The Strategy to Become Good at Magic Chapter 40

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Chapter 40 – Evisceration

“Today I’ll teach you something new.”

After one week of training, the little prince was much more obedient than when he came to the magical beast forest. No matter how much he shrieked and resisted, he was unable to get the better of Sue. The little prince recognized that he had no choice but to submit under authority at a tender age…….

In order to reward Fedrus, Sue decided to stop the two weeks observation that she planned and decided to teach him some skills. This also allowed to cater to the guests that were possibly coming tomorrow.

The issue of the guests’ progress were thankfully solved by the combined efforts of the magical beasts. Under the leadership of the black panther bro boss, the teams of magical beasts fought aggressively against the demi-races. They had the chance to diet and slow down the demi-races progress so Sue had more time to prepare.

One faction was the native bosses that worked together, and the other faction was filled with great individual fighters…. All sorts of fights broke out and the magical beast forest was unusually boisterous for a week, several miles from the safety zone. These secret demi-races did not know what was happening behind the scenes, especially the true reason why they fought with them.

It was to delay them because of Sue’s words.


Sue estimated that one week was about the limit. Everyone from the demi-races were considered as elites. The merfolk had explained that some of the demi-races might not be on friendly terms with her or Fedrus, so before they arrived at this location, she felt that Fedrus needed to have at least be able to defend himself……

“…… What else do you want to teach me?!” Fedrus was already on the brink of collapse after a few days. Besides fishing and skinning, she also taught him how to wash clothes, cut down trees, carry buckets of water….. Thanks to her teachings, he felt he had became a qualified country bumpkin brat, except he still did not know how to feed livestock.

“Eviscerating and deboning.” Sue beamed cheerfully.

“!!!” As expected she wanted him to do more work. What is this time for?! Making soup bones?! The little prince was going berserk: “….. It’s this sort of……”

Before he finished speaking, there was a mass of black shadow that covered the sky and suddenly descended. It landed onto the ground with a large boom, scaring him. Before he saw what was in front of him, Sue had already stepped to the side and disappeared.

Next, the little prince heard constant barrages of dull strikes, the creature that landed on the ground was roaring painfully as he tried to struggle to get up, but each strike staggered him left and right. A small figure zipped past in a straight line, then quickly changed directions repeatedly, her movements in a blur.

[T-this is a magical beast?! A live one?!] The llittle prince was in a shock.

“Look carefully, this is the skill that I’m going to teach you!” Sue’s voice was clear.

The little prince’s eyes opened wide when he suddenly Sue reappearing right before him. After Sue’s final strike, the giant magical beast seemed to explode from within, with countless holes all over its body….. Blood red liquid oozed from the wounds, and the magical beast wailed pitifully one more time before it collapsed, creating a layer of dust while it slammed heavily onto the ground.




“When it comes to ‘Eviscerating’, you can ignore the opponent’s armor, and damage their body from within and cause the enemy to lose its combat strength. Every time you hit it you can leave your energy signal inside the body, when you have enough of the energy signals, you can forcefully ignite it at the last strike. This is a good way to cause the enemy to lose its ability to move, and you can even directly kill your opponent if you control it well….” She paused with pity in her eyes admist Fedrus’s shocked expression: “Even though this technique is powerful, it has a fatal flaw.”

“W-what fatal flaw?!”

“It will damage the skin.” Sue looked painfully to the sides. This was the reason why she disliked using this technique.

“………” Are you joking……

Sue had thought about it. With his status, he basically had no chance to learn magic anymore, and could only learn physical skills. Yet because of his weakened stats due to the poison, many of the stronger physical abilities could not be learned right now.

But, he could learn some beginner’s techniques. Some of the players’ skillset merely aided players to grind monsters, so there was no restriction on stats.

“This ‘Star’ energy signal that you leave in the opponent’s body, regardless of what form of energy you have…… As long as you have enough mental energy you can use that.” Sue suddenly remembered something: “……….Erm, that something, you learned Chi Energy or something right?!”

Ba-na-na! She forgot that the prince might not have that physical energy to leave down a ‘Star’ signal…..

“……..” Fedrus looked at Sue with full of desires and blinked: “You will teach me how to use ‘Chi Energy’ right?!”


Sue, along with black lines on her head, brought the little prince who looked at her like she was the only who could depend upon, to the merfolks. After a series of discussion, they finally understood the chibis’ questions.

“In theory, the curse does not seem to restrict Fedrus from learning Chi Energy….. but learning a new form of energy is difficult. It is rare that a magician will change to learning chi.” The team leader asked: “Are you sure you really want to do this? You must know, a typical warrior needs a few months to sense their Chi……. This is not something that can be done within a few days. It’s possible that the prince will return to the palace after that, and we will be able to cure the curse and allow the prince to continue learning magic. Is there really any meaning to waste so much time to learn this?!”



It’s like someone who spent 4 years to study a subject like medicine, then after graduating he became a novelist…..

[Learning Chi energy is so troublesome in this continent?!]

Sue felt a headache coming on. In the game, a technique book was more than enough to learn a skill. Even a super skill merely required chain missions or in-game time…… She could even read a novel or watch movies to kill the time……

“….. Ah well, it’s nearly noon, I should just go make a meal.” Sue wanted to treat as if nothing had happened earlier, but before she walked out, her sleeves was pulled back by someone.