The Strategy to Become Good at Magic Chapter 36

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Chapter 36 – Kept boy

The merfolk did not have the ability to step into the safety zone like Fedrus, so they had to rush for time. Other than informing the little prince about his current status, they had to rush before the magical beast who had a lunch appointment. Furthermore they had to try and investigate the Tree of Life……. from dozens of meters away……….

“Make use of your time!” Sue threw out the cooked deer meat with the amount in proportion to the merfolk’s head count.

The team leader caught the meat with an affirmative ‘Kay’, nodded to his party members and a few of the guards went out to survey the surroundings. He went nearer to the safety zone and beckoned to the little prince with much sincerity in his eyes: “Dear little boy, please come over to me.”

The little prince immediately became alert and looked at the team leader like he was a bad child kidnapper.

“No I’m not, you come over!” He went over to Sue and grabbed her tightly from behind as he spoke, as if he was afraid that the team leader would really come over and grab him…….


“Go over quickly, stop wasting time.” Sue comforted the little boy who did not feel safe at all in an irritable manner, prying his fat paws off and personally handed him over to the team leader by raising him up by the back of his collar.

The little prince immediately paled and kept struggling in the team leader’s embrace. He looked at Sue with horrific despair with tear: “You’re abandoning me! You betrayed me! You lied to me……Sob, to think I thought of you as a good person……..”

The merfolk had perspiration forming on their forehead. They only wanted to help him by investigating the curses and the poison in his body and it was rare for them to help others voluntary, and now this child actually refused their help…… In fact if the other races wanted to cure their curses and asked for the merfolk race, they had beat up various BOSSES along the way and begged them with a shabby looking, dog-tired appearance.

This hurt!

“Are you pig-headed! They are going to help you check your body’s curse.” Sue looked down at the little prince. Even though she understood a child’s mental state was a delicate thing after a serious incident and would have a great distrust in his surroundings…… It did not mean she would not be firm: “I won’t make you any meals if you continue to be a troublemaker!”

The little prince sobbed twice and knew that he could not do anything about the situation, so he quietly held his tears in and obey—

The team leader wiped off the cold sweat and let the child down onto the ground. He placed his hand over the boy’s head and muttered a series of prayers. White light enveloped the boy’s body from his head to his feet.

A few minutes later, the team leader retracted the white light with a grave expression: “It’s a very strong curse that forces the body to forget the activation of mana usage, and thus he will never be able to use magic again……”

“You’re a liar! I remember all the magic spells!” The little prince disagreed, but it was true that he could not activate his mana……

The merfolk looked helplessly at the uncooperative chibi: “You might remember but your body is unable to do so. In subconscious mind you already forgot how to bring your mana activation out, and no matter how clearly you remember it from your mind, your body can’t remember.”

“Stop trying to explain to him, just tell me what’s the solution.”

“Okay!” The team leader nodded: “It’s possible to remove this curse, but we need to spend time on it and it’s best to have this child come back to our merfolk……-”

“And drown in the sea with you guys on the way back?!” The little prince who had his voting rights removed interrupted angrily.

“This….” The team leader looked at Sue with troubled eyes. Actually, he had not finished speaking and the child did not need to react with such dramatic flair…..

Sue nodded with empathy: “You can spank him if you want to, there’s no need to be polite.”

Merfolk: “………..”

The little prince: “…………”

Sue tried to find a solution after thinking about it: “It’s not practical to bring him back to your merfolk place since your schedule appears to be tight. Furthermore the target on his back is too big, and there might be an accident on the way back…..” Besides the complicated aftermath where there might be traitors in the merfolk, the biggest question at hand was the mastermind behind the chibi’s injuries. The culprit was most likely in the royal family and use that royal family’s GPS magic to track the little prince.



“I have the same opinion too. The most important thing is to solve His Highness Fedrus’s problems before solving the curse…… Don’t worry, we will fulfill our promise to cure this child’s curse. It would be fine if you can protect him during this period.” The merfolk used a ‘You will agree to it right’ confident look at Sue with great expectations.

The little prince who had trust issues was also happy when he heard that he need not leave, and also looked at Sue with big puppy eyes.

“………..” Where did this confidence come from when her appearance was really that of a child?! Sue struggled inwardly for a long time before nodding. “Very well, but if the people from the royal family comes……”

“Don’t worry. Even if it were the Tobias royal family’s troops, they will have to spend a considerable amount of effort to enter the magical beast forest.”

This forest was not some low level grinding map, the only ones who could come in were high level elites. If this place was like some inn, the mastermind would not have send the little prince by teleporting magic…..

Sue was glad to hear this reply, while the little prince’s heart was broken to hear that as he thought there would be someone who would pick him up very soon……

The merfolk gave their promise and left. They had to gather some equipment in order to investigate the Tree of Life in the safety zone.

“Can’t those people bring word to my father?!” The little prince felt at a loss when he watched them leave.

“No. It’s possible that your father will not come before the mastermind.”



[This child is really naive. It’s not going to be easy to meet the leader of the country. Do you really think that it is something from the novels, taking a token from you, presenting it to someone and the king will come out and talk to the merfolk in private?!

If security was that bad, the mastermind did not have to hurt the little prince, just kill the final boss the king, and save time…..

Seriously you little brat, just continue to be a mascot!]

TL: There is a term that cannot be translated properly here. Basically Sue is calling the little prince as a ‘pretty boy’ in a derogatory manner, suggesting him as eye-candy and becoming nothing more than a useless man who was going to be married to some woman with political clout in the future.