”

“….. I also have the same suspicion, but the people who have enough power and trust from us are just too few, if we don’t do it properly, we would not be sending out help but a death god wielding a scythe.” The noble lday sighed and her eyes were a little red: “My poor Fedrus……”

“……” Your little brother too, the young man wanted to cry…… He had been working overtime for no salary for nearly a whole week: “Perhaps I can pretend and join in as an adventurer in one of the foreign races’ party. It’s better than waiting.”