The Strategy to Become Good at Magic Chapter 38

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Chapter 38 – The zookeeper

“Hey! If you want to eat you need to work for it. Go and get some fish and prepare some firewood to make soup!”

Sue threw a fishing rod at the little prince and gave him a mission.

“Me?!” Fedrus held the fishing in rod in shock. He had never done fishing in his short life…… No matter how you look at it, this activity did not suit the image of royalty.

“Of course it’s you…… I’m making honey roasted meat and fish with herb soup, either you’re getting the meat or fish, which one are you choosing?!”

“…… I’m getting the fish.”


Meat?! Fedrus knew that the meat referred to hunting the magical beasts, and he certainly had no chance in successfully hunting one, so he could only choose to do fishing. He had thrown away the fishing rod the last time, and said with a condescending tone that he would not do something so low-class…… and starved for a long time.

He really missed the time where he bullied the small noble girls with tears in their eyes but did not dare to cry out……

Sue wanted him to fish because it was a way to get XP, no matter how small it was. It was an insult to Fedrus, but he grudgingly spent half an hour to find suitable bait. At first he wanted to use some strips of meat, but Sue refused that idea since she thought it was a waste, and suggested him to use meat bones instead….. But he refused because he was worried that there were no fishes that could swallow something so big.

Ultimately, Fedrus wrote down a IOU note of 10 gold to Sue, buying a bunch of worms dug from the ground and settled the issue of bait.

So it was the technical aspect next……..

“Brat, fishing is not done like that. First you need to see where the fishes are gathering and then throw your line out….. %^&#!!! I’m kindly teaching you how to fish and you hook my underwear?!” Sue was angry at how this young boy was so perverted. When he swung the fishing rod, the hook did not land into the water but went for her underwear that was drying on the tree top……

“Sorry, sorry……” Fedrus immediately threw away his rod and apologized, his face becoming red.

He had never seen someone drying clothes in the royal palace before as he had never gone to certain areas of the castle.

After introducing some of the vital notes on fishing and helping him throw the rod into the river, Sue rode on Xiao Bai and flew to the tree, and changed the underwear’s location to another place. Her main mission was to get the noble chibi to listen and work, but she was lazy to continue teaching him step by step……….

“Little miss—”

The merfolk came again and called Sue: “Can you help us bury this under the tree roots?”

“What is this?!” Sue took a shining silver plate.

“It’s an alchemy tool for detecting things. It’s made of gold metal that has great mana inducing properties and the surface is mithril….. It’s used to detect the surrounding mana ripples. After placing it at any random location for a full day, it will show wavy patterns if there is presence of mana, or if there is none, then there will be perfect circles spreading out evenly.” The merfolk was used to Sue’s curiosity, so they took out another plate: “This plate is here for you to play with, and please help us put the other plate at the tree roots.”

“Xiao Bai, go and bury this.” She threw one at the tiger, while keeping the other in her dimensional ring. She then nagged at the merfolk: “It has nearly been four days, but your progression is zero, are you not giving up?!”



“Haha……” The team leader laughed bitterly: “The issue is not about giving up, it’s that we can’t give up….. This isn’t something that we can put aside. We have to try and find the reason of the mana cataclysm, and if something like this happens again it will be a disaster.”

Things might not be as lucky the first time, and it looked like the little miss was just a child and did not understand the severity of this issue.

Not everyone knows how to use magic, but magic was in every corner. When the mana was stable, it could be used for simplifying and helping things, but if the mana becomes highly volatile and could not be suppressed, it was going to tear the world asunder…..

Sue actually understood that. It was a like an energy from the sun, but if the sun exploded, the conclusion was not something anyone would want.

“Let’s stop talking about this, what orders do you want today?!” After exchanging a few other lines, Sue quickly changed into business mode.



“Err, two Kabi beast’s hind legs, 12 sets of rock potato pancakes, 4 containers of fish soup……. Ah, that’s right, we saw a Silver Wind Wolf for the past two days. It has been badgering us for two days, and even destroyed our mana circle that was half done. Do you know this beast?! If you do can you stop it from interfering with out work……” The team leader ordered the food as if it was a natural thing and grumbled a few lines…. The past few days were not going smoothly because the natives were causing trouble for them.

“That beast quarreled when he and his wife came to eat a meal. I don’t know what reason it was, but he got slapped twice and it’s probably because of his pride and frustration, maybe even sleeping alone caused something to snap….. Alright, I’ll warn him about not going to your area and cause trouble.” Sue sighed, realizing that she’s not only the guardian of the little prince, she had even became the zookeeper……. Could they stop asking her to mediate things whenever the beasts created trouble!