The Strategy to Become Good at Magic Chapter 35

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Chapter 35 – Passerby A, B, C, D, Etc………

After Sue threw the hastily made heating bag and fish soup at the prince, she went straight to bed. She could not care any more whether the chibi would continue to sneak out….. Why did she need to spend effort to save a moron who was going to get himself killed sooner or later if he still did not understand what situation he is in?!

The night passed by quietly.

When Sue woke up the next morning, she discovered the little prince sleeping soundly in the beast hide blanket with satisfaction…….

[Good. At least he has some hope and isn’t a senseless idiot!]

She got up and jumped down from the tree house, and went to the river to wash up. She went out for a stroll with the tiger beside her, and she hunted a deer when she returned on the way. Once she entered the safety zone, she saw the little prince who was looking down from the treehouse.


“Come down. Wash up and prepare to have your meal.” Sue beckoned to him: “Then we will talk about your problems.”

“I can’t.” The little prince nearly cried. He was nearly five to six meters up, and he was definitely going to die from the jump, definitely.

“Xiao Bai, get that brat down.”

The little tiger who was circling around Sue’s feet to get moe points mewed as he received the order. He jumped up and changed form in mid-air, turning to that fearsome beast that the little prince saw last night, and easily got the struggling and yelling chibi down by biting on his collar and raising him into the air.

“Wash your face, rinse your mouth. You need to get into a good habit of having good hygiene when you’re young.” Sue went to the river and started to butcher the deer at the lower stream.

But the little prince did not accept her gracious gesture, and watched Sue handle the prey not far away from himself.

“How am I going to wash here?!” She actually did something so bloody in front of his eyes, and the water was becoming unclean: “And there are no flower petals, not cotton bite, no……”

“Shut up!” Black lines filled Sue’s head, and she clenched her teeth: “Please take a look where we’re at before speaking these indulgent and stupid words.” The damn brat was indeed a moron, she should have just let him dig his own grave yesterday night.

The chibi brat washed up with great reluctance as if the world owed him, and sat angrily beside the fire that Sue made, gave a ‘hmph’ and turned his head away.

[Tch! You damn brat!]

Sue placed the skewered meat on the rack, then threw over an unknown fruit at him: “Use this to fill up your stomach, it’s going to take a while.” The little tiger who was playing by himself immediately came over and meowed twice, and received a few fruits and he happily went away with them.

Fedrus held the fruit for a long time. He was conflicted because he was to proud to just simply accept her things, but despite this, it was true that he was hungry. The fish soup had already been digested a long time ago……. Thus, Sue finally heard the clear biting sounds a while later.



[Good, Knowing when to relent is a smart person.]

The prince’s mood improved a lot after he sated his appetite, and his temper abated just as quickly. It was another good point, since many adults could not do the same thing.

The little prince went to the stream and washed his hands, then ran back and sat near the fire. He pointed curiously at the meat rack and asked Sue.

“Are you going to eat so much meat?!”

“It’s not just me, this is for you too.”

The little prince’s face immediately turned: “I can’t eat so much…..”

“Besides you and me, there are others as well.” Sue sighed. Every kid was a natural chatterbox as they had endless questions that they want an answer to.

“Who else?”

“Be good, this matter has nothing to do with you!”

Sue clearly expressed that she did not want to continue talking about it with this dismissive sentence. She had to think about the future in peace……. A kingdom’s prince, even if he was fated to be nothing more than a decorative flower vase, she was not one who was interested in becoming a collector, and had to return him sooner or later.

[Return him when?! How do I return him?! When the prince returns to the palace, the culprits behind this incident might focus on me!]

She really hated to be a nice person. Every time she did something nice there was countless trouble that needed to be solved.

The protagonist in the television drama had to suffer life and death scenarios, lived in poverty and get tortured by countless mini bosses before receiving any benefits…… They were masochists!

When the meat was nearly done, the ‘others’ that Sue mentioned finally appeared. They were the merfolk who was supposed to get the herbal identification books.



“I apologize, we had some trouble at the town…… Eh, he’s awake?!” The merfolk leader walked out from the bushes, and before he finished speaking, he discovered Fedrus and expressed surprise. “Didn’t you say you could not cure his poison?!”

“I didn’t cure his poison completely. It’s just that he’s not dead.”

The little prince’s mood turned for the worst when he heard that. He was subconsciously not facing that fact: “Who are they?!”

“Ah. Passerby A, B, C, D, etc….”

The team leader who was ‘passerby A’ became gloomy. The rest of them who were ‘etc’ became even more displeased….. Heck, nobody knows who was ‘B, C, D’.

“Cough! I greet you, Prince Fedrus. We’re a small party sent by the merfolk race.”

Fedrus was surprised: “You know me?!”

“Of course.” The merfolk team leader smiled: “The Tobias kingdom are on friendly terms with the merfolk race. When you were born, your gracious kingdom invited us…..” Actually, it was because the king wanted to show off his kid and invited everyone to look at him. It was more of a scenario where he wanted to listen to the praise and envious looks from the other races.

‘Look at my son! He’s super blessed with the capability to use magic! My genes are incredible, my household education will be successful, my………’

Chapter 36 preview – Kept boy

The merfolk did not have the ability to step into the safety zone like Fedrus, so they had to rush for time. Other than informing the little prince about his current status, they had to rush before the magical beast who had a lunch appointment. Furthermore they had to try and investigate the Tree of Life……. from dozens of meters away……….