The Strategy to Become Good at Magic Chapter 34

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Chapter 34 – The meaning of a wet nanny

[The meaning of your name?! Aren’t you just trying to tell me you’re a damned prince!]

She had seen many princes from the media, and not all of them are well to do, especially the ones who had a little bit of talent and ambition…… These princes who had not become a real emperor are all New Orleans’ chicken wings! (TL: Wut?)

[Chibi…… You might be a prince, and not to mention you’re a prince who lost a fight, even if the king is here I might not even listen to him.]

“That’s not important stupid brat!” Sue sighed. This was a chibi that did not understand his current situation. “The most important thing is understanding the current situation you are in right now, as well as knowing where this place is…..”

“……… The Lost Forest.” Fedrus drooped his head for a while, and answered obediently.

[Eh? The Lost Forest?! I didn’t know about that, I thought it’s the magical beast forest or something since the demi-folks kept using that term……..]

“Cough! Then I think you also understand that escaping this forest by yourself is literally impossible right?”


“The Calsprints family has no cowards!” The little prince lifted his head with a determined expression.

Sue scoffed with mocking praise: “Does that mean you’re brave enough to become the appetizer for the magical beasts here?!”

“…….. I was very alert and ran more than half of the way out.”


[My ass! At most you ran a mere kilometer…… I was silly to think how good you are, and I went out several kilometers and searched high and low, otherwise I wouldn’t waste so much time finding you……]

This was the difference between the players and the real world with their various convenient tools like mounts and brooms, or even just pure sprinting speed. Sue had never thought that the real world was so troublesome.

“Go down!” They reached the safety zone after a while, and Sue pulled the little boy into the treehouse and threw him into the bed, then hurled a beast-skin blanket onto his body.

“Just go to sleep. If there’s anything we will discuss it tomorrow.”

The chibi struggled to get out from the blanket and revealed his golden head, and the little prince actually asked with concern: “What about you?!”

“I have a bed!”

After forcing the big white tiger into the room, he mewed miserably and laid down onto the floor and became a soft carpet for Sue. She took out another skin and covered herself as she adjusted herself into a comfortable position. The night was finally over.

“Close your eyes, go to sleep, don’t expect me to find you again if you run out of here!”


The little prince tossed and turned on the bed as he apparently could not sleep.

There was too much excitement and shock in this one night. Everyone in the palace held back when it came to learning magic or combat, so as not to hurt the chibi physically or his confidence.

Under the praise from the people around him, he naturally became confident of himself, thinking that he was able to do anything…… If he was still a prince, then that personality was still fine, since someone from the royal family should be confident.



But now he was a fallen prince……

Without the protection of the throne and the kingdom, the little brat who could not recognize reality was pretty much bleeding and hurting from his wounds and bruises.

He finally understood there were many things that he could not do, and realized that he was actually very weak in the eyes of other people…….. He could not have escaped from the Lost Forest alone, and he did not know who poisoned and cursed him …..

“Hey! Are you asleep?!”

Sue’s eyes were closed as she mumbled: “Yes, I’m asleep.”

“Okay……..” The little prince believed her words and tossed his body around, then after a while he realized something and turned back again, and complained loudly: “You’re lying to me!”


[So what if I’m lying?] Sue’s teeth were hurting…….. She didn’t even have one boyfriend when she came to this world, and she had evolved into the stage of rearing children. This was difficult for her to adjust to: “What else do you want?!”

[A milk bottle or diapers?! Grrr, if you want a lullaby or bedtime story, I’m going to knock your head you stupid brat.]

The little prince puffed his bun-like face and huffed at the little girl as he glared at her: “I’m cold!”

[Should I warm you up with my body warmth, your royal highness……] Sue glared back at the little prince speechlessly, then after losing to his puppy tear eyes, she climbed up from the warm tiger’s stomach and grumbled angrily: “Wait for a while!”

She went out of the treehouse and lit the dried firewood, as well as a rock from the stream. Since she was up, she wanted to make a fish soup as well. The adventure in the night had caused her to be hungry.

The little prince ran out with the blanket wrapped around him and he laid down on the treehouse’s edge. He grabbed onto the door frame and peered down:

“Hey~ what are you doing?”



“Making supper!” She filled half a bamboo-like container with water and chose a couple of fishes that she had prepared earlier. There was no need to put in any other seasoning, as this container would permeate into the fish with a pleasant taste, and once it was ready to serve, a pinch of salt would be enough.

She had discovered this in the forest and it was suitable for a replacement for pots, and thanks to that Sue was able to make soups in the forest.

The little prince looked at it and drooled and his eyes were like stars. He was also hungry since he had not eaten anything since the banquet.

Once the soup was done, the rock was also ready to be used. Sue wore a dragonskin glove and took the red rock out, then flipped the glove around and tied it firmly…… The heat from the rock was suitable as a heating bag, provided if the royal chibi did not untie it.

“Take it!” Sue flew up to the tree and passed the dragonskin glove and the bamboo container with the fish soup: “If you complain anymore, I’ll beat you up!”