The Strategy to Become Good at Magic Chapter 41

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Chapter 41 – What should I call this …….

Sue and the merfolk’s conversation progressed onwards, with the rough equivalent of making fun of the little prince.

First give him hope, then disappoint him, and finally pretend like nothing had ever happen…… Fedrus naturally could not accept that!

No one knew what would happen after a few months, but since he could not learn magic right away, even trying out Chi energy would comfort his heart. So he quickly grabbed Sue’s sleeves when she was about to leave, and firmly stated that he was not afraid of wasting time, as wasting time was better than not doing anything at all.

There was also the part where he wanted to learn the Eviscerate skill because it looked incredibly cool, and would be able to scare the other little nobles when he had the free time to do so…..


“Blackie bro, can you help me check if your territory has this type of grass?”

Sue contacted the black panther through the visiting magical beast during lunch time. When the black panther came over, she respectfully showed a drawing for him to identify.

“Roar!” The black panther arrogantly went into a thinking position for half a minute before nodding.

“How about this rock?!” She changed another drawing. They came from the merfolk’s encylopedia book. After she compared them to her knowledge, she found that some herbs and minerals had similar points with the game and could be used as an substitute…..

“……. Roar……” His nod was not very certain.

“That’s wonderful.” Sue who was optimistic treated it as if it was there. She changed to another image: “How about…..”

Blackie-bro got angry before she even took out the drawing. He was not a herbivore, why did she keep asking about these grasses……. “Roarrrr! Growl…… Rrrrrr…….” He tore the paper with a swipe of his claws, expressing his displeasure.

“Hey! I only have one book!” Sue was also displeased and took back the paper with much pain in her eyes. After a few moments later: “Luckily what I showed you were my copies!”

“…………” Then why the heck are you sad for …………

Even though Blackie-bro wanted to get angry at Sue and scold her, he could not speak her language. Furthermore, he felt that it was not fun and exciting enough, since it was like two people from different countries scolding each other with their native language.

“Smack!” A sound like this rang out, Blackie-bro whipped Sue back into the safety zone with his tail, and looked condescendingly at her before leaving.

[Despicable! Pff! You even sneak attacked me! All because I accidentally revealed that you can’t read the words……] Sue jumped high up to do a counter-condescension attitude ——– A middle finger!



Since he could not possibly know the meaning behind it…….

She thought that she had to find another magical beast to look at the drawing, but the black panther returned after half an hour with his tail dragging a deer along.

“Please come again tomorrow, I’m feeling unhappy today.” Sue waved her hands to show that her schedule was tight and did not have the ability to help him make a meal…… Recently she did not even do three meals a day and make it only once.

[I can bully customers because my shop is big! What?! You find that I’m too arrogant?! But I have the capital to be arrogant, if you have the guts don’t ever come again!]

The black panther dragged the deer and swiped it into the safety zone as if he had not heard anything, throwing it right before the little girl.

[Hoh! You want to force this transaction?!] Sue wanted to jump up and object, but the deer wailed pitifully……. The black panther started to lick his front claw, then looked at the torn papers, then at the deer, then at Sue……..

“………..” The panther’s mind was as deep as the sea………. What the heck did he mean by that?!

[Did he mean that I have to do a give and take because I asked him for help?!] Sue whipped out a dagger and started going near the innocent and pure little deer, before the deer had the chance to scream, the black panther growled loudly.

[Looks like I’m mistaken……] Sue kept the dagger and looked at the deer which had four broken limbs: “……….. Do you mean you brought this deer over to let it identify the herbs?!”



A deer could not beat a panther, but on the profession of identifying herbs, it was obviously stronger…..

The black panther nodded while looking down on her.

“…..” Sue had black manga lines: “Blackie-bro, maybe you didn’t understand what I mean, I have use for the herbs.”

“Growl……..” Duh, if you did not have any use for why did you ask.

“……… Which means, even if this deer is able to identify the herbs, it has to lead me to them……” Sue’s finger pointed at the deer which still could not get up: “Do you think it can move?!”


Not enough consideration was put in, so the deer which had hoped to exchange its life by exchanging its knowledge, ultimately got eaten by the black panther and Sue. After the black panther finished its meal, it went off to find another herbivore.

This lesson proved that there was no lack of talent in this world, even if this one was gone, you could have that one…… The most important aspect is you had to have a bit of luck….

Fedrus and the little white tiger went off for a stroll with meat jerky, as well as gathering fruits on their way. It was hard to say if Fedrus was walking the tiger or the tiger walking the human…. In any case, Sue finally had the time to go out with Blackie-bro to look for herbs….. Of course, she was in charge of the meal, including hunting and cooking.

Sue often went out to the forest, but she mostly did not walk. Either she rode the white tiger, or flew with the broom. But Blackie Bro accompanied her today, and she obviously could not abandon him and ride the broom. This was because she was above him and if there was any communication errors, it was easy to hurt feelings. Riding on the black panther was out of the question.

He was like the boss in this forest, or the equivalent of a human king. At best she was like the cook in the royal palace, and for a little female cook to ride on the body of a king……..

Half an hour later, Sue who still had stamina but little patience, finally got irritated. “How long more before we reach the medicine that I need?” She was still at the first ingredient, and to find all the six herbs, she had to make preparations to camp outside.

“……….” The black panther bared his fangs to laugh at Sue with contempt.

The herbivore that was leading the way trembled. Whether it could live or not depended on its usefulness. But there was also the mood of the two violent and cruel monsters behind it. Now that monster number two was unhappy, did it mean that it was unable to escape the fate of being eaten?!