The Strategy to Become Good at Magic Chapter 37

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Chapter 37

As soon as lunch time was up, the magical beast who was ready to punch in its time-card appeared on time.

This time the little prince was much calmer than before. After receiving a full night’s worth of fright he was still very much a coward at heart, but on the surface he did improve a lot.

“Are they all your pets?” The little prince looked at the magical beast who threw its prey at the receiving Sue, showing off his envy naively.

It was everyone’s dream to get a strong magical beast as its pet. This was mostly pride more than their useful prowess in battles.

The beast could raised the party’s strength by several folds, accompany its master to any dangerous corner in the continent, and even act as a mount. In the eyes of the little prince, these magical beasts were the equivalent of a Ferrari.

A mysterious powerful person with countless top class magical beasts as their underling, even able to topple kingdoms with just a wave of their hands, but residing peacefully in a corner where people rarely venture to…… This was just too poetic as it fulfilled every boy’s fantasy of a strong figure.

“No, I’m their pet.”



The dream was immediately shattered, and Fedrus puked out two pints of manga blood. He turned gloomy and looked at the little white tiger pawing at the worms on the ground, then looked at the loli who was shorter than him by half a head, then pouted with annoyance: “That is true, how would a little girl like you have such an amazing beast. This cat still suits you.” Even though it can fly and becoming big, it’s still a cat.

The cat seemed like it stumbled over a rock and rolled twice on the ground. It stood up with grass and dirt on his head, and meowed at Sue to complain and express his hurt.

“……….. ” Sue felt deeply embarrassed.

After feeling sad for a while, the chibi was in fantasy land again: “If they are not your contracted beast, how about me? Do I have the qualifications to contract with them?!”

“Not a problem!” Sue answered generously.

“Really?!” The little prince’s eyes lit up immediately due to the unexpected delightful surprise.

“Of course.” Sue nodded: “Go ahead and contract with them!” Your own dream should be caught with your own hands……. Go forth for it kiddo, step bravely into the lands of the dead!

“You’re not helping me?!”

“How am I supposed to help you?”

“How can I contract with them by myself if they are so powerful?!” The little prince threw out his request as if it was a natural thing to do in this world: “So you must help me!” All the bards sang songs of how a youth who gained the trust of beasts and contracted with them, becoming famous from a nameless noob…….

“Wash your face and sleep. Stop looking at fairy tales.” Sue felt a little frustrated at the chibi: “Who told you if they don’t bite, they will contract with anyone?!”

Forcing a beast to become a pet was like forcing them into slavery…… this was not something about friendship.



“If you want a high ranking magical beast as a pet, that’s easy. Wait till you go back to the palace, ask your father to send a thousand elite wizards and warriors to follow you, and contract the ones that you like….. You can even contract two magical beasts, with your left leg riding on one while your right leg rides on the other……” This was the authority of the prince….

“……….. But I want to become strong now.” The little prince puffed up his cheeks and complained.

And thus Sue realized the issue. This child was still troubled over the fact that he was poisoned and cursed….. “I say, your status, wealth and authority is already enough to drive people crazy. Many people worked their bones off to succeed in life, do you find you’re cheating if you want to steal credit from them?” This prince kept trying to be a knight more than a knight could ever be, how were these knights going to live properly if the bar is set too high?!

Of course, the little prince’s insistence on this might be due to the inheritance issue. Under the same circumstances where he has the same conditions, the chance to inherit the kingdom would be greater, although if he eliminated his opponents then there was no need to worry……. Sue was actually quite similar to the mastermind who tried to assassinate Fedrus.

[There’s really no need to think about it. The person who’s willing to assassinate him is after the inheritance, otherwise no one would target him given his troublesome status.]

The magical beast left after it finished its meal. When the merfolk returned, the little prince immediately tried to use this idea and expressed his wish to become stronger. The team leader was more patient and gentle, but his response was the same as Sue……. It was difficult to contract a magical beast, contracting a magical beast in this forest was even harder.

First of all, they were hard to fight against as they had became very coordinated recently, and they outnumbered them by a lot of beasts. Secondly, Fedrus was interested in the ones that had high intelligence. It was possible to kill them, but making them submit…… unless there was some mind control involve, otherwise this high fantasy was pretty much impossible.

After explaining, the merfolk left to do their business. They came here to investigate with a magical stone to fully analyze the tree in the safety zone, and did not have the time to soothe a child’s unsatisfied attitude. They were anxious over his well being because of international relation problems, but now?!

If you’re living stop causing trouble……



The little prince was given the cold shoulder!

“That group of merfolk is still drawing some magical circles outside the safety zone?” Sue asked.


“That brat is still sitting in one corner and drawing circles?!” Sue asked again.

“Meow, meow~”

“Okay, I got it.” Sue nodded: “Ignore them. Leave them to their own devices….. If that brat is able to withstand the next two weeks, we can get blackie-bro to bring him to the forest and train him.”

[You want power?! Even if your stats are any weaker, you can still learn techniques from books, helping you is fine, but you needed to have the determination to see it through.]