The Strategy to Become Good at Magic Chapter 39

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Chapter 39 – From the prince to becoming Jack the Ripper

Regardless of Sue’s gloomy feelings, the team leader was satisfied in any case. Since she agreed to help them convey the message, their progress should be smoother.

After a few days, the team leader found Sue was effective in helping them. Even though he felt a little amazed by it, he felt it was a great thing. So whenever he tried to shop from Sue, he always tried to submit some minor requests, and Sue took care of her customers and agreed to handle them……. And even more requests came along……

With Sue’s aid, the merfolk team successfully gained a place where they could live safely.


During a recent purchase, the team leader informed Sue that there were other races who entered the magical beast forest. Just a while ago, the Tobias Kingdom were strict with their inspections and held these small parties back for several days, and it was only yesterday’s evening where they finally let them go.

Based on the team leader’s estimation, the last demi-races will set off today, and if nothing went wrong, the entire place here would become rowdy three to four days later. To Sue, this meant she would have more customers, but she also had to hide the movements of the little prince……

“If possible, please hide prince Fedrus’s tracks. Right now his status is too awful and things will become complicated if his location is divulged…. Some of the other races do not hold a good relationship with the Tobias Kingdom, and it’s not hard to assassinate him.”

This was the merfolk’s honest advice.

Little Sue quickly felt the seriousness of the issue: “I only have 60 kilograms of meat stored in my dimensional space. Hunting is not a problem, but preparing it is a problem. I can’t handle it at all by myself….. If there are so many new customers, but they are unable to buy the food here, the store’s reputation will be severely questioned!” To believe in a brand’s reputation is life, and a brand that has no reputation would ultimately end……. This was too scary!

[Store?! What store is that?!]

The little prince immediately went into orz. His common sense thought that the merfolk’s news was about his identity, and not about the discussion of food in stock…..(TL: orz, google if you don’t know this.)

The little white tiger seemed to have heard Fedrus’s question, and pointed to a place with his claw. Fedrus raised up his head and found a huge wooden board above the wooden treehouse. There was a few blood red words written on it ‘Sue’s Family Roast’.

Very good! He now knew what store it was……

“…….” Black lines crawled over his head. He felt the safety of his life was forgotten.



In order to prepare for the various scouting teams from the various races, Sue quickly began to plan for a busy hunting schedule in order to stockpile the meat.

The little prince who still had not come into terms with his unfortunate circumstances, suddenly realized that the tragedy that befell him did not count for much, because the little girl in front of him was capable of making his life even more tragic…….

“You want me to learn how to skin a beast?!” The little prince wanted to scream. “Why?! Does skinning a beast have anything to do with ruling a kingdom?!” Never mind about fishing, even though it was not a high class sport, it was still not considered inelegant, but handling a beast’s skin……. Puke! Everytime he saw himself washing the bloody carcass he felt like vomiting!

This was too low-class! It was beneath him! This was something that only hunters and low ranking adventurers do!

“Nope. But if you do this my affection meter will go up….. Be good and listen! If you do it well, I’ll reward you, otherwise I’ll starve you!”

“I still have the meat jerky from dinner!” Fedrus puffed his tiny chest up, mustering enough courage to go against the evil witch.

Black lines filled Sue’s head. The brat was indeed smart, knowing how to improve after every lesson….. You already know how to stockpile food?! That was a huge undertaking indeed, no wonder he kept acting sneakily during dinner……

“Then I won’t feed you for two meals!”


He did improve, but it was not enough. Experience has taught us, if you don’t solve the primary problem, the problem will still remain, and the situation might even become worse……….

On the second day, Sue started brought the unwilling Fedrus who stood in one corner circling the ground with his finger to hunt. She started to teach him the techniques of skinning:

“First you need to pick a location where you can cut it, then start off from there carefully. The way how you flay with you knife is crucial, and you need to hold on to yout knife firmly. A perfect beast hide can guarantee the best money and use for it, it’s a shameful waste if……. Urgh! Even though you did well in cutting this spot, but I don’t need human skin……”



The little prince sucked on his bleeding finger and begged with tears in his eyes: “Sue, can I go and fish instead?! Actually, I’m pretty good at fishing……..”

Against this determined but apparent lie, Sue supported him partially, but she pointed out delicately that she needed a helper with skinning, and that he better not have the idea of lazing around…….. This hurt the prince tremendously.

And to point out that she was not an evil guardian, Sue delicately accepted his request…… He could go out to fish for tonight’s meal after skinning all the beasts…….. This hurt the prince even more…….

Because he did not keep quiet he would die, if he kept quiet he would go crazy……. The little prince fell into deep despair and poured all his frustrations into the prey that was in front of him.

Cutting the throat, pulling the skin out, then chopping the meat savagely…… Even though the final products were terrible to the human eyes, he finally got used to it.

Thus, when the merfolk came to retrieve the alchemy tool, they saw him hacking the prey in a barbaric manner, gnashing and grinding his teeth to hack off the limbs of the beast in front of him with flaring eyes…………….

“………………………” The sea gods above, has the successor to the Tobias kingdom fallen into darkness…….