The Strategy to Become Good at Magic Chapter 42

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Chapter 42 – Run, rabbit run

After careful consideration, Sue found that it was stupid of her to follow the herbivore guide and dig up the herbs.

First it was a waste of time, second she was tired.

Even if an alchemist wanted to make something early on in the game, they usually got it directly from the market….. Now, it was impossible to buy something here in the magical forest. The most important issue was —- There was no common currency!

So how could she get a group to get the herbs easily and quickly?!

In the end Sue decided not to search for the herbs, and spent time gesturing with Blackie-bro in order to change her tactics…..

After half an hour later, the little herbivore guide finally got its freedom, but it did not leave but trembled even more than it was held hostage:


“Your parents, husband, children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren…….. Everyone of their ransom is 15 herbs or minerals. I showed you six different types, I want 50 each…… If you’re not done by tomorrow morning, I’ll roast one up every half an hour. If you’re not done by tomorrow evening, you can prepare yourself to collect their bodies…… I mean, their skeletons!”

Sue kidnapped its entire family and stuffed them in a beast-skin bag and slung it over her shoulders. Blackie-bro was beside her and he threatened the animal. If she did not know from the black panther that the herbivore was an intelligent magical beast, she would not try and threaten it……..

“I know that you might not make it in time, so I’ll give you a friendship deal. Go dig up 50 herbs first, then you can redeem three rabbits to help you find the rest of the herbs. 4 rabbits multiplied by 50 = 200, so you can get back another 13 rabbits. As long as you can get all 300 herbs, I’ll release every rabbit and you only need to come back three times.”

In conclusion, people are sometimes forced to become bad…… Sue was originally good!

“This is a mini bag with 6 slots. Each of them can stack up to 99…… When you’re done with it return it to me.”

After her instructions were done, the magic rabbit held the bag in her mouth and ran off with tears in its eyes. Sue sat under a shade and looked at it with interest: “That agility is really high……. Blackie-bro, how did you manage to catch the rabbit?! No matter how I look at it, it has at least 120kph.”

“……..” The black panther swung its tail and looked at Sue with the corner of his eyes, then ignored her…….

Sue waved goodbye to the black panther after a while, and flew back to the safety zone with the immense bag that was stuffed with rabbits. The little prince and the little white tiger was playing with water and they were surprised to see her.

“Didn’t you say that you have something to do?!” The little prince was first surprised then he asked suspiciously: “What’s in this bag?!”

[It’s moving! Are there live creatures inside?! For me to practice eviscerating?!]

“To be a leader with passing grades, you only need to issue orders to the people who are below your ranking. If you do everything by yourself, that’s called irresponsible, or stupid.” Sue smiled and put the bag down, then went inside the treehouse. The little white tiger sprang into the girl’s lap and fawned on her. He meowed loudly to get Sue to hurry up and make a meal.

Even though there was meat jerky to curb the hunger after playing outside of the safety zone, he still preferred hot piping food. Since the owner came back early, he wanted to have something nice.

“Fine, fine, I’ll make a meal. Ah, yes, you didn’t meet any hidden races right?”

“Meow~” The cat meowed with pride.



“Looks like you didn’t….. Good! Keep up the good work!”

It is proven that potential can be squeezed out if one is being threatened. Typically when a herd passes by, they would typically send out the weak and old first, to cover the young and healthy in order to ensure the race has a better chance to survive. In other words, a scapegoat, or sacrificial lamb. (TL: WHAT?)

When the magical rabbit had its life threatened, it released one hundred percent of its potential, but when its family was threatened, it finally became a Saiyan rabbit. (TL: …….)

Not long after Sue finished her meal in the safety zone, approximately two hours when the rabbit was released, it brought back the first batch of 50 herbs and exchanged three healthy and strong rabbits. Even though its agility was part of the reason, the black panther had told the other predators about Sue’s issue and no one threatened it.

Four rabbits went off with a dimension bag each and they went off as if their tails were set on fire. With that effort, Sue felt that the herbs would be gathered before night time.

She took out the crucible set and started processing the materials that she currently had.



“Are you making a potion for me?!” The little prince’s starry eyes looked excitedly at Sue. He felt that his life was filled with hope once he had Chi Energy. He was finally able to gain a new strength.

“Soon, I need to process it a little.” Dehydrating the herbs, slicing them into small pieces so that she could grind it into dust….. Each step required cautious processing, otherwise it might end up in failure if there was something wrong with the processing.

“I can learn the skill Eviscerate soon?!” The little prince continued to be excited, not noticing that the little girl in front of him needed full concentration.

“Yes….. But if you continue to speak to me, you need to be prepared to drink a poisonous potion instead.”